Freedom from Jacoby, the Neocons, Israel and Fear

Dear Mr. Jeff Jacoby:

REF: Your column: “Life in an Islamist US,” [1] Boston Globe, June 25, 2006

To even ponder that the U.S. will ever become an Islamist nation akin to the Taliban is beyond comprehension and anyone’s faculty of reasoning, yet perhaps out of a dearth of ideas, this was a quick, thoughtless, and dirty outlet of your anti-Islamic rants your readers have come to expect from you.

One of the powerful Jewish leaders, Abraham Foxman, the Director of the Anti-Defamation League had another take on America’s religious future that contradicts your fiction of an Islamist nation. He fears the “Christianizing” of America as outlined in his speech at Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut on December 7, 2005. He said:

“In 1994 ADL published The Religious Right: An Assault on Tolerance and Pluralism in America. We warned that "an exclusionist religious movement in this country has attempted to restore what it perceives as the ruins of a Christian nation by more closely seeking to unite its version of Christianity with state power”

So, Mr. Jacoby, who is it that Jews really fear? Is it the Religious Right and Evangelists who support Israel to death yet don’t accept Jews as saved and destined to hell or an “Islamist” America?

It seems the Jewish population has a much greater fear of a Christian Right dominated America than o an Islamist takeover. Hence your diatribe is senseless and simply reflects a deep sense of prejudice against Islam and perceived “enemies” of Israel. Tragically, American Jews have always had to defend the accusation of “dual loyalty” between America and Israel. I’m sure you’re a patriot but one sorely misguided and misinformed.

Mr. Jacoby, may I ask you?

Have you no shame or decency or an honorable intellect to at least respect the liberty this nation offers you to speak to truth and not pursue a livelihood based on inflammatory misrepresentations of Islam, the faith of one quarter of our planet? Do you have no respect for the paper that feeds you to live by some semblance of principles with integrity and at least an intellectual curiosity in your single minded columns of loving Israel right or wrong, even when its contradicts American interests?

Are you so dismissive and disrespectful of your readers to think their gullibility extends to a blind acceptance of your venomous diatribes? Do you really think America is so foolish after you and the mainly Jewish Neocons misled our nation into an illegitimate war that has cost American families over 2,500 dead soldiers, thousands injured, tens of thousands of dead Iraqis, and close to a trillion dollars that will add to our children’s bankrupt future?

Is there anything else except venom in your keyboard? We’re all aware how right wing politicians, evangelists, and media pundits such as yourself, Ann Coulter, Bill O”Reilly, Charles Krauthammer and the rest make a living ranting against liberals, moderates, and unpatriotic Americans who dare oppose constant wars and Bush’s rich friendly policies? Must Americans always pay and die for Israel? Prior to Israel’s founding, America and the Muslim world had a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship. With courage, we can regain that.

Mr. Jacoby, if as you proclaim, we who live in the west and Israel are democratic and civilized compared to the violent, ignorant Islamofascists (meaning Islam itself), can you please explain the genocidal history of western colonialism, genocides, ethnic cleansing, occupations, theft of resources, arbitrary setting of boundaries and selection of autocratic rulers (see the Berlin Conference, Sykes-Picot Agreement, and Balfour Declaration)?Can you explain the Zionist deliberate ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Christians and Muslims from the Holy land and Zionist collaboration with the Nazis to establish Israel? (See Lenni Brenner: “51 Documents”)? Can you explain why the Neocons are pushing for an invasion of a non-nuclear Iran while Israel is the sole regional country with over 300 nuclear weapons? Can you identify one Muslim nation that occupies a Christian or Jewish land? Can you explain why when Israel killed families and children in Gaza Beach the headlines in our media were of Hamas firing rockets at Israel? Can you explain why America has spent over one trillion dollars for Israel while spending pennies on Africa?

You have neither read the Qur’an nor the teachings of the Prophet and hence your columns simply advertise and reaffirm your own prejudices in the guise of other people’s words. By what rational right do you misquote the Qur’an so deliberately and falsely? You state in your column that the Qur’an speaks of forbidding music. There is no such verse in the Qur’an. As far as the Prophet’s prohibition of “music”, you should know that when a Christian delegation visited him in Medina (Saudi Arabia today) he not only asked them to pray in his mosque but watched along with his wife their chants, music, and ceremony.

Given you’re lack of awareness of Islamic history allow me to inform you that it was under Islamic rule that Christians and Jews lived in harmony with Muslims from Baghdad, to Palestine, to Andalusia Spain. It was Muslim Spain that placed Christians and Jews in high government positions. It was Islamic Spain that enlightened the world with all the sciences, arts, and architecture. It was Islamic Spain that ignited the Renaissance in Europe. During the deadly Spanish Inquisition Jews escaped to the Muslim world for security and safety. The famed Jewish theologian Moses Maimonidies was the personal physician and counselor to Saladin in Cairo?

Your hate of anything Islamic is symptomatic of those who promote regime changes in the Arab world, not only for Israel’s security, but to hasten the Christian Evangelist’s Armageddon, a group that blindly supports Israel, a nation that has almost removed Christianity from the Holy Land. These Evangelists love Israel only to see it destroyed with a total holocaust against Jews with the exception of 144,000 worthy of Rapture.

It’s time to put your pen, the Neocons and the Israel lobby out of business so that our nation can live in peace here and abroad. Enough wars, enough killing and bombing, enough lies and propaganda for Israel and Oil.

Mr. Jacoby, have some grace and humility to admit your ignorance on such religious and foreign policy matters. The Globe once took some action against you. It’s time to restrain your divisive pen or eliminate it altogether from its pages.

It’s time America sought its second independence, an independence of thought and speech to counteract the many who seek death and bankruptcy of our future for short term selfish gain. It’s time for Americans to cut the cord of Israel’s influence, declare an end of our enormous aid, a third of all foreign aid, and tell our Congress and President its time to work for our national interest, for our poor, hungry, uninsured, and unemployed; not for a foreign nation. Our first President George Washington warned us of any “Passionate Attachment” to any foreign nation.

Bostonian Americans, our first freedom fighters, it’s time for another Tea Party, except this time, let’s throw away our apathy and silence in the service of this great nation, a nation of promise where justice for all here and abroad should reign.

For believers I say, God bless our nation, God guide us all to do His will. For those who are non-religious I say, our fight is on behalf of humanity’s peace and welfare. Support our independence from Jacoby, the Neocons and Israel, and we will be free from fear, free from terrorism, and I promise you, we will live in peace with the Muslim world.


[[1]. "Life in an Islamist"
by Jeff Jacoby