Greater Israel: Does it make sense now?

As Israel pounds Gaza and Lebanon simultaneously, there are no signs of diplomacy to halt the conflict. Bush says, “the best way to stop the violence is to understand why the violence occurred in the first place.”[1] Canadian prime minister says, “I think Israel’s response under the circumstances has been measured.”[2] Above all, the U.S. vetoed Security Council’s call for a ceasefire.[3] Britain also opposed calling for ceasefire[4] and instead Defense Secretary Des Browne ordered for HMS Illustrious and HMS Bulwark to “make ready” for operations off Lebanon.[5] And Blair accused Syria and Iran.[6]
One would think that the United Nations’ demand for a cease-fire would have been the most logical and humanitarian call these diplomats could have possibly made. Many analysts infer to Israeli prime Ministers address to Knesset that Israel is ready for a ceasefire.[7] Nevertheless, signals from the United States are totally different. The New York Times, echoed Hillary Clinton’s conviction that all Americans stand behind Israel,[8] giving the impression that Israel has no interest in a ceasefire. Top online headline at CBS and the New York Times on July 18 was: “Israeli general says Lebanon offensive will last weeks.”[9] In Washington, Condoleezza Rice made clear Washington’s position that a ceasefire “won’t help.”[10] This is the kind of double-talk that we witnessed during the so-called peace process since early 1990s.

The present role by the U.S. and U.K. is by design. Just when it seemed like neoconservatism was ready for a quiet death, the Zionists provided neoconservatives with an opportunity to get the war they’ve always dreamed of.

Exerting influence on the Bush administration is a breeze – all it has to be persuaded to do is do nothing. That is exactly the script followed in U.K and Ottawa. Meanwhile the commentators can work the airwaves and drum home the message that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is orchestrating all the chaos across the Middle East. It will only be a matter of time before Washington quietly gives the green light for Israeli jets to go screaming towards Tehran — at least that’s the vision William Kristol, Michael Ledeen and their cohorts believe is almost within their grasp.
The Israeli justifications for the escalation of war make no sense unless looked from a broader perspective. The real aim is total dominance over the Middle East and establishing greater Israel. In the final days, the British Empire paved the way for the creation of a Zionist state. Today, the United States is facilitating the emergence of a Greater Israel at the cost of its empire.

The blame for the current Israeli war falls entirely on Israel’s friends, who approve occupation, racism, repression and deployment of inhuman methods in the service Zionists hegemonic designs. Myopic thinking and grand deception on the part of the United States and Israel in the last 13 years have led to the beginning of the present final show down in the Middle East.

For 45 years, 1948-93, Zionists’ strategic vision, brilliant planning, Western technological support, and logistical assistance helped it consolidate a state created without any moral, social, political or legal justification. Created on the basis of terrorism, the Zionist state survived through terror and tyranny.

The first American war on Iraq and the unflinching support of pro-Zionists in the U.S. and Europe made Zionists more confident. They started planning for phase two of the project towards establishing Greater Israel. They rightly concluded they had won round one. The Zionists started round two with gaining as much legitimacy as possible with the deceptive U.S.-led “peace process.”  They were aware of the inconvenient fact that they cannot fool all people all the time. They were prepared for the day that is before our eyes today.

Most Arab countries gave up their goal to liberate occupied Arab territories and fell into the trap of ‘land for peace’ rhetoric.

After the first war on Iraq, emotions long held in check, fatigue and hubris, came flooding out in Arab capitals. Deciding that they had had enough of war and could end the war on some face saving terms, Palestinians and other Arabs went for the deceptions of “the peace process” and “disengagement.” None of the promises made to them were kept. They permitted the Zionist state to earn some legitimacy and buy time for amassing more weapons of mass destruction and putting plans in order to materialize phase two of the Zionist plan for establishing greater Israel.

In this mishmash of delusions, appeasement and retreat, Israel rapidly lost the left over fears, came to plan false Flag operation and effectively used the Israel lobby in the United States to a total war and occupation of Iraq.[11] The earlier fear of a United Arab front has been replaced with a disdain that borders on contempt. Despite the cosmetic withdrawal from Gaza strip, Israel’s policies of apartheid and ethnic cleansing continued unabated. 

