Freedom Needs Responsible Media too

In the wake of the horrible attack on the WTC and other US targets last Tuesday the media have been constantly charging the American public against Arabs and Muslims. Such act promotes anger and violence and results in yet other acts of violence against civilians (Arabs and Muslims in the US and European countries). Fallacies in reporting news, whether intended or mistaken, can shape the public opinion in a way that directly influences events.

MSNBC’s report “Bush comforts victims, vows revenge” contained 3 paragraphs regarding prayers held by Christian people, Jewish people and Muslim people.

I was surprised and relieved (not for long) that there is some effort done by the editor to practice objective reporting.

I emailed myself the shortcut to the article so that I can read the article and hear the prayers at a later time. That later time came about 4 hours after the time I first saw the article, and guess what? The piece about the Muslim prayer has been removed as if it never happened.

Now, if this piece has been removed because of some kind of pressure on the journalist or the publishing entity, it is the journalist’s responsibility to report such pressure. Otherwise the freedom of press, a fundamental right of the people, has been COMPROMISED.

Freedom is the very same thing America is going in war today to fight for. It is media’s responsibility to fight its own little war for the sake of America’s freedom. It is media’s responsibility to fight such pressure, fulfill its professional/ethical obligation and report the truth.

If the journalist without any external pressure has removed this piece, this would be an intentional obscuring of facts in a report that has already been published and, in which the reporter already knows the whole truth. What purpose would this serve? How would this measure against the professional diligence and responsibility of a journalist? How would this measure against the right of the American people to be informed? In this case, the freedom of press has been ABUSED.

I think it is about time that the media holds itself accountable and responsible in the US. I think it is about time American people hold their media accountable for a change!

Last, I pray for God’s mercy upon the innocent human soles lost in the tragedy.