General Musharraf’s Hand in the New Terror Plot

We know it very well that there is no religious, logical, rational or moral basis for 24 persons deciding to blow up airlines en route to the United States from Britain. No sane person would ever commit to sacrificing his life for an act which has no religious justification, no moral legitimacy, or proven benefits to his community at large. The more we study these factors, the more we come to the conclusion that the latest terror plot, for which Pakistanis and British of Pakistani origin, have been blamed is nothing but another staged plot to benefit the least suspect.

In the recently published book, From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment Continues, I concluded from the huge amount of information available in the public domain, mostly the so-called mainstream media, that the Pakistan’s military intelligence agency, ISI (or, at the very least, its top leadership and some assets) unknowingly played a key role in pinning the blame of 9/11 on Arabs in Afghanistan.

In the wake of General Musharraf’s growing desperation and the unveiling of new terror plot in UK with the help of “Pakistani intelligence agencies,” one is forced to withdraw any benefit of doubt given to the ISI for its involvement in operation 9/11. It seems ISI was knowingly engaged then and it has a hand in cooking up the new plot now. In the case of 9/11, it was working to please General Musharraf masters. This time it is serving its own master: General Musharraf.

What an easy and cheap game unveiling new terror plots has become. You need not carryout sophisticated operation, such as 9/11, which leads to hundreds of unanswered question and a huge demand for honest answers and investigations. You need not kill 3000 people when you can build on the fear generated by the 3000 killed on 9/11 with just a few more arrests and secret evidence.

General Musharraf is in hot waters. However, he is not stupid. He knows what sells. He knows how to gamble. He knows what pleases his masters. He has been effectively selling himself and everything else since September 2001. For an intelligence agency at his disposal, which could play an effective role in the real terrorist attacks of 9/11, it is hardly any difficult to frame some Pakistanis with ties to Britain in a fake terror plot. This is definitely going to make his masters think twice before discarding him for an alternative.

The fake terror plot has direct roots in desperation of General Musharraf who wants to remain president-in-uniform for as long as possible. We need to see how he stayed in power so far. Without 9/11, General Musharraf would have been history by now, or he would have no international standing at all.

Given the available evidence, there is no doubt about ISI’s playing a role in 9/11. However, there are two possible ways its involvement in 9/11 and the subsequent benefits for General Musharraf. One is ISI’s knowing engagement and collaboration with other culprits in operation 9/11. The other is ISI’s being used without its knowledge of the full scope of the operation.

If we assume ISI to be innocent, which was only tricked to frame Arabs for the 9/11 attacks, it means ISI’s guilt was established as an agency supporting and financing the so-declared hijackers. It also means that that evidence about ISI’s involvement in Operation 9/11 was used to blackmail General Musharraf into the quickest surrender and subsequent concessions to the United States. Five years later, a desperate dictator has no option but to stage a terrorist plot and demonstrate that he can act in favor of his masters without coercion as well.

If we assume that ISI was knowingly involved in operation 9/11 for the direct benefits of some forces outside Pakistan, what can hold it from staging just another terrorist plot for the benefit of General Musharraf?

Preposterousness of the alleged plot can be judged from the initial report in which a Pakistani intelligence official was reported as saying: “Pakistan had learned al-Qaida people ‘while sitting somewhere in Afghanistan had discussed this plan.'”[1] Is it any difficult for the ISI to nab British nationals in Pakistan, make them say what they wanted to say and pass on information about the “plot” and friends or relative of the arrested persons to British intelligence agencies which, in turn, would do anything they can to make sure the arrests take place in the most dramatic way. The Islamophobic media is there to complete the rest of the job.

If it sounds too simple, how credible is the statement from Pakistani intelligence official that they heard about the terror plot from al-Qaeda people “sitting somewhere in Afghanistan had discussed this plan.”

The truth of the matter is that General Musharraf won five more years and full legitimacy of his dictatorship after 9/11 but Pakistan suffered as a result. Similarly, as a result of the new terror stunt, he might get another lease on life, but in the process Muslims all over the world suffer. On the one hand, anti-Islam feelings gain new momentum, but on the other the campaign against such false terror plots and false flag operations increases. The U.S. and U.K. governments and its allies can hardly hide behind their accusing honest analysts and intellectuals of hatching conspiracy theories.

If the the "conspiracy theorists" are spreading hatred of the most civilized and noble in power in London and Washington, which are leading more Muslims into engaging in terrorist activities, why not put the evidence for 9/11, 7/7 and the latest terrorist plots in public domain for the people to see truth from falsehood. Why not try answering the still lingering questions to save the world from the curse of "conspiracy theorists" and shut them up forever? Is answering the questions or making the evidence public too high a price which Washington and London are not willing to pay, even if it saves the humanity from the scourge of a global war?

In this environment, General Musharraf is seeing the writing on the wall for himself. He knows the best option for the United States to deal with him is to assassinate him.[2] In such a situation, pulling the stunt of a terror plot is the least what we can expect from General Musharraf. The worst has yet to come. Stay tuned.


[1]. “Tip from Pak helped bust London terror plot’,” Times of India, August 11, 2006.

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Abid Ullah Jan’s latest book on this subject, "From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment continues" was released on July 20, 2006.

For introduction to the book, see: "The ICSSA"