Go Back Seven Centuries, Not Just Three Days in History

For the lives of a few Israeli soldiers, Gaza and Lebanon are on fire. Dozens are dying every day but Bush says, “In my judgment, the best way to stop the violence is to understand why the violence occurred in the first place and that’s because Hizbullah has been launching rocket attacks out of Lebanon into Israel and because Hizbullah captured two Israeli soldiers.”[1] Canadian prime minister says, “I think Israel’s response under the circumstances has been measured.”[2]  

The circumstances they are looking at are not even a full week ago when Israeli soldiers were engaged by Hizbollah on July 12, 2006, inside Lebanon’s territory.[3] This is just one example of how violence and terrorism is justified when conducted by anyone of the trio or terrorism: The U.S., U.K. and Israel. Lives of Israeli soldiers is precious than the hundreds who are dying daily at the hands of Israel. Israel has the right to defend itself even if it soldiers are captured or killed in Lebanese territory, but sovereign Iraq and Afghanistan have no right to defend themselves from the occupiers who waged the war on the basis of lies.  

Deaths of the thousands of Iraqi soldiers as a result of an illegitimate war of aggression are not even counted. Complete decimation of the armed forces of Iraq is considered legitimate and justified. Similarly, destroying Lebanon is a “measured response” because of what happened in the last few days. 

Just three days. This is how far Bush and his allies can go back in history to justify Israeli aggression. The failure to putting history in perspective is one of the root causes for mainstreaming fascism today. However, all people are not blind all the time. There are scholars and researchers, who are keeping an eye on the bigger picture and looking closely into finding out why the violence doesn’t come to an end around the world. 

J.W. Smith is one of those great scholars who explore the roots of modern day imperial fascism. The seventh book from the pioneer of the Institute for Economic Democracy is titled: Economic Democracy: A Grand Strategy for World Peace and Prosperity. We often hear that the U.S. wars are for oil, resources and Israel. Nevertheless, there are very few who can go beyond the pipeline theories to understand the history of tyrannical imperialism of our age. And there are even more few people who propose an alternative economic order to the prevailing exploitative economic system, defending which has become the core objective of the upcoming Greater War. J. W. Smith is one of those rare souls. 

Twenty-four years of deep study led J. W. Smith to the conclusion that the foundation of the current monopoly economic structure is capitalism’s exclusive titles to nature’s wealth evolving from aristocratic exclusive titles. If one wishes to go back in history to understand the roots of violence, one has to read Mr. Smith, who takes his readers back by seven centuries, not just seven days, to show that the present day western societies have evolved from plunder-by-raids to plunder by trade. He shows how Adam Smith free trade was specifically designed to entrench this system of laying claim to others wealth. To protect the same system, we see de facto colonization in full swing in former colonies, which never became achieved independence in real sense. 

The myth of Al-Qaeda, the fear of the Taliban, the rancid notions of Islamism and Islamists, the weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussein, the non-existent nuclear weapons of Iran and the protection of Israel are all ruses to protect the present day economic order serving a few global elites and power brokers. Mr. Smith explains in his work that for all the past 700 to 800 years each law was put in place to protect wealth and power of the select few. How else could it be, they were the only ones making the laws? Establishment of the United Nations in the twentieth century and declaration of the so-called war on terrorism in the twenty-first century are little more than ensuring the unequal power positions and unjust rule of law the imperialists were putting in place since a long time.  

Mr. Smith helps us get our mind around it all. His research makes one realize that the entire history, economics, political science, and other soft sciences and military forces are there only to protect the status quo of the colonial system of theft. The media, academia, art and military, every thing is used to push upon the same unjust economic order on the rest of the world. This is a grand colonial scheme that sustains on promotion of more exploitation of the week. 

J. W. Smith’s research exposes classical economics as only justifications for a system of theft, called rule of law, that Western powerbrokers spent more than 700 years putting in place. Dr. Smith looks deeply within belief systems protecting the power structure and its stolen wealth and concludes the debris of centuries of custom and law are the barriers preventing Western societies from evolving into peaceful and far more productive societies. 

Once one realizes that, one does not have to be a genius to understand Bush and his allies’ real objectives behind the wars and occupations. Interestingly, Dr. Smith has put together a framework for the occupied, colonized and impoverished world to break lose from the deadly grip of the colonialist order. An understanding of the suppression, theft and related process provides the answers.  

In Dr. Smith’s view, once a large enough bloc has allied together, the Muslim world and other alliances can create their own money to build their economic infrastructure and industries. The present economic order has enslaved the world. The basic step will be to do the opposite of what the colonized are told to do. The massive wealth the resources of the impoverished will be bringing in will boost alliance along. Once the first alliance comes together and starts to rapidly develop, the rest of the impoverished world will see and quickly form their alliances. This is what happened in the Soviet Union when those 15 republics federated. This is why the West spent 70 years destroying them. No way could they let that federation succeed. The rest of the world would have seen and would have long ago broken itself free. The Economic Democracy gives all the reasons for their final collapse. 

Dr. Smith’s elaborate framework makes sense. It surely is one of the best alternatives proposed so far that can challenge the monopoly of present economic order. This is the best way to establish economic democracy (equality) and peace in the world. However, as Dr. Smith realizes, deliberate destabilization becomes destiny of the countries which try to break free. In the resource rich Muslim world in particular, taking the first step is the most difficult one. That is why we have dictators, kings, sheikhs and puppets sitting there to perpetuate de facto colonization that sustains inequality, deprivation, poverty. In Dr. Smith’s words: 

"The war is on to install an “imperial democracy” in Iraq. But we must remember that the meaning of “democracy”–”as used by imperialists–”applies only to governments subservient to an imperial center "imperial centers of capital" . Puppet governments are as old as history but a “democratic” Muslim government suppressing Muslim interests and supporting Western interests is a contradiction in terms. What we are witnessing in Iraq is–”as the threat of the world breaking free gets more and more imminent–”America doing openly–”under a cover story–”what they had been doing covertly for 50 years. 

Economic freedom of the colonized world is the real threat which the imperialists are feeling in particular. The open aggression breeds open resistance as well. Imperialist’s control of puppet governments is now so well understood that even countries where external control of elections were once blatant–”Venezuela, Haiti, Bolivia, and Chile "Bolivia"  for example "Venezuela"–”have thrown aside those puppets by the ballot. Muslims realize that the so-called war on terror is merely another excuse to consolidate puppets in the Muslim world to deprive Muslims of their resources and the right to self-determination and establishing a Muslim way of life. Establishment of interest-free economic system is one of the greatest fears of the imperialists. Interestingly, Dr. Smith has clear answers to the question as to how establishing an interest free economic system can be possible.  

The growing realization that that America and its allies are obviously operating an empire in itself is the beginning of real liberation worldwide. Presently it seems impossible that weak and impoverished nations will defeat the military might of the U.S. and its allies. But Dr. Smith has a message of hope for them. For example, talking about South Asia, he writes in Economic Democracy: “As their enormous wealth and military might is based upon theft of the wealth of weak nations–”and assuming America does not use its nuclear weapons to maintain its current fascist control of resources throughout the world–”long before Southeast Asia reaches 50% equality the economies of America and Europe will collapse ‘stock market crash’.”

The need for the impoverished nations is to understand the reality and prepare for a world liberated after more than 700 years of colonial rule. Instead of listening to Bush and his allies who, at best want to take us three days back in history, we need to understand the broader context of the ongoing violence and turmoil and come up with proper strategies at our respective levels.


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