Hey Mitchell: Its The Occupation, Stupid


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

Israels and Zionisms greatest victory has not been the colonization by terror and force of Palestine. It has not been its massacres of thousands of Palestinian civilians nor its forceful destruction of 500 Palestinian villages wiping out centuries of history, a culture, a faith, a way of life, or the sounds of children playing in the olive orchards. It has not been Israels defeat of incompetent Arab armies despite the billions wasted by even more callus, illiterate, buffoons of Arab leaders. It has not been Israels superior and technologically advanced military nor due to its gangs of Arab traitors and spies in and out of palaces and presidential homes. It has not been due to its illegal use of American tax payer funded F-16s or Apache Helicopters to massacre an occupied civilian population thereby violating the U.S. law (Foreign Arms Export Act) for which Israel has been cited repeatedly in reports submitted to Congress (what James Baker called “The Little Knesset” and the columnist Pat Buchanan described as “Israeli Occupied Territory). It has not been Israels strong defiance of over 90 UN Resolutions, many it initially accepted to buy time then rejected. It has not been due to the 73 UN Security Council Vetoes that Israels “American Ambassador” has cast to protect Israel from any condemnation or responsibility for murder. It has not been due to Israels rejection out of hand of every International Human Rights Organization report condemning Israeli abuses such as assassinations, home demolitions and torture.

Whatever other reasons imaginable for Israels success none are more important, more powerful, more sustainable, more intimidating, and cheaper than Israels genius, creativity, and rapid manipulation of the “WORD” and the “IMAGE”. Israel is always ten steps ahead of the beleaguered Arabs formulating the semantic agenda for debate in the court of public opinion leaving the Arabs stunned, shocked and scrambling for a response. The Arab response usually goes along these nauseating lines: “We condemn Israels aggression and call upon the world community (notice they never call upon themselves for action) to pressure Israel to comply with all the international resolutions and agreements and to stop such aggression. We hold Israel responsible for such actions. We are fighting (fighting?) for our legitimate international rights. Israel must live up to what already has been agreed upon.” APPLAUSE PLEASE!!!

In the western world “IMAGE IS EVERYTHING”, something the Arab leaders are well aware of given their media control, self-hype, and plastered images on every wall. In the western world of fast food, fast cars, fast sex, fast money, fast religion, fast memory loss, fast polling and fast “Instant Messaging” opinions form the basis of political, military, and economic policies that determines whos up, whos down, whos in, whos out, who is liked, who is hated, who gets bombed, and who gets billions, who lives and who dies. America is a culture of uninformed basically illiterate “knee jerk reactors” who depend on the “opinion du moment”tell me what I should think, wear, say, drive, eat, believe and dont waste my time with reading and analyzing—-whats the bottom line here: ARABS ARE TERRORISTS AND ISLAM IS A VIOLENT RELIGION OUT TO KILL JEWS AND CHRISTIANS AND ONLY ISRAEL IS OUR DEMOCRATIC ALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST THAT STANDS BETWEEN AMERICA AND ISLAMIC JIHAD. Fine, then, you got it, lets join Israel and kick some Muslim butt. As simple as that. The word is truly mightier than the bomb.

Israel owns the “WORD & IMAGE” industry that reaches Americas shores and minds. What are the “WORDS & IMAGES” Israel has used to indoctrinate the western mind? 




4. “HOLOCAUST”: who can ever match such Jewish pain, loss, and sorrow. Israel has given the world a threshold and benchmark for sympathy and action. If Jews are not the victims and its not to the level of the Holocaust (with exactly six million Jews dead) then the world should ignore it and avoid using inflammatory words such as “Genocide” and “Ethnic Cleansing”. Thus none of the worlds murdered like the Armenians, Cambodians, Gypsies, Russians, Rwandans, Congolese (10 million killed by Belgium), European and Russian Christians (80-100 million which includes tens of millions of Muslims), Native Americans, South American Natives, Aborigines, Crusades and Inquisition against Muslims, Bosnians, Kosovars, and so many more. 

5. “ANTI-SEMITISM”. Jews have been so successful in even hijacking the word “Semite” to only refer to Jews, never mind that “Semite” arose from Noahs son Shem referring to his descendents who spoke various Semitic languages such as Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Assyrian, Ethiopian etc. Never mind that Hebrew arose out of Arabic and Arabs are the original Semites, the Jews owned it after a German journalist used it in the late 19 Century. To Jews “Anti-Semite” has become their label to attack anyone else who dares oppose Israel or their individual goals. After killings Jews for centuries, the Christian West is humiliated, humbled, and blackmailed by such a falsely used label that it forks its billions and weapons to Israel to blatantly murder while defending any Jewish criminal anywhere in the world such as the case with the Iranian Jews. Israel sidesteps any International Organization such as the U.N’s Resolutions by claiming the UN is “Anti-Semitic”, in fact other than the U.S., to Israel the entire world is “Anti-Semitic” 

6. A.I.P.A.C.: The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. No other organized political lobby in America (it denies this) strikes more fear and terror into the heart of Congress, the President, the Media, Institutions, and America than this organization. AIPAC has become the pilgrimage site for any aspiring American politician who seeks any office to pledge his/her allegiance to Israel if they ever want a chance to succeed. After AIPAC comes the obligatory visit to Israel for American politicians to don the Yarmulke and visit Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Memorial). No American President, Senator, or Congressmen who has refused such a kind “invitation” has ever won an election or a re-election. Through the power of campaign bribery and intimidation, AIPAC has the American government by its Cojones (testicles). 

