FMs demand EU to formulate possible responses to ‘deter’ Israeli annexation plan

FMs demand EU to formulate possible responses to 'deter' Israeli annexation plan

Israeli settlement project (AFP/Getty Images)

Brussels (UNA-OIC) – A group of European foreign ministers called on the European Union to take concrete and timely steps to “deter” Israel – EU’s largest trade partner – from implementing its unlawful plan to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank.

In a letter to the EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, 11 EU ministers demanded that the bloc quickly formulate a list of possible responses to the Israeli land grab bid, warning that “the window to deter annexation is fast closing”.

The letter – released on Tuesday – was signed by the foreign ministers of France, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Portugal and Malta.

“As you referred to in your statements of February 4, 2020 and May 18, Israel’s annexation of parts of the occupied Palestinian territory would be a breach of international law,” the ministers wrote in their letter to the EU foreign policy chief.

“It is important to have clarity on the legal and political implications of annexation. Therefore, we would like to see a paper, drafted in close consultation with the Commission, which provides an overview of the EU-Israel relations, an analysis of the legal consequences of annexation, as well as a list of possible actions in response to it… Such an options paper would also contribute to our efforts to deter annexation,” they added.


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