Give the PA a Chance

It must be very clear to every body that the United States is the decision maker on essential matters in the Middle East. This includes the pivotal issue of implementing UN resolutions, particularly Resolution 242 of the Security Council. It must also be clear to all that Resolution 242 has been placed on the shelf since 1967 because of the reluctance of the United States to deal with UN resolutions using one standard.

The USA uses different criteria in dealing with different resolutions. For instance, the basic reason to attack Iraq according to the official US declaration was Iraqi non-compliance with UN Security Council resolutions. Eleven years of noncompliance, therefore Iraq must be subdued. Thirty-eight years of Israeli noncompliance with Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, however when it comes to Israel the US chooses to use double standards.

The current situation in Palestine lays down positive possibilities if used well and if fruitful political investment is carried out. Regardless of the Israeli government’s aims behind a unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, which is not yet complete and has so far turned the Strip into a large prison for 2.5 million Palestinians, the reality yields great opportunities.

It is clear that the Israeli withdrawal, which was essentially carried out because of the high cost of keeping Gaza under occupation aimed at:

  • Improving the image of Israel worldwide
  • Annexing large areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem
  • Inducing internal conflict between the PA and Palestinian organizations

Knowing this, the Palestinians must also realize that Israel did not just do this by choice. The US and its administration are serious this time about implementing the Road Map. But they should also realize that the American Administration is following a tactic that would push the Israeli government forward. This tactic is adopting the conditions of the Israeli government in relation to the Road Map. At present, the condition is collecting arms, i.e. disarming Palestinian organizations. This is Israel’s precondition to move forward to negotiations on the implementation of the Road Map.

Experience and facts of life made it clear to the Palestinians that it is the US that decides on matters of importance in the Middle East. Therefore, they must comply with this precondition to put an end to armed demonstrations, parades and misuse. All arms must disappear.

This will give the PA a chance to use this great opportunity. President Bush is hosting President Abbas on 20th of October. The most significant card for Abbas to carry with him to Washington would be ” Farewell to armed demonstrations, parades and misuse."

It is in the interest of the Palestinian people to guide leaders and not self-centered organizations and personal interest. The USA and President Bush on top need an achievement in the Middle East, taking into consideration the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Palestine is where President Bush can achieve, so give the PA a chance and allow Bush to achieve the Road Map.