Freedom from Arab Tyrants will free Palestine

“This must be a world of democracy and respect for human rights, a world freed from the horrors of poverty, hunger, deprivation and ignorance, relieved of the threat and the scourge of civil wars and external aggression and unburdened of the great tragedy of millions forced to become refugees”

— Nelson Mandela, Acceptance Speech of Nobel Peace Prize, 1993
Far too long we Arabs have been silent while our tyrants, our faith, our trillions, our oil, our land, our people, and our Palestine have long been subjected to the political, economic, and military brutal occupation, genocide, theft, racism, Islamophobia, and domination by the Israeli-American axis; but we Arabs will be silent no more.

What a difference a few decades make in the Arab world that had patriotic heroes fighting European colonialism in the past only to replace such occupiers with homegrown dictators.

What a difference between the martyred, beloved, highly intelligent, well educated, and revered leader of Libya’s revolt against Italy, Omar Al Mukhtar, and today’s mad delusional psychotic leader of Libya, Muammar Al Gaddafi.

“We the Mujahids (fighters) swore to Allah that we would fight until we die one after the other. We do not surrender nor do we quit. I have never surrendered and I will continue to fight.”

— Omar AlMukhtar – A hero fighting foreign occupiers

“I am a fighter, a revolutionary from tents… I will die as a martyr at the end to my last drop of blood….You men and women who love Gaddafi… Get out of your homes and fill the streets….Leave your homes and attack them in their lairs. The police cordons will be lifted, go out and fight them …for the defense of the revolution and the defense of Gaddafi.”

— Muammar Al Gaddafi, on State TV, February 22, 2011; A madman fighting and killing his own people.

The greatest gain from today’s Arab Revolutions sweeping across the Middle East is the “Arab Awakening”; from a demoralized dormancy of mind and spirit and a stagnation from hope.

The Arab youth are strong, determined, and dedicated to dust off their silence and subservience to tyrants who never knew nor cared that they had a population to serve. They served themselves; they served America’s interests and thereby served Israel.

My beloved Arab brothers and sisters, be steadfast, be patient, and never surrender again to fear; with God’s promise to help those oppressed you will be victorious. Victory only comes from God.  Many of you may die or be injured, but no revolution is without sacrifice, without suffering, hunger, and thirst. Many more have died over the decade’s rule of European colonialists, American invasions and hegemony, Israeli genocides, and most egregious of all, at the hands of our tyrannical dictators who like all oppressors see the lives of their people as cheap and expendable.

Millions of Arabs and Muslims have been killed by the West, Israel, and their tyrants. They are the forgotten “Unpeople”, but not in the hearts and minds of their families, their brethren, and in the larger Arab and Muslim world.

They all will be held accountable on this earth and in the hereafter. With divine justice they are the ultimate losers not the martyred innocent who died as victims of western arrogant greed.

Europe and the U.S.’s urgent fear concerning Libya’s revolution has nothing to do with civilian casualties and everything to do with the rise in gas prices. The western economies are in a recession and a rise in gas prices could sink them deeper into recession thereby jeopardizing the reelection chances of Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, and others. Hence the contemplation of a military intervention although they are highly sensitive and aware that such an operation is not viewed as another Iraqi invasion and occupation.

The Arab world must, must reject any western intervention and continue its revolts against their American doormats, i.e. their tyrants, fighting on their own to liberate their countries. If you let a western nation into your life be prepared to live in perpetual occupation and domination. The U.S. will never leave Iraq given that it has spent trillions of dollars to “liberate” it from Saddam and its oil. The same applies in Afghanistan.

God willing all Arab nations will achieve their freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights. Once national, patriotic, and democratically elected governments, legislatures and an independent Judicial system are established, a total reassessment and revision of political, economic, military, social and infrastructure development is done. Budget priorities are set with an eye to return much of the trillions of dollars currently residing in western government bonds, banks, and financial institutions. Domestic and Foreign policies are developed in the national interest not to serve foreign interests. 

They must support the development of the private sector rather than continue the wasteful and corrupt public sector, currently the major employer in the region. Education must be the number one priority, especially for girls, for it is the sole provider of financial and social stability and future progress. The health sector is non-existent and measures must be developed to ensure quality primary, preventive, and tertiary care is provided. The Arab world is facing a massive crisis of water shortage which must be addressed immediately.

The region must be viewed as starting from scratch and thus short and long term plans must be developed utilizing the expertise of national and international institutions especially from nations that have turned their economies around or developed rapidly since their near total destruction during World War II.

People must feel free and secure in their lives thus basic freedoms must be constitutionally guaranteed and all previous security, police, and intelligence services used by the tyrants to oppress their populace must be eliminated immediately. We can take the best the west has to offer in education, industry, technology, and administration but never comprise our faith, culture, or values.

