George’s Jihad

George W. Bush believes he was placed in his position by God at this particular time in history. George W. Bush believes God put him there to accomplish His will as an ambassador of God among nations of the earth. George W. Bush believes that God put him in power to bring freedom to the oppressed, even if it means oppressing the freed who do are not impressed with their liberation.

George W. Bush is having his jihad, his Holy War. Everything George does is the will of God, so how could it be a mistake? How could God’s will as revealed by Karl Rove and Dick Cheney be anything other than good? And has not the Reverend Franklin Graham given his guidance and blessing?

George W. Bush’ jihad is nothing more or nothing less than God’s holy war with George as Commander in Chief and Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of War (how appropriate it is to return to "Old Testament" terminolgy, as Secretary of Defense hardly seems appropriate during an American jihad).

Though George W. Bush never says it aloud, he takes perverse pleasure in waging holy war against the heathen, the worshippers of false Gods, the enemies of Christendom and Zionist Judaism. The lost lives of pagan Moslems in Fallujah are not troublesome to George W. Bush in the least, any more than the lost lives of the citizens of Jericho were to Moses or the victims of Jenin were to Ariel Sharon. Why should God’s mercy be extended through George W. Bush to unrepentent unbelievers who will go straight to hell anyways? If they want to repent and move to America, then God will take them away from danger, is the received wisdom of the jihadist from Crawford, Texas.

And how can these heathen receive mercy and compassion when they, or their husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles fire bullets and rocket-propelled grenades at the soldiers of The Lord? Did not the Lord send the His soldiers to Iraq to bring democracy and liberation, and are not those soldiers being met with violence in their mission of peace and freedom? Let the Holy War continue until all the agents of Satan and the opponents of freedom receive their cumuppence!

So, George’s jihad continues, with no regrets and no second thoughts, Unless or until God reveals to George W. Bush through some sign, such as defeat in the 2004 election, impeachment (with convicition by the Senate), or word from the Republican National Committee that the jihad is over, the jihad will go on. George W. Bush thanks God each and every night that he was chosen to lead this jihad, being well-equipped for it by his previous national service during the Vietnam jihad.