For the Phase two of the Zionist totalitarian design, Israel had to build on this foundation of 13 years. It requires that Israel return to the callous, bloody and terrorist work of war and aggression. That means renouncing the deceptive plans of compromise, the fake hopes for good will, the drama of withdrawals. After more than 120 years of work, Israel is now just one false flag operation away from expanding the war to the remaining hurdles in its way of materializing the dream of a greater Israel.

Three types of visible forces are fully determined to make the Zionist dream of a greater Israel a reality. The forces with unflinching determination are: Zionists, neo-conservatives and Christian radicals.

The neoconservatives have their own Islamophobic agenda. They are looking for a total war on the Muslim world. Israel is just providing them with an excellent opportunity and excuse to bring the United States into the conflict. For example William Kristal writes in Weekly Standard (July 24, 2006):

"Why is this Arab-Israeli war different from all other Arab-Israeli wars? Because it’s not an Arab-Israeli war. Most of Israel’s traditional Arab enemies have checked out of the current conflict. The governments of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are, to say the least, indifferent to the fate of Hamas and Hezbollah. The Palestine Liberation Organization (Fatah) isn’t a player. The prime mover behind the terrorist groups who have started this war is a non-Arab state, Iran, which wasn’t involved in any of Israel’s previous wars…What’s happening in the Middle East, then, isn’t just another chapter in the Arab-Israeli conflict. What’s happening is an Islamist-Israeli war."[12]

Former CIA man James Woolsey, appeared with John Gibson Today and joining in with the neocon chorus he said the U.S. need to attack Syria. He’s said that we are in World War IV since ’03 as part of a group calling itself “Americans for Victory Over Terrorism.”[13] The group was founded by former Education Secretary William Bennett, who took part in Wednesday’s event along with Paul Bremer, a U.S. ambassador during the Reagan administration and the former chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism.

Former U.S. speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said on July 16 that he believed the United State is “in the early stages of World War III.”[14] Endorsing his statement, the editorial of the Christian magazine Trumpet concluded: “As extreme as it might sound, this observation by Newt Gingrich is the truth.”[15] Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell,[16] believe Israeli hegemony in the Middle East represents the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy about the coming of Jesus. A prophecy, in their view, can be self-fulfilling: it is, however, their Christian duty to expedite it.[17]
For the Christian Zionists, every rocket that flies into Israel and every bridge that is blown up in Lebanon just brings them one step closer to the end of the world. They consider it unchristian to think only of the innocent Arabs and Israelis instead of the Rapture. Instead of seeing the silver lining in every storm cloud, to Christian Zionists the storm clouds in the Middle East are the silver linings. It is, thus not surprising, to see the U.S. vetoing ceasefire resolution at the Security Council
With the aforementioned background, the fear of the region heading to a greater war is fast turning into reality. Imagine the aftermath of bombing Syria and Iran. Surrounded and squeezed by the United States and its Allies on all sides, frustrated Arab populations would turn on their aging, sell-out rulers in Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere. Oppressive regimes in the Muslim world would succumb to public demand, and the United States would expands its bloody occupation to other Arab states under the same pretext of fighting “Islamists” and preventing them from erecting an “Islamic empire.”

In the phase two of Zionist totalitarian design, extermination of Arabs in large numbers will take place. Peace would break out with the leftover terrorized and pacified Arabs, and trade would blossom, with Israel occupying almost all of the Middle East and its tourists spending millions in Baghdad, Damascus, Tehran, and Beirut.

Sounds absurd? No more so, perhaps, after all this talk of the impending world war. There are three well-known and basic causes that have made unprecedented bloodshed in the Middle East inevitable. 1: The incompetent United Nations. 2. The helplessness of the whole world before the Israeli terrorism under the auspices of the U.S. 3. Muslims’ inability to change their status from divided sitting ducks to a united bloc for defending their rights or, at least, making an effective demand for real independence, justice, and equality.

Furthermore, Israel requested the United States numerous times to attack Syria and Iran.[18] “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”[19]–”co-authored by Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser–”portrayed Syria as the main enemy of Israel, but maintained that the road to Damascus had first to pass through Baghdad. That part of the plan has already been completed. The initial report of U.S.-Israeli plans for aggression in 2003[20] have already turned to reports about possible nuclear attacks on Iran in 2006.[21]

Keeping these realities in mind, it is hardly logical to deny–”unless these trends and initiatives are effectively reversed–”that an escalation of conflict and unprecedented bloodshed is imminent, and realization of the dream of a Greater Israel–”however ephemeral and tyrannical–”is now set to take place within a matter of years, not decades.


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