7. HOLLYWOOD: Every movie studio in Hollywood was started by an East European Jew and until this day Jews own, direct, dominate, or finance such studios and movies. 

8. MEDIA: Perhaps more than any other American Jewish dominated institution, the Medias support of Israel and its blind adoption of Israels lies, myths, and talking points ensure that the American government and public only see, hear, and read Israels viewpoint. Despite such total domination by American Jews, the Jewish lobby still attacks the media as Anti-Israel just in case. The few columnists, even Jewish, who dare challenge Israel get fired, intimidated, or receive death threats. 

9. MONEY: Surveys have shown that although American Jews make up less than 1.8% of the population they are the richest ethnic group in America and the most powerful. In Americas capitalistic society: MONEY TALKS. 

10. ARAB AND MUSLIM IMPOTENCE: without comment.

The Sharm Al Sheikh Commission (the Mitchell Report) was formed by Clinton and Barak because Israel as usual refuses any other Anti-Semitic group like the United Nations and the European Union to investigate the roots of the recent violence. How humiliating for Kofi Annan and Javier Solana to be relegated as silent witnesses to Israels demands on the Commission formation. When Sharon became Prime Minister he opposed such a Commission and refused to initially meet with it nor allow its investigators to visit Haram Al Sharif. After 6 months of talking without a mandate to investigate the causes of the Intifadah nor power to implement recommendations nor discuss final status solutions, Mitchell submitted his report. Sharon rejected the reports discussion of freezing illegal settlements including natural “growth”. It was embarrassing to see the powerful Secretary of State Colin Powell search for words when asked about Israels refusal to stop settlement activities. He could only refer to the Mitchell report for an answer and parrot the statement that previous administrations took a stand on settlements. Powells impotence to take charge and even use this tepid report as a basis for future steps can only be attributed to Americas fear of an Israeli and Jewish backlash. Bush is unwilling to take on the Jewish lobby due to his overriding concern to pass his domestic political agenda through the Israeli dominated Congress and his understanding that his fathers stand against Israeli settlements cost him his re-election. No Arab or Muslim life is worth an American politicians principled moral stand against Jewish money, votes, and media bashing. The Mitchell Report in effect gave an oxygenated lifeline to Bushs confused and paralyzed policy in the MidEast that narrowly focuses on cheap oil, bash Saddam, and keep Israel happy. Now the Bush-Cheney-Powell-Rumsfeld administration can claim some engagement and action in Palestine without actually doing anything.

The Report provides our Arab leaders and League with a similar excuse to project activity when in turn they will live up to their usual impotence, in-fighting, media lies and propaganda while Palestinians without water will only have their blood for nourishment. Never in history have the Arabs and Islamic world sunk so low as to sell their souls, countries, peoples, and faith at the altar of the Anti-Islamic American-Zionist Conspiracy than at this time when Muslim blood is being spilled in Palestine and our Holy Haram Al-Sharif Mosques are attacked. These leaders would rather unleash their American military and dogs upon their Muslim civilians than allow Muslims to raise their voices against Israels, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Serbian, and Myanmars murder and persecution of Muslims. The Arabs are certainly in “A League of Their Own” providing comfort to America and Israel that no matter what happens to the Palestinians there will be no war or confrontation. I can just hear Mubarak saying to Powell: “No, no, no you have nothing whatsoever to worry about that, I can take care of that.” Perhaps Mubarak will change his mind when Congress cuts off his two billion-dollar stipend. In front of the Jewish dominated National Press Club in Washington DC, King Abdullah was more comfortable, at ease, and cracking jokes with the Americans than in speaking with conviction about the plight of the Palestinians. He was more interested in the Free Trade Zone with America than with the Free Genocide against the Palestinians.

Finally, the Mitchell Report provided Israel with its ultimate success. Mitchell once and for all nailed the coffin shut on the United Nations. Since 1947, the United Nations has been the body that created Israel and has allowed the international community a voice in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Clinton was the first to adopt Israels use of “Disputed” territories and now Mitchell has with phenomenal success took out the U.N. from any future role and most importantly removed all UN Resolutions, especially 242, 338, 476, 478, as a foundational basis for peace negotiations. The funeral for the United Nations has just begun. Ironically, it comes at the hands of Israel, the very country the United Nations founded.

Bushs father in the glow of victory over Saddam reiterated the basic formula of “Land for Peace” as a final solution to Israels illegal occupation of Palestine, but his son now is pursuing Netanyahus policy of “peace for peace”. Not once in the Mitchell report is the simple basic truth that it is Israels brutal murderous occupation of Palestinian land that is the heart of conflict and that the Palestinians like any occupied people have the internationally recognized legitimate right to resist a military occupation and domination of their lives. Not once does the Mitchell report identify that a final solution already exists: UN Resolution 242 that calls for Israel to withdraw from land forcibly and preemptively occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem. Tragically, all these wasted lives, decades, and lost futures in this conflict revolve on Palestinians asking for 22%, only 22% of their previous land giving Israel 78% of a homeland no other nation was or willing to share with them. HEY MITCHELL: ITS THE OCCUPATION, STUPID.

As Charley Reese said: “Palestinian independence will only be realized when America gets its independence from Israel.” America has proudly lived as One Nation Under God not “One Nation Under Israel”.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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