Hijra – A Sanctified Epoch

With the advent of the new epoch of Hijra-1425–”the Islamic Calendar–”a lot of new challenges lay ahead for the Ummah, which can only be trounced with a rock-solid unity amid its ranks.

Paradoxically, despite well-versed with the sacrosanct significance of the Hijra, Muslim world–”by n’ large–”remains slash on issues of elfin in nature.

As is known to all, Muharram ul Haraam, the first month of Islamic almanac year is among the four months whose inviolability has been described in the Holy Quran.

Hijra year was started when the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) migrated from Makkah Mukarrama to Madina Munawwara.

With this perception, the event of migration (Hijrat) is of enormous value for reviving the spirit among the Ummah and setting the foundation of a welfare Islamic society.

Keeping in mind the sanctity of Muharram ul Haraam and the milieu of Hijra year, we are ought to design our lives in accordance with the true spirit of Islam.

And to achieve this venerated goal, its’ mandatory for the Muslims–”all-over–”to shun sectarianism among them and adopt the guiding principles of tolerance and mutual harmony for the prosperity of the Islamic world.

There should, instead be emotions and aspires to discard their diversities by perusing the principles of brotherhood and fraternity.

The month, simultaneously, represents the sacrifices, which were offered by our forefathers and guide us to follow the great principles of human values such as faith, tolerance and courage.

Its’ virtually a sanctified day when the Muslims should beam to the rest of the world that they would discard–”with one voice–”all types of animosity, abhorrence and malevolence with a vow n’ pledge to focus to work for the eventual prosperity of Ummah at large and Pakistan in meticulous.

Whereas a lot of provocative speakers have be banned to enter in diverse vicinities of the country, prima facie to avert perils to precious lives, we would suggest to all those–”sitting at the helms of affairs in Pakistan–”to take an instant cognizance of the dissemination of odium material in the country by airing a stringent warning that severe action would be taken against all those elements, found involved in publication of ‘inflammatory’ matter.

Pragmatically, all those who fan sectarian hatred through posters and other publications not only work against the interest of the country but also dash counter to the sacred spirit of Islam.

Ironically, despite presence of a regulatory mechanism–”all sorts of objectionable literature–”published both in Pakistan and overseas, is allowed to flow without stinting in inflicting vast scratch to national harmony.

Presence of such material has been one of the major causes of sectarian troubles as vested interests are–”virtually–”playing with the sentiments of the natives.

While we back a recent pronouncement of the President to proceed against all those who indulge in publication of such stuff as it amounts to weakening the very fabric of our society, we would like to pin-point that such a course requires an act–”n’ that too at-once–”as it is predominantly imperative in view of the fragile scenario, the nation is faced with.

In fact, time calls for greater integration, mutual understanding and harmony amongst different segments of the population to meet all the challenges lucratively.

Thus, those who spread loathing are in fact strengthening hands of our enemy. At the same time, as we comprehend, a very trifling portion of such material is published in Pakistan.

Of-late, there is a robust insight amongst people to forge unison and uphold tolerance. This is borne out by the fact that there has been a momentous diminution in sectarian homicide over the months.

There are reports that the largest part of the obnoxious material is produced abroad and then sent to Pakistan. Some of this is directed to sow seeds of hatred between the consecrated sects of Shias and Sunnis while other is aimed at swelling–”feelings of the people of a few regions of the country by fanning their so-called sense of deprivation.

Under this state of affairs, the authorities should concentrate on border entry points, airports and seaports to detect and clutch books, magazines, pamphlets, handbills, CDs, video and audiotapes and other such things–”before it falls in the hands of sets of disruptors of amity.

Most exclusively–”the local administrations should also be directed–”to stay round-the-clock alert n’ vigilant to take severe n’ swift action–”the moment such an awful material is detected n’ spotted anywhere in the areas of their jurisdiction.

Such a stride turns–”all the more indispensable–”with the dawn of the new epoch in the Islamic life–”with the origination of idyllic Hijra-1425.