Heinous Crime of NATO

This aimless war seems to have frustrated everyone including its diabolical champion, the U.S. and her allies under the banner of NATO as occupation forces in Afghanistan. The bloody war was started with the ruses of chasing Osama, incriminated of the 9/11 tragic episode. It is kept continued unabated with no relevance as the aggressors cannot justify it when Osama has already been eliminated. It is only the question of American’s myth of being a super power and its hegemony to control the world by brutal force. It has gone now to the extent that it has directly attacked its own ally and committed the killing of our 24 jawans (soldiers) including officers and injuring a number seriously. This is the NATO/American savagery.

The bloodshed has not only been the fate of Afghans but Pakistan is equally targeted quite intentionally, the latest being this bloody aerial attack on our outposts in Salala of Mohmand Agency. We have lost thousands of our civilian and military people in this war which was never ours. The wrong policies of the ex and the present rulers and their utmost subservience to the unjust super power have turned us to a placid and gullible nation and we are forced to call it now ‘our own war’. Timid! It is never ours. The war has now grievously affected the aggressor and it is evidently showing its mark on its economy and national psyche. Its sufferings in men and matter are now increasing at the hands of the empty handed Taliban. To save her face America is now making different allegations against Pakistan and creates problems for her faithful ally. On one hand the hegemonic attitude of the U.S. is showing itself up in the shape of its brutal and indiscriminate assault with the most fatal weaponry and on the other hand it is seeking covertly, running to and fro, to find a way for exit from this quagmire. Sometimes tables are spread in Turkey in the name of Istanbul Conference and at others trying to find ways for secret negotiations with the resistant groups of Taliban.

The Bonn Conference is seemingly a show of deceiving the world that the U.S. is doing all this in pursuance of finding a solution to the problem. Nobody is telling the aggressor pointblank that the malignant situation is the result of your aggression which has no justification whatsoever. On one side there is drumbeating of having peace dialogue and then abruptly winding it on the pretext of the killing of Rabbani, with baseless accusations of the plot having been engineered on the Pakistan soil. How much the CIA and the RAW are involved in this conspiracy of killing the head of the peace talks, is nobody’s guess. Consequent upon the tragic killing of Professor Rabbani, Karzai was rushed to India to seek a strategic agreement with that country. The agreement was done with a view to clearing the way for India to station its 3000 military trainers to train the Afghan troops simultaneously indoctrinating them the passions of enmity against Pakistan. All this is done despite the fact that billions of the Indian citizens are living below the poverty line while the government in Delhi will be spending 200 billion on this project. America is fully backing and endorsing this scheme simply because to give chance of a big say to its Indian favorite obviously against the interests of Pakistan. Our friend, the U.S. to whom we are faithful ally in her war of aggression is leaving no stone unturned in finding opportunities to damage the interest of Pakistan and weakening her by creating problems for her stealthily and most often openly. The drone attacks are continued for years and have been intensified multifold, having killed thousands of innocent citizens in the name of terrorism. This has created ocean of problems both for civil and military leadership who have very faithfully carried out American mission in the unjust and bloody war.

The U.S. and its henchman Karzai fully understand that Indian’s filling the vacuum, after the America’s pullout can never be acceptable to Pakistan as the later will not tolerate Indian presence on its Western borders creating problems like it does on the Eastern one. In case India finds a foothold in Afghanistan, she will never hesitate to show up with every day hostilities against Pakistan.

What America wants from conferences like the Istanbul and the expected Bonn conference on December 5, 2011 cannot be achieved simply because she is not interested in leaving the region in peace.

The recent tragic bombing of the Pakistan outpost and martyring two dozen of our army jawans (soldiers) is an act of extreme hostility which cannot be accepted at any cost. The masses are quite justified in pressing the incumbent rulers why their near and dears are killed by the Americans who have forced us to fight their cruel war against a nation who had established an Islamic setup of their own on their own soil. They were friendly to us and we had recognized their government. Americans have ruined us from all sides. The American media particularly its Dewa Radio of Pashto service and the Program ‘In the News’ have specially been designed to promote hatred against our armed forces, particularly the ISI and inflaming ethnicity, provincialism, linguistic issues and sectarian matters since a rough surface for these menaces already exists in the country. America has afflicted severe blows on us by spreading her secret agents in our national institutions in the shape of aid workers, NGOs, volunteers and even the saboteurs and killers. Not only this but an open one sided assault on our soil on May2, then a well planned attack on our Naval Base in Karachi and now this heinous crime of attack on our forces are the events that prove America’s enmity for Pakistan. This should be a blood for blood stance for us since their hands are tainted with the blood of our innocent brothers.

