Hawks to India

With its traditional antagonistic mind-set, the BJP-led Vajpayee Cabinet has–eventually–given a ‘go-ahead’ signal to buy 66 Hawks from Britain, a deal costing multi-million dollars which India opts to spend on fanatic collection of arsenal instead of incurring the same money for the welfare of its famished people–living far below the poverty line.

This newest transaction for furnishing Hawks aircraft to India has once again manifested London’s "love n’ leaning" towards its old-time aficionado – India. Though a fabulous realm [UK], the provision of this gadget to a country which is belligerent towards each of its adjacent nation is a lucid pointer, depicting the mind-set of "the mother of democracy plus champion of peace" that it "in fact" does not wish to see peace n’ amity in the South Asian region – already facing a perilous scenario.

Wouldn?t have it been more apposite if the US-led United Kingdom had given a flat "No" to its clip – India to wait till such time that it had reconciled with Pakistan through an instant dialogue to solve all the longed disputes "with Kashmir Issue atop, as this is the singular way for the revamping of a lasting peace in this part of the Earth planet" The newest Indo-UK deal is "in a way" an eye-opener for all those nations "around the globe" which adore a harmonious milieu all-around and snub skirmishes of all types.

Nonetheless, its not a fresh episode for any one "blessed with pragmatism" to lift eye-brows. It was evident even during the visits to the region by the British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw when jar was boiling to the optimal. His avowals ? both in New Delhi n’ Islamabad exhibited Britain’s disdain towards Pakistan. His remarks were reflective of utter impudence and the crux of his answers – during chat with newsmen- smacked of the old British colonial state of mind.

Paradoxically, Jack Straw – as and when came to South Asia, not only choose to parry all the queries relating to the implementation of the UN resolutions on Kashmir but "simultaneously" came-out with frivolous terminology of phrasing Kashmir as a "bilateral" Issue. He–prima facie–at the behest of his cute n’ cunning ‘devotees’ [the New Delhi warlords] espoused the hoax of "elections" in Indian Held Kashmir rather than a free, fair and impartial plebiscite, as enshrined in the explicit resolutions of the UN Security Council–on Kashmir, and that too, with one-voice. He specifically ‘endorsed’ India’s groundless allegations of "cross border terrorism" and accused Pakistan of backing the gallant Kashmiri freedom fighters, virtually engaged in an indigenous struggle to seek their birth right of self-determination–a bona fide right, bestowed by the Nature on every-one.

At the same time the Jack did not–ever–utter a single word on the tyrannical lofty magnitude of the Indian brutalities in the forcibly held part of the charismatic Himalayan State and caged himself just to a few simple words of ‘promise’ to raise the issue of "human rights violations" with the New Delhi rulers–which he never did. It is satirical that Jack entirely forgot the historical perspective of the Kashmir dispute and the fundamental role played by the last British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten in truncating Pakistan.

Jack Straw ? who, in fact, became an MP chiefly through the fabulous volume of vote’s caste by overseas Pakistanis plus the dwellers hailing from the gorgeous and dazzling State of Jammu and Kashmir with an out-and-out pledge that he [Jack] would support Kashmiris just cause ‘if gets a slot in the House of Commons’ – must confess that Kashmir is not a bilateral issue as it is an unfinished agenda of the partition of the sub-continent. There would have been no Kashmir issue, had Britain acted judiciously and truthfully in implementing the Partition Plan.

No sane can rebuff that Kashmir is "even today" on the agenda of the UN Security Council as a dispute between India and Pakistan with its resolutions calling for a plebiscite under the aegis of the world body. With this realism not only Jack Straw?s comments about the Kashmiri freedom fighters have always been termed as obnoxious and deplorable–by every pragmatic soul–the latest British hideous deal for sale of Hawks to India–is, just like adding fuel to the fire–in a volatile scenario–and thus equally censurable.

London is ought to bend before the actuality that Kashmiris are currently engaged in an indigenous insist against India’s illicit occupation of their lovely homeland "that too" after waiting for a long time towards the realization of the pledges given to them–for more than a dozen times – at diverse forums with UN atop – about the access to their natural right.

It is illogical to call the Kashmiris as "terrorists".Such a perception is nothing except an act of deceit which visibly projects the moral bankruptcy of the all those who think in this style–with India n’ her masters like Britain atop. Anyone "including Vajpayee-cum-Advani n’ Jack Straw" who thinks on these iniquitous lines, must recognize that the valiant people in Indian Held Kashmir are engaged in a justifiable resist to bring the era of despotism to a permanent end by smashing the fetters of the Indian tyrannical rule, at all costs.

Let there be no mix-up about this ground realities. Straw’s brazen assertion –which turned into a podium of multiple naughty Anglo-Indian deals, like the sale of Hawks–side-by-side the hue n’ cry on so-called "cross-border terrorism" – prima facie – is a cognizant attempt to incite India to commit aggression against Pakistan, contrary to the affirmed intent of Jack’s voyage to the subcontinent–time n’ again–which was perceptibly meant "to ease the on-going risky course."

The story about the sale of Hawks to India validates perceptions that Jack Straw had–virtually–been coming to this region to ignite a conflagration instead of an Endeavour to avert a perilous course.

We are mindful of the inherent British "traditional love" for India but cannot allow its outright tilt towards New Delhi in such a fashion "first and foremost in the wake of the intensity of the persistent setting" which is engulfed by the crisis with outsized potential of stern risks n’ hazards.

It is thus hoped that the magnificent, fascinating, glamorous n’ majestic British empire shall "expectantly" review its latest choice for the sale of Hawks to New Delhi by deferring it, at least till the time India ceases the hysterical ‘crusade’ of committing crimes against humanity in held-Kashmir, stops ruthless n’ unprovoked day-in and day-out brutal shelling on the guiltless civilian populous–having abode along the LoC in Azad Kashmir–and finally till the epoch when it [India] gets onto the table of meaningful talks with Pakistan, any-time, any-level n’ any-where–a crystal-clear icon n’ emblem of Pakistan’s adore for amiable settlement of the issues–exclusively the root cause of longed irritants in ties, the Kashmir issue–with logical face-to-face interaction–in place of a skirmish, scuffle or a brawl.