Gentiletude and Dhimmitude

All gentile children are animals.

— (Yebamoth 98a)

When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

— (Sanhedrin 57a)

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, "We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing."

— (NY Times, June 6, 1989)

After centuries of prospering as Dhimmis [1], ironically, they are now engaged in a campaign to distort history and denigrate the very people who gave them protection. Instead of pogroms, ethnic cleansing and holocausts, the Jews experienced the golden age in Andalusia (Islamic Spain) under the Muslim rule, an era unparalleled in their 5000+ years of history. Even the noted Orientalist scholar Bernard Lewis who’s writings are not known to be complimentary towards Muslims and Islam has stated that the Jews prospered under Muslims rule, at a time when “Jew-Baiting” was Christian-Europe’s favourite past time. Finally when the cruel inquisition did arrive in Spain, they migrated to the safe haven city of Istanbul, the capital of the Islamic State.

One of the leading ambassadors of promoting this vicious anti-Islamic agenda is Dr. Daniel Pipes [2]. His crude statements make him appear as though he is a member of some white supremacist group like the Ku Klux Klan. He is like many of the other extreme rightwing Jews that operate behind the cover of their American identity promoting Israeli interests. Their immense grip on the mass media and the popular media like the Hollywood film industry has resulted in presenting a one-sided view, stirring up a frenzy of nationalism, anti-Arab and anti-Muslims sentiments, ironically that is so reminiscent of how the Jews felt under Nazi Germany. How short is the their memory? Daniel Pipes forgetting his own abysmal history states that Dhimmitude [3] is: “…a state in which (among other features) non-Muslims dare not say anything critical about Islam and Muslims.”

If there is such a thing as Dhimmitude then Gentiletude is a reality that no one can deny. It is a giant octopus in comparison to Dhimmitude with its tentacles buried deep within every facet of society. Gentiletude usually manifests as anti-Semitism. It has even been incorporated into the US foreign policy as the White House have legislated the new global anti-Semitism monitoring law. Salah Amer, a Cairo University international law professor, called the new legislation "terror of thought", obviously designed to silence Israeli criticisms; facilitating the continuation of the Israeli State Terrorism and ethnic cleansing process in order to make way for the ‘chosen’ people of God.

So, it is not just Muslims but any group that dare say anything critical about Judaism and Jews would potentially face the US sanctions followed by bombs and bullets, no doubt it will all be cloaked with the lofty values of human rights and even freedom of speech! But why is the US so concerned about anti-Semitism? Surely in light of the recent carnage in Iraq, the shamelful episode of Abu-Ghariab, Camp-X-Ray etc. should the US not be more focused on anti-American sentiments around the world? It gives credence to the idea that there is disproportionate influence from the Jewish lobby that is real. Dr Mahatir did speak the truth on the matter. Perhaps you also realise why Ariel Sharon stated that now we control America, like the tail now controls the body of the cow.

Also, recently, the mayor of London, Ken Livingston, likened a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard there was an uproar. Everyone calling for his apology, never mind the 100,000 slaughter in Iraq or the 13 year old Palestinian girl shot at close range, those events did not register in the ‘moral’ radar of the British intelligentsia! How are we as Muslims to interpret such paradoxical responses from one of the bastions of freedom and democracy? Or could it be that our ‘violent’ and ‘primitive’ nature prevents us from understanding such sophisticated response of a developed democracy, where they go mad over the perceived politically incorrect comments of Ken Livingston while remain oblivious to the bombs and bullets killing thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq who have done no harm to their country! Who can forget when the British and American troops were burying Iraqis soldiers alive in the desert sands en masse during the first Gulf War in 1991, the public were outraged at the suffering of animals caught in the oil spillage!

Another example of the hysteria of Gentiletude is when Dr. Mahatir praised the Jews for being resourceful and successful despite being numerically small and having suffered under Nazi Germany, there was uproar. Western Intelligentsia went into fenzy with accusations of “anti-Semitism” while remaining oblivious to the routine Israeli raids in Gaza, killing many innocent civilians. The mere unauthorised uttering of the word ‘Jews’ creates instant response from the gentiles coming to their defence even as the Jewish nation is engaged in the shedding of blood. All the above mentioned examples clearly demonstrate the power of Gentiletude.

Reporters, Political Commentators, Journalists, and Politicians who have any backbone and objectivity left in them at best they tread carefully in fear while others sign up to become part and parcel of this fad of showing obedience to Gentiletude or anti-Semitism. It is always easy to comply with what is fashionable instead of being principled, driven by right and wrong. Hence, you see the flexibility of the politicians being with what is fashionable so they always leave room for backtracking and sidetracking like a slimy snake while they beat the drums of their commitment to noble values. Certainly, it is also fashionable to attack the Muslims and Islam so you find plenty of journalists and politicians happily engaging in this exercise to appeal to the other majority. Isn’t that what democracy is about?

Therefore, Dhimmitude is largely mythical and has not surfaced due to the stifling of criticisms of the Muslims and Islam. It is a convenient term developed by the likes of D. Pipes to denigrate those who oppose the removal of the few remaining fragile barriers giving some nomical protection to Muslims and Islam. Removing those barriers is perhaps the last step before calling for the rebuilding of the concentration camps and the gas chambers. Many would of course argue that Camp X-Ray, Bagram and Belmarsh were miniature models of those horror chambers. How ironic the very people who were subjected to such treatment about 60 years ago are now at the forefront of inciting the US to pursue that route, while invoking victimhood of the Nazi Holocaust.

Today we as Muslims are often muzzled and demonised by the stick of anti-Semitism. A phenomenon that we neither created nor did we practice by systematically eradicating Jewish population. Incongruously, those who have, tend to be the first to lecture us, in the same way they make noise about human rights after committing centuries of genocide the most recent being in Iraq. Similarly, they shout about women’s rights while they use ‘freedom’ to profit from the ever increasing flesh based porn industry, prostitution and the infamous sex tourism. How ironic that while Hilary Clinton and Cherry Blair lecture about women’s rights to Muslims, their men were busy in sex-tourism in the Far East where poverty of the poor women are exploited by capitalist wealth made in democracies. If you are really sincere and honest about women’s rights then lead by examples by criminalising such activities thus putting your own house in order first! And we as Muslims know for sure that you cannot.

In short, the two terms of “Gentiletude” and “Dhimmitude” may not carry opposite meaning in the linguistic sense, but their usage indicates that they are in opposite motion. The latter is used to remove the remaining fragile barriers in order to continue the persecution of the Muslim community often using ‘freedom’ of speech as a license. On the other hand, Gentiletude is used in the guise of anti-Semitism to reduce the existing scope (‘freedom’) for expressing criticism of the Jewish State. The insanity of Gentiletude is waning in Europe slowly as its ordinary citizens begin to realise the truth through the fog created by the one-sided mass media coverage. They see the crimes committed against innocent nations. They see that Iraq never attacked the US or the UK in its entire history, the Palestinians never occupied the Jewish homes and lands prior to 1948 coming from East Europe. Iraqis and the Palestinians are indeed the victims of organised State Terrorism and Gentiletude is one component of that policy.


[1] Non Muslim citizens of the Islamic State. Please see the article for a comparative analysis on:

[2] Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum (A think tank that promotes American interests in the Middle East) and a prize-winning columnist for the New York Sun and The Jerusalem Post.

[3] The term was originally coined by another Jewish group