"Go Forth and Smite Thy Enemies" (Selective Obedience to God)

The governments of both the United States of America and of Israel practice selective obedience to god in terms of their predominant national religions.

The only command ever issued by God that is actually consistently obeyed is "go forth and smite thy enemies". Both nations not only devote extremely high amounts of their national treasure for this purpose, but both nations seem to relish this aspect of their perceived "spirituality".

Both the U.S. and Israel operate the most sophisticated, technologically advanced, and lethal weapons systems in the world. Both nations are perfectly willing to deploy these advanced, lethal weapons systems against foes that are essentially defenseless against these weapons. Both have ultra-modern air forces that literally rule the skies and can launch precision-guided munitions from a variety or aerial platforms with literal impunity. Both nations’ air forces launch reconnaissance missions with air assets simply to provoke a response from their foes, such as the turning on of radars, and then use their high-tech munitions to destroy the radars of their foes and kill the enemy "combatants" simultaneously.

Across the full spectrum of military capabilities, both the U.S. and Israel dominate their foes. Tanks, rockets, helicopters, night vision capabilities, anti-air missiles; and above all, lethal firepower advantages belong to their militaries. If a Palestinian launches a rock propelled by arm power, an Israeli launches a bullet from a rifle, or perhaps a tank shell in retaliation. If Iraqis launch a World War II era rocket propelled grenade, the Americans fire 75 M-16 rifles, thirteen A-1 tank shells, 24 Bradley cannon barrages, eleven Hellfire missiles from Apache attack helicopters, and relish the opportunity to smite the enemy.

Though both the U.S. and Israel are hypersensitive to the casualties of their own troops, the ratios of American/Israeli soldiers killed to Iraqi/Palestinian/Afghans killed is usually between 1/100 and 1/1000.

Because of the grossly disproportionate levels of military capability, the foes of American and Israel have to resort to guerilla tactics, and thus become labeled "terrorists". And smiting terrorists is now the national pastime for American and Israeli forces. If you can make a case that someone is a terrorist, the idea is to smite first, and then smite again. No questions need be asked as to proof of terrorist status — it is simply a matter of "terrorist by designation" theory. Under U.S. / Israeli rules of engagement, "if we call him/her a terrorist, we have every right to shoot/bomb/attack him/her, no matter on whose soil he/she stands".

The day will come, and it is approaching sooner rather than later, when the U.S. and Israel will attack "terrorists" on the soil of their former allies, such as France, Germany — maybe even Britain.

And the day is drawing closer when other nations will determine that "smiting your enemies" is appropriate for themselves, too. The day is coming when nations may determine that the U.S. and Israel are threats to their own security, and preemptive strikes against American/Israeli interests or homelands will turn the world into a conflagration that made the previous world wars look like playful tussles between children.

As a paradox, it is fascinating to consider as well how many instructions and commands from God are ignored by the same governments that are so eager to "smite their enemies" under command from God. "Love thy neighbor" and "turn the other cheek" and "practice forgiveness" are completely out of vogue in international affairs. American politicians are famous for ignoring God’s commands to "honor your wedding vows", "do not lie", "do not covet", "do not commit fornication", "let alone anger and leave rage", "leave vengeance to God", "seek God’s kingdom first", "be peaceable with all men", "seek peace and pursue it", "seek righteousness", and on and on.

American politicians are very bad about speaking the truth. They are very good about deceiving, misleading, and smiting their enemies. Israeli governments rarely lie about their evil smiting, and just smite relentlessly. And both governments totally fail to consider the biblical rule that no one can escape from: "that which you are sowing, you will certainly reap" and "god is not to be mocked".

The ultimate reaping from all this sowing of violence will not be pretty, but it is inescapable. God said it, and it must be true.