George Bush seeks lessons to learn more about WMD

After butchering and uprooting 25 millions of Iraqi lives and destroying Iraqi assets valuing trillions of dollars, the world had heard all about the fantasy of George Bush. Now he seems to be seeking more knowledge on the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) than he knew before the war and yet he was absolutely confident at that time. He addressed the reporters at the White House, the other day, and said in a manner of a kindergarten kid: "…..I, too, want to know the facts. I want to be able to compare what the Iraq Survey Group has found with what we thought prior to going into Iraq."

In fact, it was a shock wave to the whole world that George Bush, so bent on attacking Iraq on the pretext of Iraq’s possessing WMD about 10 months ago, has now been expressing his total dismay on the intelligence that lead him to attack Iraq. Besides, he not only wants to learn more now, he also wants to "compare" with his prior knowledge, as if he was playing the game of ‘Trivial Pursuits’.

With the same token of his mental quantity, he might one day send a nuclear warhead to Iran or North Korea and then explain to the press that he wanted to "compare" the effectiveness of the Nuke with the ones America once dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Obviously the world’s concern is far deeper today. Can the world wait and watch the learning curve of the president of the USA, playing with world’s largest stockpile of WMD? Perhaps this is why the Financial Times of England has put a parable of Bush administration as "the lunatics taking over the asylum."

Presumably, Paul Wolfowitz – the guru of "Bush Doctrine" and other "Zionist mole" in the Bush administration must be hearing the beats of a distant drum for an impending defeat in the coming presidential election. Many Democrats are today quite vocal about George Bush and his false pretext to lead America to war. Former Vice President Al Gore Thursday accused President George W. Bush of abusing the trust of Americans by playing on their fears as he led the United States to war against Iraq. He said: "I was one of millions who asked him to lead us wisely and well, and he abused the trust of the people by exploiting the fears of the American people in order to take this nation on an adventure that had been preordained before the attacks of Sept. 11 ever took place."

The combined dead and wounded US military personnel in Iraq today is nearly 10,500. The whole affair of US position in Iraq is similar to what is known as the "quagmire" in Vietnam. Despite Saddam being in the US captivity now, the US administration has yet to solve the mystery of the US soldiers being attacked and killed, just the way it had started right from the beginning.

No doubt, the flute of George Bush, playing the tune of the 9/11 incident, had an initial melody similar to what the Pied Piper of Hamelin once played in Aesop’s Fables. Obviously, no country had even a chance to take a pause and think. All of them were in a hurry to line up and fight the terrorists in Afghanistan. Then when the Sharonists in the White House and the Pentagon veered their war euphoria from Afghanistan to Iraq, many countries were struck with "shock and awe" (to speak in Rumsfeld’s language).

A number of powerful countries could see that 9/11 was just a delusion towards fulfilling the "wish list" of the Sharonists in the Bush administration. So, they vehemently opposed the war against Iraq. Even Canada, the closest neighbour of the US, opposed it. American arm-twisting attempt to line up France, Germany, Russia, and China failed miserably. Why did these powers oppose Bush this time? Obviously, the perception that "the world has changed since 9/11" got thinned out in their belief after the brainwashing trap of the US got leaked out. By this time, they knew the architect of the 9/11 incident by the name and it was not Osama.

Paul Findley, a member of Congress for 22 years and the author of many books including "They Dare to Speak Out", had an article published in the Media Monitors Network (MMN) on February 2, 2004. The title of the article: "This is not the America my generation fought to preserve". There he reiterated the notions of may think-tanks. He wrote: "President Bush is so befuddled by the awful carnage of 9/11 and rumors of more assaults to come that he does not see what is vivid to most of the world–the real ground zero of terrorism is in Palestine, not Manhattan. He ignores the real ground zero at great peril to America."

To many Americans and non-Americans alike, the Bush administration is the most radical government in modern American history. They wonder how the mass media support the ideology and actions of this government unless there is a humongous and unseen power behind the power of the American presidency.

A vast number of the early Americans, who migrated from Europe, were the victims of religious persecution. They believed that as the fetter corrodes the skin so does the persecution corrode the hearts. Consequently, when they formulated the American constitution, they had put religion totally out of the premises of the administration and judiciary demarkation. But to George Bush, the American Constitution seems to be defective. And so, he has been an unswerving proponent of religious meddling into the affairs of the White House.

Newsweek [June 2, 2002] has an amazing article entitled: "A Very Mixed Marriage". The authors of the article include a few evangelists and have awarded the title "Christian Zionists". To paraphrase the contents of the article, it boils down that the American Jews see Israel’s interest as a paramount issue in the resolving of the Palestinian problem. So to make George Bush do the dirty job for Sharon, the Zionists in the Bush administration mesmerized the Evangelists [Bauer, Falwell, Pat Robertson and others] to believe that Jesus won’t return until the Jewish state is fully re-established in Jerusalem for ever, including all the modern-day West Bank.

The indoctrinated evangelists have been now set to make George Bush believe that the "Covenant of Abraham; promised the Jews their entire ancient homeland". At a conference in Washington, speaker after speaker send a clear message to Bush that "If they do anything other than make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, they would be messing with the word and the power of God,"

George Bush, being a staunch believer of biblical myth and surrounded by the Israeli agents in the White House, was totally convinced. He left no room for any other’s opinion, including the UN. It transpired to him that Saddam Husain was an obstacle on the way of Sharon to annex the whole land of the West Bank. Obviously, he had to count on Wolfowitz’s ingenuity in the myths of the WMD.

Armed with the concocted stories about WMD, authored by the Sharonists, George Bush was fed the needed war-euphoria to attack Iraq. The brainwashing mechanism of the Sharonists made George Bush talk as if a parrot. Rarely, he had any intelligent vocabulary prior to attacking Iraq. The audience on the TV heard nothing, other than his insistance that Saddam had been hiding the WMD and will be sending them across the Atlantic [perhaps on a peanut shell]- to attack America.

In reality George Bush has many red threads hanging behind his tailored coat made for his presidency. Here is a short list:

– He is the first president to overthrow a significant attribute of American democracy – the separation of church and state.

– He is the first President of the United States, installed by a right-wing Supreme Court and not by the voters.

– He is the first president to openly declare a policy of unilateral aggression against a sovereign state.

– He is the first president to declare openly that the UN is "irrelevant."

Since putting the Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during World War II, it was George Bush to enact for the first time a special laws for a specific ethnic group.

Despite the fact that it is against the American constitution to deprive the accused of access to legal assistance, it was, for the first time, the regime of George Bush ignored it totally and has held hundreds of Muslims at Guantanamo Bay without any access to legal assistance and any trial.

It is the first time in the US history that the Pentagon got involved in collecting data on the ordinary activities of ordinary citizens that includes credit card charges, library book withdrawals, university course enrolments.

It is the first time that millions of travellers are listed in airport security computers as potential terrorists.