Flipping the script on the status quo in the fight against terrorism

I think that by now we have figured out that if we hope to avoid future terrorist attacks we must stop rewarding governments for terrorism. Without fail, after each and every terrorist attack, governments’ in the East and the West are rewarded with expanded powers that are pushing societies away from democracy and increasingly towards tyranny. Ironically, it is mostly the democracies that are targeted by terrorists, except of course in Saudi Arabia where it is said that the terrorists there are fighting against the democratizing trends becoming more prevalent in Saudi politics, and society.

It is hard to believe that religious fanatics would be involved in projects aimed at creating tyrannies. What is perhaps more likely is that disaffected youth with Arabic or other ethnic sounding names that are common to the Muslim world or either being paid, or tricked into carrying out acts of violence that are later blamed on Islam. By blaming Islam the status quo is able to demonize and vilify Muslims and Islam, creating an environment that makes it not only possible, but also desirable that Muslims be treated as criminals, and potential terrorists, deprived of even basic human, and civil rights. This opens the door to other unacceptable attacks on the religion such as attempting to force Muslims into rejectionism. It also might cause some Muslims to feel that in order to be safe, or to be spared the brunt of societies misguided angst, frustration, and fear, that we must denounce the religion all together. The minimum rejectionist tendency is to recreate Islam to appease those who would like to see it eliminated, and who present us, in various ways, with the ultimatum to either recreate Islam in the image of our enemies, or reject it completely.

The elimination of Islam, and in fact all religions were goals plainly stated by the United Nations in its original Draft Platform for Action, a series of recommended actions aimed at accelerating implementation of the Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies. It seems that Islam is first and foremost on the list. This may be because Islam, unlike many of the other world religions resisted the UN’s claim of international authority over governments and religions. It was the Islamic delegates to the conference who denied the UN the right, or authority to impose population control, especially abortion upon Muslim women. It was the Islamic delegations who rejected the UN’s demand that Islamic traditions that protect Muslim families and women from transnational corporate greed be eliminated to appease governments and their corporate masters, most of whom are Talmudists. Within the Draft Platform it is stated that the purpose for eliminating religion is to eliminate all barriers to what is calls "women’s empowerment" but what transnational corporations call slave labor. Many governments signed on to the UN’s agenda, and it is impossible to know when we are being subjected to the UN’s plan, or to random acts of terrorism or to something even more menacing that these two possibilities.

Since it is not likely that we will be able to get Muslim parents to exert any more control over their rebellious, disaffected and misguided youth than non-Muslims do, it might to easier to fight terrorism another way. Along with treating all crimes, and criminals according to the same laws, we might also fight terrorism by passing legislation that requires cooling off periods after attacks before any type of anti-terrorism laws can be passed that either extends, or increases government power while diminishing the people’s power, and limiting our freedoms. These cooling off periods should be as long as 30 days in a country that already has emergency and anti- terrorism laws on the books, and 20 days for those who have none. Increases in law enforcement, and anti-terrorism task force budgets should also be subject to mandatory cooling off periods.

Terrorism has become a profitable industry in the modern world, and the amount of money being earmarked for security, along with the fear and sometimes-irrational emotion that results from being terrorized, all make anti-terrorism, and terrorism industries ripe for corruption. Along with governments, and religious leaders doing more to support families in efforts to provide legal and creative outlets for the energy, and frustrations of young people desperate for social and economic change, we, the people need to stop rewarding governments for failing societies. We, the people elect and select our leaders, legislators, and even our religious leaders to protect and serve us, not to bind and gag, rob and terrorize us. The only way to re-balance powers, is to distribute the pain and sacrifice equitably. That means no more rewards to governments for terrorism, and no more punishing the people for what terrorists do.