Gaza Blockade Backlash

Israeli military might coupled with policies deliberately intended to cause a huge humanitarian catastrophe, has yet again resulted in major humiliation for the Jewish state.

Whilst Ehud Olmert and senior members of his regime are gleefully applauding the tragedy unfolding in the Gaza Strip –” with threats of worse to come –” it seems not to have dawned on them that international public opinion has swung in sympathy for the besieged population in the Occupied Territory.

Far from attaining any of its goals apart from reducing Gaza to a crisis, Israel must be severely jolted by the unprecedented wave of global sympathy generated by visuals of the inhumane devastation resulting from its ill-conceived blockade and embargo.

Though a belated media woke up to record and provide commentaries on the human saga unfolding within Gaza’s imprisoned population of 1.5 million people, Israeli leaders –” including hawks such as Shimon Peres –” hoped against hope that their dastardly deeds will evoke support for them instead of sympathy for their innocent victims.

Well, Israel has failed miserably! And the global backlash has left the Olmert regime scurrying for cover. None of their spin-doctors have been able to persuade public opinion to rally behind them. The usual band of pro-Israeli die-hards such as the Bush administration, some Western European countries and Zionist lobbyists are perhaps the only faithful supporters of “collective punishment” and “genocide” faced with the irrational task of defending Israel.

While the world has expressed its outrage at the callous behaviour of Israel’s apartheid regime, justifiably citing violations of the Geneva Convention as well as International Law, many are wondering too about the extent of its moral bankruptcy. How does one explain such murderous policies, which actively undertakes the killing of newborn babies by starving them of oxygen?

Thrown into the mix of spin-doctors seeking to “explain” Olmert’s criminal conduct, is none other than his bosom buddy, known as Abu Mazen. Clearly exasperated by the reversals of his political fortunes, Abu Mazen or Mahmoud Abbas can do no better than Olmert by calling on Hamas to end its resistance. And herein lies the paradox facing the President of the Palestinian Authority. To remain a “relevant peace partner” in the suffocating grasp of Olmert, he faces the harsh reality of becoming totally irrelevant within Palestine!

Like him most Arab states are inconsequential as far as aiding the Palestinians gain their freedom from Zionist fascism. In fact their shameful impotency is reflected in their collusion alongside Israel’s futile efforts to starve Palestinians into submission. The corrupt leadership of Egypt and Jordan are viewed as major impediments in the freedom struggle waged courageously for so many decades by successive generations of Palestinians.

This explains the protest led by Palestinian women against Egypt’s control of the Rafah border. The ferocity of this unarmed protest that led to the storming of the gates was brutally squashed by Mubaruk’s US-funded troops on behalf of Israel. What a disgrace!

More disgusting is that Israel really expects the world to support its military occupation and willful embargo of fuel, food and medicine.

Zionist fascism has reached the end of the road –” and the sooner their zealous supporters realize this, the better.