Hands off Pakistan

The suicidal bomb blast in Karachi on 8th May 2002 killing eleven Frenchman who had been working in Pakistan on submarine obtained from France and in which Mr. Mansurul Haq former Chief of Naval Staff had made a fortune in dollars. This bomb blast has affected two countries fighting against terrorism é Pakistan and France. It had also made it evident that Pakistan now on the hitlist of international terrorism irrespective of religious consideration.

If nothing else, the blast has shaken the entire nation, the Frenchman who were busy working on Agosta submarines would have rendered its missile strength much superior to India, this programme of Pakistan has received a great set back till God knows how long. The greatest beneficiary of this wanton killing of innocent lives on 8th May in front of Hotel Sheraton at Club Road, Karachi is Bharat. Bharat at the moment is the greatest ally of Israel and is carrying on military exercises in conjunction with United States of America. Pakistan’s, the staunchest ally in American war against terrorism, is the worst sufferer. This is how American diplomacy runs.

President Pervez Musharraf immediately after the blast has spoken on Television network expressing deep sorrow and anguish about the incident, but this is not enough, the intelligentsia who read and understand things are bulwark in Pakistan’s fight for freedom, and are not satisfied with the Presidential lip service on TV, they want to know what action is being taken to nip the mischief of terrorism in the bud atleast in Pakistan. The nation has to be taken into confidence; this is where the Freedom of Information comes in, which has yet not received the attention of rulers in Pakistan. The game the General is playing is not a game where the cards are to be kept close to the chest. The insecure and the unsure nation want to know what actions they have to take in the emergency caused by the terrorists.

When America was attacked on 11th September 2001, it turned the entire world into a battle ground for the super power and the weaker nations had no choice but to rally behind them. When Mohammed Ali Clay, the sportsman of the millenium visited the site of World Trade Center in New York, spectators asked him see what your co-religionist é The Musalmans have done. At that time Musalmans were the planned target. Mohammed Ali Clay’s reply was Adolf Hitler of Germany was a Christian and what has he done to the world in general and the Jews in particular, millions and billions of Jews and Christians lost their lives in the Hitler’s bid to become the super power of the world.

It is a common talk every where, not only in Asia but in Europe and America that this strategy of 11th September has been masterminded by the Jews themselves in order to provide a free hand to the Jews to repeat the history of Solomon, the son of David, the last Jewish King, who ruled the earth, the waves and the skies. The proof of which is evident in the fact that no Jew in New York working in World Trade Center building attended his office on 11th September. There influence on America is so prevalent that an imaginary Osama Bin Laden was the subject of American bombardment on Afghanistan and killing poor and innocent Afghans. Americans with the full might and knowledge and expertise of their allies have not been able to get hold of a single individual Osama Bin Laden living in a cave in Afghanistan. Now the American and Canadian army soldiers are extricating the dead bodies from these grave yards in Tora Bora Mountains and measuring the dead bodies in order to verify if they belonged to Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar. Human memory is not that short and still remembers Osama Bin Laden being used by the Americans in their proxy war against another super power the Russians. All arms and ammunition and dollars were supplied to Osama Bin Laden by the Americans to manage their war against the Russians. And now the rumor is that Osama Bin Laden is American stooge living in safe heavens of United States of America. Americans have already got the mineral wealth of Middle East and they need the mineral wealth of Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics, hence this exercise of terrorism whose only and only victims are the Musalmans all over the world.

Islam by its very name and practice is a religion of peace and tranquility, as are Christianity, Zoroastrians, Judaism and Buddhism etc. etc., as a matter of fact there is no religion in the world which teaches vandalism, loot, arson and murder, Islam was spread by the Caliphs only by peaceful sermons and not by use of force. The much talked of crusades have been imposed upon Musalmans and they had to defend themselves. Although for lack of literacy, history has not been fair to them in as much as when Columbus discovered America, a few Musalmans were already there, this was the enterprise of the Musalman to which history has given no credit, only for lack of literacy among the Muslims. Islam cannot be wiped out from the surface of the world by the force of armed might as it is a religion reveled by God to his Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) as he has revealed Judaism to his Prophet Moses and Christianity to Jesus Christ. Sovereignty lies with Almighty Allah and only HIS wish is going to prevail and let us bow before HIS will.

Pakistan is between the devil and the deep sea and had to make a difficult choice between friend and foe, so far as our Muslim brothers in Pakistan and all over the world, I would like to appeal to them to live and let Pakistan live. Pakistan is a Muslim country with the same faith, same God, same Prophet and should never be made a target of terrorism. To the leadership of Pakistan I would like to appeal to them to rise to lead the Musalmans of the world, there is a wave of Islamism all over the world people in Europe are not only turning to Islam but also looking to the ideal Muslim state Pakistan. To our Ulema’s and Mashaikh’s and religious parties, I would like to appeal, not to create a law and order situation in this fair land, which has been wrested from the clutches of the Hindus and the British, whose parting kick was the division of Punjab and Bengal with no justification. This was done only to satisfy the ego of Lord Mountbaten, the last British Viceroy of India, when Quaid-e-Azam refused to accept him as the joint Governor General of India and Pakistan.

Pakistan is in trouble and every one high and low, rich and poor, Shia or Sunni, Muslim or non-Muslim must unite to save Pakistan, which is the target of international terrorism and the need of the hour is unity, faith and discipline, which we must show to the world as Pakistanis, who dies if Pakistan lives, and who lives if Pakistan dies.