Gaze At Fresh Epoch

Setting a marvelous episode in the index of-“by n’ large a torment-“political history of Pakistan-“both the Houses of Parliament-“with all the four Provincial Assemblies-“hands-in-gloves, have eventually articulated filled confidence in President General Pervez Musharraf, under the newly espoused 17th Amendment in the 1973-Constitution of the country.

The upper House-“Senate with the National Assembly n’ all the Provincial legislatures of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP-“Thursday, expressed reliance in the President’s leadership.

In entirety, 191 members voted for the espousal of confidence in the lower House-“the National Assembly, while 56 Senators expressed their trust in the President. The voting sketch in the Provincial Assemblies was: Punjab 254 votes, Sindh 99 votes, NWFP 30 votes and Balochistan 28 votes.

It’s without a doubt-“a great day not only for General Musharraf, but-simultaneously-“for Pakistan, because the parliamentarians’ trust vote for the President has set in motion a magnificent n’ vigorous democratic tradition, side-by-side according legitimacy to his referendum-based election to the illustrious n’ exalted office.

Virtually, the vote of confidence manifests the nation’s fabulous resolve n’ tenacity of its all-out support to his [Musharraf’s] vision of a united as well as economically and militarily strong Pakistan, resurrection of Islamic glory through pursuit of enlightened moderation by the Muslims and resolution of international conflicts involving Muslims-“with Palestine and Kashmir atop.

As a result of the approval of the 17th Amendment by both Houses of Parliament and trust vote by Parliament and all the four Provincial Assemblies, Pakistan will-“by full pragmatism-“surface on the global Atlas as a strong egalitarian polity and will command its due status in the 21st-century democratic world.

A significant facet-“which appears crystal clear-“is that from now on Pakistan, will help attract greater investments-“from diverse realms around the globe-“as well.

Yet this new scenario, has, put greater responsibilities on the President both in the national and international milieu.

With his well-acknowledged qualities of head and heart, Musharraf will be supposed to guide Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali’s Government to offset n’ counter terrorism, deal with fanatics n’ extremist elements and strengthen Pakistan monetarily and militarily.

Going by the pages of Pakistan’s political history, it’s certainly a matter of satisfaction that only due to the internal and external policies pursued by President Musharraf-“during the last three years of his military rule-“Pakistan has won eulogize n’ extol from all-over-“as Musharraf as a spirited soul-“has set off grand vistas-“as he steered the nation out of the morass of isolation and a botched state phenomenon, besides turning the national economy and reviving democracy in the country-“with a sincere zest n’ savor.

His modification to the new conditions-“emerging from 9/11 yielded dividends to Pakistan and brought him to the vanguard of international diplomacy.

Pakistan’s role in the US-led war against terrorism earned international approbation and afforded him opportunity to rub his shoulders with world leaders on an equal footing.

At the same time, Musharraf’s strategy to fight religious extremism and sectarian violence has-“overtly-“brought sanity to the society, although he himself has become target of the misled n’ hideous extremist elements, as is evident from recent attempts on his life through acts of terrorism.

Likewise, his bold, gallant and unwavering pledge at the United Nations and other international fora, favoring justice for the Muslims and resolution of the longed issues having Muslims’ involvement represented his deep anguish over the Muslims’ plight the world-over.

His call for pursuit of the path of enlightened moderation by the Muslims and advice to acquire scientific and technological education to catch-up with the developed world was well received both in the West and the Islamic world.

His performance at the OIC was equally applauded. So much for his performance so far.

But the issues staring in the nation’s face are really colossal. Apart from internal issues of water distribution, inter-provincial harmony, sustained economic growth, political stability, law and order, poverty alleviation and masses’ socio-economic well-being, there are monstrous regional and international issues having direct bearing on Pakistan’s sovereignty, security and stability.

It’s, however, comforting n’ cheering that Geneneral Musharraf has a visualization to deal with issues-“irrespective of their nature-“with optimal confidence, diginity n’ poise.

With this outlook, it is hoped that Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali will continue to benefit from the President’s exceptional, incomparable n’ unrivaled skills n’ know-how and unique qualities of good governance.

There is lot to be done-“explicitly-“in the field of poverty alleviation and socio-economic well-being of the people for clutching the eventual affluence for the nation.

The pitiable masses are really groaning under the heels of poverty. The cost of living has gone beyond the reach of the common man, as the benefits of nation’s economic growth have not trickled down.

Understandably, Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programme is an eyesore for many a ‘friend’ and ‘foe’ alike. Pakistan will, therefore, have to zealously n’ jealously safeguard n’ uphold its vital strategic assets against the devilish stare of the inimical forces.

India’s perpetual hostility also calls for a constant vigil and operational readiness on Pakistan’s part to foil any evil designs against this realm-“Pakistan.

With Iraq and Afghanistan fallen and Libya and Iran kneeling down on the nuclear issue, Pakistan will in fact be facing hard times in weeks and months-“to come.

Amid such a setting, President Musharraf’s guidance to the Jamali-led Government in these critical areas will certainly help the nation overcome its inadequacies n’ shortcomings-“thus facilitating it to resist the negative pressures with courage and conviction-“and above-all an out-and-out buoyancy-“in all times to come.

The Pakistani nation wants to live with dignity and honor. Consequently, it’s imperative that its national ego should-“in no way-“be hurt by any action of the rulers. It’s hoped that the national interests will always be held supreme irrespective of the pressures-“from anywhere n’ of any magnitude.