From Salala to Malala and beyond

We are killed by our allies simply because we have lost more than 40 thousands of our citizens at the altar of friendship with them and sustained losses in billion of dollars in the so-called war of terrorism which was never ours. We started with a wrong policy, continued with the wrong policy and are holding to the wrong policy. We allowed the foreign agents, the secret operatives of CIA supported by the Indian RAW and the Karzai government in Afghanistan. American embassy in Islamabad has been turned into a mini Pentagon. The story of visas issued to the American secret operatives has long been forgotten. We are the nation to forget things very soon.

The dictator’s policies are being followed with the same servility by the so-called democratic government without any positive change and with no second thought whatsoever. From the tragedy of Salala to the unfortunate accident of Malala we have been facing nothing but blood baths occurring to our citizens and our security forces. There was only one word “sorry” and we forgave the enemy and forgot the sacred blood of our 24 Jawans, Shuhada at that unfortunate spot of Salala. Now we have lost our daughter, the blooming young Malala. Why they dared to kill an innocent girl, should not be a simple and easy question. The wrong policies we adopted at the intrusion of a foreign power into the region are repeated even in the individual cases like the tragic event of Malala. Of course, the young girl had an aspiration for the promotion of education and she continued expressing her sentiments on the unfortunate situation that had developed in Swat which was a prelude to the burning and destruction of educational institutions.

The call of the young girl, Malala Yousafzai was nothing but her sincere desire to see that thousands of young girls like her do not go without education. She tried diverting attention of the media and the world forums to the dreadful situation that had developed on the soil of Swat. It is this sincere call that was franchised by different elements including foreign NGOs, the secular people and the Western media, demonizing not the people responsible for the misdeeds, but directly making Islam responsible for the evil. There was obnoxious propaganda both from the foreign and local media, particularly electronic media throwing all filth on Islam and the Islamic culture. The dirty game played by some extremists should not have been identified with Islam, a Deen of knowledge, peace, tolerance, wisdom, accommodation and Divine Guidance. The situation was manipulated both at home and abroad. The foreign elements, the so-called NGOs, the symbol of unbridled liberty, hedonism and nudity had their own stake in the affair and they exploited it to the worst they could. The pro-activeness of Malala was blown out of proportion by the electronic media, the NGOs and even the responsible political segment for their own vested interest. She was given the simulation of a direct confrontational adversary of the extremist groups operating in the area. Different statements issued in reaction to the acts of terrorism were attributed to the young girl making her a target for the forces of extremism. The interviews of the members of her family were given wide publicity and some particular channels of the Western and local media had been showing special interest in diverting the public attention to this particular young girl.

After the fatal assault on the young girl, the forces that be, have been taking full advantage of the situation and are trying to pressurize and force the state of Pakistan to launch operation in the tribal areas of North Waziristan. It is the desire of our covert enemies to slap a final blow on the security of Pakistan since any misadventure in N. Waziristan will be a step forward in inviting havoc to the solidarity of the country. All the responsible quarters and even the Interior Minister has time and again admitted that the conspiracy of killing Malala had been hatched across the border and the killers had traveled all along from that area into Swat. The same statement has come from the responsible security high-ups of the KPK as well. Meanwhile, the Puppet ruler of Afghanistan Mr. Karzai has issued a statement asking the political leadership in Pakistan to join hands with him in eradicating the menace. It is a wise joke of Karzai and is just an attempt to add salt to the injury. Karzi’s government has given shelter to the people who are making planned attacks on Pakistan. Of late the occupation forces in Afghanistan have been incriminated to be on the back of these intrusions inside Pakistan territory. Dozens of such attacks have so far been done on our border areas of Chitral, Dir, Bajaur and Mohmand killing hundreds of our civilian and border security personnel. Does it not become the responsibility of the Afghan government and American and NATO forces to see that no infiltration is done into Pakistan from across the border? Are we not directly attacked by our so-called allies? We have not been attacked even once during the whole mishap from the North Waziristan. Why should we be unwise enough to attack our own loyal tribal citizens who have never harmed us and they have proved since the birth of Pakistan to be the unpaid soldiers of the country. There is strange logic offered often by our responsible people.

One spokesman of a prominent political party from the KPK, on the night of October 16, while talking to a foreign radio interviewer, claimed that they could not control attacks like the one on the Police post at Matani, Peshawar where 7 people were martyred including SP. Rural Mr. Khurshid Khan, simply because the attackers had come from the unsettled area of Khyber Agency. Strange enough! Is the KPK not a part of Pakistan? Why our governments in the center and the Province do not admit that they have failed in ensuring security to their citizens and the soil. They should acknowledge that they cannot call a spade a spade.

Nobody from the ruling class has the courage to say straight that we are burning ourselves in the fire lit by America for her vested interest in the region, to have control over the treasures lying beyond Afghanistan in addition to the containment of Russia and China. They are killing us with drones and through their secret operatives, because we are being tamed through threats and temptations. You know what one means by temptation! The dollars go to the private kitties through backdoor channels and never trickle down to the benefit of the common citizen. We were made enemies of our own people by our so-called friends and allies. We are between the devil and the deep see. Neither we were able to get the confidence of our ally, nor we could befriend our own people and the country is going towards a dreadful destabilization due to our wrong policies and lack of our confidence and belief in our national honor and integrity. We are at war with our own people to please the alien powers who will never show their sincerity for us since they have now completely grasped the mentality of our ruling elite.

Neither Karzai has the courage to say goodbye to America, nor do our rulers have the dare to speak the truth. We need now to finally declare that America is the Super terrorist in this region and it has played havoc to us by creating enemies for us from within ourselves. At the same time direct involvement of the external operatives of the foreign powers cannot be ruled out in the affairs like attack on Malala and other similar assaults. Who is the unidentifiable ‘Jin’ who, after every dreadful act claims responsibility and is never apprehended in this age of technology? Is he really a Jin? If America, being our ally, can target the so-called “terrorists” in Waziristan through her drones, why should she fail to locate other terrorists they sponsor attacks from across the border on our innocent people. It seems that it is someone imaginary and the announcement made after such incidents are all pre-planned and are given under fake names. We are required to revisit our national policy and streamline it in a way it should serve Pakistan rather than American interest. In the morning we are mourning the bloody assault on Gul Makai, and in the evening we are sobbing for the martyrdom of Shaheed Khursheed and other Jawans. How long our killing will keep continued at the hands of our own people and at the hands of our arrogant allies? Is there anybody in Islamabad or elsewhere to answer this question of the common man from the street what in store there is for us beyond Salala and Malala? How far will we go in the war that has been imposed on us on our own free choice which is making our mothers and sisters weep and mourn the torn out corpses of our martyrs?