Foes don’t lust for war due to Iran’s powerful armed forces: IRGC commander

Foes don

“Our enemies don’t stop conspiring and their devil acts. They consider Islamic Iran as the source of inspiration and a center of producing life-giving and mobilizing awareness,” Salami said.

He also said that the breeze of the Islamic Revolution has been blown across the globe and has affected even the American society; however, Salami added that one might not find a direct connection between the Islamic Revolution and what is happening in the West of the universe.

The Iranian commander mentioned the burning of the American flag in the American homeland and said: “These incidents have been certainly inspired by the spirit of Jihad against the US which has been extended throughout the earth.”

Salami underlined that Tehran, Iran’s capital, is the center of Islamic Revolution values, and development in this city reflects development in process in the whole geography of the Islamic Revolution.

“Tehran is the sanctuary of the suppressed in the world and is the standard-bearer of the global Jihad against the arrogant. It is in the center of the enemy’s attention,” Salami went on to note.


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