Confident and strong Arab governments with wide support of the people can challenge any superpower or foreign government. They need our oil, we don’t need them. Oil at a profitable price is needed around the world and can be sold to nations who support and partner with us in peace and mutual benefit.

Arabs have the strongest leverage on western economies who politically, economically, and desperately need our oil to sustain their already fragile economies. Our tyrants for too long have supplied Europe the U.S. and Israel with cheap gas and oil. For too long they’ve kept America’s economy flourishing through the purchase of hundreds of billions of military arms that are simply stored in desert hangers due to a most illiterate, corrupt, untrained, well compensated and fat military leaders who couldn’t shoot straight if a target is at arms length.

Thus the Arabs have four vital resources to use as political and economic leverage on the West, especially the United States.

  1. Oil
  2. Military Weapon Sales
  3. Trillions of Dollars invested in U.S. Treasury Bonds, Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporations, Real Estate, Media, Casinos, Hotels, and Hollywood.
  4. Vast Importation of diverse American and European products.

Western nations are money driven and money is their driving “national interest”. They would sell and drop their mothers to make money or prevent the loss of profit.

With a legal, smart, rational, and selective strategies of a mixture of political, economic, and military pressure with the subtle hint that Arab resources are easily marketed elsewhere if political gains that serve the Arab national interest are not met, there is no doubt that America will respond positively. No politician wants to be responsible for an economic crisis; not while America is collapsing under the overwhelming weight of foreign debt, enormous trade and budget deficits at all government levels, high unemployment, and an ever growing gap between the rich and the poor. China is a prime example of how to use economic policies to extract American concessions.

If the Arab world, both governments and populations, are united and fully dedicated to such strategies in an unwavering manner with the backbone and courage to say ‘NO’ to America’s demands, America will capitulate. We must keep in mind that America’s demographics will undergo a historic change within forty years where today’s minorities will become the majority and thus potentially can become the majority in the government.  Building strong bridges with these minority communities now will bring important dividends in the future.

Now, let’s take a leap of faith after assuming such a scenario is achieved.

A free Arab world with enough strength and pressure on the United States can only lead to the greatest freedom of all in modern world history—the FREEDOM OF PALESTINE–”from the grip of Israel and its domination of U.S. politics.

America for decades has had its cake and eaten too. It managed to blindly support the rogue terroristic State of Israel as it commits constant genocides, ethnic cleansing, and illegal occupation of Palestine, a land to which it has no claim given that the Jews of today are not the Hebrews of the Bible promised a land in Palestine; while simultaneously owning the silent submissive Arab Tyrants who have greedily and cowardly surrendered to America’s will.

There needs to be a heavy cost to America for it to change its policies in the Middle East. Given that it owns the Arab tyrants it can easily ignore the legitimate and just cause of the Palestinians and simply concentrate on meeting the needs and demands of Israel and its powerful Israeli lobbies, especially the feared AIPAC, America’s shadow government.

A free Arab world that has political, economic, and military unity can easily break the shackles and bond between the U.S. and Israel.

Here’s what the U.S. will face as a choice.


Choose Israel and continue your loss of independence to a foreign nation that you’ve showered with trillions of dollars, the latest weapons and technology, allowed its constant spying on government national secrets as well as industrial espionage, cast countless Vetoes to protect its militaristic Zionist expansionism and send your youth and treasure to fight its enemies, be internationally and constantly embarrassed by having to support it even when it commits “war crimes”, as well as have an annual trade deficit where you are forced to buy its products while it receives any American product free. Israel has nothing to offer the U.S. except constant wars.


Partner with the Arab and Muslim world in a mutually beneficial relationship that begins with an end to America’s blind support of Israel and together with the rest of the world demand once and for all Israel end its occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem and thus establish a FREE INDEPENDENT PALESTINE.  If it refuses than it must be isolated with the U.N. Security Council, imposing trade and travel sanctions, cut off of all financial, military and intelligence aid it receives from any nation, and freeze all its financial assets around the world. Much like America does quite easily against Arab and Muslim nations, from Iraq, to Iran, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and Afghanistan.

Here’s what America will receive in return for this partnership compared to Israel:

Oil–”Military Sales–”Vast Import of products by 57 Muslim nations with sales to 1.6 Billion Muslims (compared to Israel’s 6 million Jews) —Investments in America—Employment for over one million Americans in the oil and petrochemical industry–”and peace in the Middle East because in a democratic Arab and Muslim world all extremist and terrorist groups will end either peacefully or by war.

America, your passionate attachment to Israel is the greatest threat to your national interest and security.

America, it’s your choice. The Arab Muslim world provides you with enormous benefits while Israel serves as a constant liability to your national interest.

To my Arab Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters I pray that in victory you do not take vengeance into your own hands.  Be gentle and magnanimous to your enemies but seek Justice in court for the murderers, rapists, thieves, and traitors who killed, harmed, raped, stole, or injured the innocent.  That is what our beautiful faith and beloved Prophet taught us.