Gujarat Riots: Was that Really an Accident?

Those who are weeping for Tsunami victims cannot blame any one as it was a natural calamity but whom you blame when centuries old hatred rises after a minor incident that later become fatal accident and turned Gujarat a part of the biggest democratic nation like India in to a killing field.

The whole depressing scenario of Gujarat violence started on February 27, 2002 when a train carrying Hindu pilgrims from a north Indian Town of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh caught fire and killed 59 of them, later the deadly sectarian riots started in Gujarat after an absurd assumption that Muslims are involved behind this glory scene of killing Hindus, as in prima facie fire was originally said to have been sparked by kerosene bombs thrown at the train by the Muslim mobs.

In that retaliatory violence around 1,000 mainly Muslim people were killed although independent accounts placed the figure closer to 2,000.

What safety or security one could expect when nothing but every thing was greatly misplaced disgraced in an inhuman way. But the irony is the damaged occurred was of one sided though other side also suffered a bit, but in the conclusion Muslims becomes shelter less, economically exploited, lost their kith and kin, children’s were slaughtered, women were raped and burn to death hence, Muslims were more devastated as compare to their counterparts. The govt. of BJP that governs at that time in Gujarat damaged much of its popularity by the accusation of having done little to prevent this heinous crime started against Muslims.

However the on and off investigation was started by the Indian government to settle down the issue of Gujarat that woke up the entire foreign humanitarian lobby against the human rights providers of India.

An Indian government concludes the much-awaited trial of Gujarat on January 17, 2005 that “A train fire that killed 59 Hindu pilgrims, setting off deadly sectarian riots in Gujarat state in 2002, was an accident and not caused by a Muslim mob as originally alleged.” A four-member committee appointed to investigate the fire found that it was probably caused by someone cooking or smoking inside a coach. It said in its interim report, "The fire in S6 coach of Sabarmati Express can be ascribed as an ‘Accidental Fire’."

Isn’t it amazing that a misconception took precious life without any confusion? The question is who was behind this gory incident or whom to blame for all of this mess? And who will pay the price of lost lives, love and labor that had faced by the retaliating forces?

In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe” To have a positive religion is not necessary. To be in harmony with yourself and the universe is what counts, and this is possible without positive and specific formulation in words.” Hence the heinous crime against humanity in Gujarat dedicate the blame to the leaders who had deeply seeded the roots of hatred amongst the masses to fight for nothing irrespective of the fact that they are first human and then carry nationality or their respective religion. Are they not responsible to preach the tolerance rather than intolerance?

Lets not forget the real scenario behind India and Pakistan’s decades of rivalry i.e. partition of Greater India. Diplomatically speaking neither India leaders nor in India vox populi we could bring out the conclusion that Pakistan was or will possess the distinct identity contrary to Indian society, irrespective of the fact that both the sides of Control Line of Indo/Pak shares great resemblance in language, look and love for culinary delight yet the distinction in religion is the main division is the main doctrine behind separate nations of India & Pakistan.

Basically there are two school of thought prevailing in the secular state of India, one believes that the partition of India Pakistan is legitimized act of independence on the contrary the rest is of the opinion that the Pakistani side is not the distinct but the part of the All India, hence this misconception had created the wide vacuum between the right and wrong. Therefore the phenomenon regarding the partition of Indo-Pak has yet not resolved, rather had developed the immense agitation amongst the youth possessing great extent to fight back fore their rights.

Hence, whether it is cricket or confectionary neither India nor Pakistan comes in to fair conclusion no matter how friendly cum favorable they pretend to be yet they do possess certain indifferences that cannot be ignored nor flexible enough to address or to convince.

I personally believe that the leaders who lead the minds of common people are actually behind the seen of immense hatred between Indo/Pak. No matter how far India is secular yet it is not secure for minorities. This is what Gujarat carnage portrayed in the first phrase of modern century. However this reality was suspected long ago by the fore fathers of independent Pakistan that Muslims and Hindus will never be secure until and unless they are not accepting vis-à-vis dedicating as well as respecting each others religion.

To hold mold and fold people’s perception leader’s expertise are involved at greater extent. Unfortunately larders in India never changed that perception of hatred against Muslims by the Hindu’s even after spending decades of separation and that ignorance I believe would never go in vain as whenever and where ever the opportunity would be provided to the religious extremists, whether by intention or unintentionally, they would avail it by violating human rights provisions.

As it is more difficult to organize peace than to win a war, therefore for safe and sound secular state of India, Indian government is desired to adopt practical strategy for peaceful co-existence. The unbiased conclusion by the India government in the case of Gujarat violence is a positive node and would definitely change the perception of Hindu zealots that they would face inspection cum interrogated incase they would go against the image of secure cum secular state of India.