America’s target is Pakistan in general and our armed forces and the ISI in particular. America wants to create and widen the gulf between our general public and our patriotic armed forces by exerting pressure and using a number of tactics to force Pakistan to surrender before her “do more” mantra. The repercussions of our being ally to the U.S. are now so visibly consequential for us that its fatality cannot be overlooked any more. Its ‘do more’ rhetoric has no end. It has been forcing us to fight against Haqqani network. Lady Clinton carries a new plan against the Islamic world every morning she wakes up from her bed. We had seen her visiting Tripoli, two days before Gaddafi’s killing. She had lined up her henchmen in the Libyan revolt and was ensuring her share in the booty after the game was over. And she did it successfully.

America would have never agreed to go to the negotiating tables, had she been sure of a winning position in Afghanistan in the so-called war on terrorism. She is loser in the war and her national economy is at the brink of collapse. Also a serious discontent is growing amongst the American public against the aimless adventurism of the White House in pursuit of conquering the world. It is this dismaying situation which has forced America to seek ways and means for dialogue to save her face and fine a way to pull out. America can compensate for her illegal assault on the Afghan soil if she openly admits that she has lost the game and pack up back home. The history of Afghan and the current ground realities both are testifying that this nation has never been subjugated by force. Any alien power that had stepped in into that soil has been forced out with great humiliation and dishonor. Now the history repeats itself. The British and the USSR are examples of not very distant past. American dream of seeing Karzai in power along with the Northern Alliance triumphing and India to have a big say in the affairs of the future Afghanistan, will never materialize.

The world is wrongly or deliberately making the unrealistic propaganda that the whole of Pashtun nation is resisting the occupation forces. This can be true to a certain extent in case of the common Pashtun public but in case of those who are claiming to be the leaders and headmen of various tribes mostly have proved their loyalty to the invading forces, be it the present occupants of Afghanistan or the previous USSR. Such groups exist on both side of the borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The real fact is that it is only the Taliban, a fraction of the Pashtun race who have proved themselves to be very hard nut to crack for the invaders. They are making a history since they are resisting the sole super power on earth along with her 42 nations comrades equipped with the most lethal and sophisticated technology of the day. It has proved to be a miracle since by human calculation and power equation the resistance should have been completely overcome within a month or two at the most. This was the guess of Musharraf and so many others who only believe in the material world and the material resources. This resistance of eleven long years from the empty-handed Taliban amply testifies that there is the Hand of Allah at the back of this resource-stripped-off group of a few thousand people who had (established) or were determined to establish the Order and System of Allah on their soil. So America should acknowledge that in reality she is not the super power but there is a Supreme Power in Whose hands are the total power and it is He Who is running the affairs of this universe. It is therefore, advisable to America to ponder on her failures and revisit her adventure with sane mind and allow the world to remain in peace and tranquility. If the rulers in the White House do not come to senses then the American citizens have the obligation to come out in streets and stop this insanity which cause havoc not only to the occupied world but to the American interests as well.

For Pakistan, the situation has become very much serious and she has to take now very bold decisions amidst this precarious situation. The rulers and the nation both are required to plan seriously if the solidarity, honor, dignity and prestige of the country are to be safeguarded. Some of the immediate steps to be taken should be of the following nature.

  • NATO supply through Pakistan should in no case be allowed again and we should permanently stop it. All written agreements or verbal commitments in this respect should be declared null and void once for all.
  • The killing of our 26 army Shuhada (martyrs) should be compensated not by accepting dollars but by asking NATO/U.S. to hand over the criminals to us to be tried under the Qisas (Blood money) injunctions of the Quran.
  • Our anti air craft defense system at the border should henceforth be ordered to shoot down any war air craft/Helicopter if it crosses the border.
  • The air force should be vigilant enough to intercept any enemy plane that commits intrusion onto our soil from the Western border.
  • An immediate defense and strategic treaty should be negotiated with China, Iran and Turkey
  • On the political front all the political and religious parties should unite and stand on the back of our armed forces. They should make a very forceful stand against the cruel act of NATO and America.
  • The government should be compelled to pull out of this war of nonsense which has damaged and destroyed us to the worst. What we have achieved from this cooperation in the so-called war on terrorism should be calculated with irrationality and a balance sheet worked out of its benefits and losses.
  • American Ambassador in Islamabad must be stopped from carrying out political activities. He must remain to his diplomatic circles and should not transgress the limits accepted internationally for diplomats. He should not try to become a viceroy of the old colonial times. In what capacity he is asking us to drop the proposed joint venture for Gas Pipe Line from Iran? If he does not abstain from his extracurricular activities he should be declared persona non grata and shown him the door.

Enough is enough. If we fail to stand with full force, might and national honor, there is every possibility that we fall to the deepest of the depths never to stand again. We do not make enmity to anyone including the U.S. and other powers but we are not going to risk our national solidarity, dignity and honor at any rate.