FWO and the impending bloodbath

The Fascist World Order (FWO) is well in place. The era of super-fascism has just begun; the greatest evils and bestialities, however, are still ahead. The approaching denouement is presaged precisely by the extraordinary tension. In international relations this denouement means a greater war.

Abstractly speaking, it would have been far better had the greater war been forestalled by the impending Islamic revolution. But this did not occur and –” we must say flatly –” the remaining chances for it are few until the super fascists exhaust themselves in annihilating Muslims, and Muslims learn a lesson at a great cost.

The greater and wider war is advancing far more speedily than the rate at which new cadres of the Islamic revolution are being formed. Never before has historical determinism assumed so fatalistic a form as it does nowadays. All the forces of old society –” liberalism and democracy, and human rights’ adventurism, United Nations’ pacifism and capitalism –” stand equally in fear of the greater war and keep heading towards it. Nothing will help them. They will make the war and will be swept away by the war. They have fully earned it.

The liberal democracy and the civil and human rights leaders are gradually caving in to super fascism. Even those who are against the war and discrimination against Muslims have started using terminology of the super-fascism. The covert fascists are coming out of the closet. For example read three articles of Friedman so far after 7/7, whereby he threatened Muslims and cursed Islam without pausing for the dust to settle down and see if his conclusion are right and it were really Muslim suicide bombers for which 1.2 billion Muslims are responsible.

Similarly, other like Galloway, the British MP, agree that the staged terror attacks is the handy work of raging Muslims. Together they are taking a majority in the West to believing in what the super-fascists have been telling them about “the enemy” and concluding deals with democratic imperialists in favor of a required wider war.

Actually, the lesser evil of starving 1.8 million to death has inescapably retreated before the greater evil. The devouring capitalism, with the aid of the two Internationals and coupled by corporate terrorism, succeed in maintaining itself for the last 15 years, and now the old methods of fascism are no longer adequate as the religious fanatics, neo-cons and Zionists have joined the fry and expanded their bases, taking full control of the power centers.

The ongoing military conquests can achieve only putting temporary puppets in places like Baghdad and Kabul, while at the same time strengthening resentment and resistance upon which the mass sensitization and a movement towards a just order rest. An upgraded, super-fascism has become necessary, with such legislation as harks back to the time of Herod and the slaughter of innocent babes, so as to preserve the dictatorship of trusts. Open threats in the New York Times (July 08, 2005) that all Muslims are suspect and they should mend their ways, otherwise “the West is going to do it for them. And the West will do it in a rough, crude way – by simply shutting them out, denying them visas and making every Muslim in its midst guilty until proven innocent,” are signs of the impending disaster.

In that event, the corroded United Nations and other Internationals will doubtless proclaim as a holy duty an alliance with super-fascism –” a lesser evil in the face of a Herod threatening no longer civilization alone but the very existence of mankind.

For Muslims there is not and there cannot be such conditions anywhere in the world which would give them the right to self-determination to live by Islam and to play an independent role in governing themselves.

The one thing that Muslims are considered good for is to support one puppet as against another in the sham democracies like Pakistan, or to submit to the will of the kings and sheikhs under the thumb of the super-fascists.

There are no limits within capitalism itself as to the depths to which it can sink; this is likewise true of the modern day crusaders and Zionists thriving in its shadows. As a first step, Muslims acting as a single body, should have preferred the right way of total boycott and an end to all sort of cooperation with the super-fascists within and out side the occupied countries; but the myopic opportunists among Muslims are confidently treading the path into which the present masters of the situation are shoving mankind.

The world is observing the historical process with its eyes open. There are analysts analyzing each new situation realistically; who foresee its possible consequences, warn of its dangers, and indicate the correct road. In everything essential their analysis and prognosis have been confirmed by events.

Despite all this if the Americans and British in particular, and the Muslim opportunists in general, choose to remain silent and let the super-fascists lead the world into the ultimate tragedy of human history, they would have no one to blame but themselves.

A new Fascist World Order is well in place, marching towards a greater war. It is only the ultimate tragedy of human history that is awaiting. Even at the time of Hitler, no one could think of the impending wider war. It was British Prime Minister who was giving Hitler the benefit of the doubt. So is what majority of the Muslim and non-Muslim world doing today: giving the super fascists a deal, hoping upon hope that they are treading the right way to peace, while heading towards bloodshed and crimes against humanity that history has not seen so far.