Historical Event in Pakistan’s history

I would like to congratulate the judicial system of Pakistan on the swift decision of giving death penalty to the people involved in the gang rape case. It is a truly historical event for the Pakistani people and Pakistan as a nation. We are not celebrating the death sentence of anyone but it is the rapid and swift decision process and the manner of the verdict is delivered needs to be praised. Justice is done and the criminals got what they deserve. It is a true fact that rape is a crime against humanity. Such crimes should be a shame in every society.

Government of Pakistan is concerned about the economical and political issues of the country but the issue of women rights and crime against them is also very important. Women are represents more then half of society at the same time they are the most vulnerable part of the society, especially in our eastern society. We need to teach our boys and men to respect women. They not only have to learn to respect their mothers and sisters but also to every woman. They really need to understand the true meaning of “Paradise lies at the feet of the mother.”

It is so important for our country or our society to improve their moral values because in-order to make Pakistan a strong self-respecting self-sustaining country it is essential to build its moral foundation. Without establishing gender equality and justice to women; Pakistan can never become what Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam or General Musharaf would want it to be. The only way to build Pakistan a strong and established country is to provide justice to all genders; respect fundamental human rights of all citizens of Pakistan irrespective of gender class and ethnic sectarian or religious differences.

Our prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Women are the twin halves of men.” “The rights of women are sacred. See that women are maintained in the rights granted to them.” There is no text in Quran, no saying of our Prophet, which can possibly be held to justify the practice of depriving women of the natural benefits which Allah has decreed for all mankind.”

“Whoever has a daughter and does not bury her alive, or scold her, or show partiality to his other children, Allah will bring him into Paradise.” Our religion Islam taught us to treat our women and girls with respect.

Pakistani society glorifies violence, perpetuates prejudice and reinforces rigid sex roles and stereotyping through the media, advertisements and general cultural conditioning boys are encouraged to be tough insensitive and girls to be passive and compliant. The distribution of the typical gender role- play leads to many disturbing behaviors in that society. These differences in the true religious beliefs and the so-called social norms make any social reforms hard to implement.

Female consciousness and loss of control are the basic and most devastating issues in women’s lives. The loss of self esteem and self worth started right after a girl heard her parent’s wish to have a son instead of her. The minute a girl is born and wrapped around in “Pink blanket” her moral gravity and her sense of identification is gone. We need to change this attitude towards our girls, our daughters.

I am very sorry to say this but it is a fact that in Pakistan we have such parents who become deeply sad at the birth of their daughters. They are ashamed to be called the parents of a weak gender. We still have such parents who are worried about the luck of their daughter right after their birth as she has to go and live some where else. They are concerned about the future of their daughters. I really want to ask such parents one simple question that are they only worried about their daughter’s weddings? Why they only raised them to get them married? Do they ever think about and worried about their health, education, their mental state or emotional well being? Why it is that parent are always concerned about their son’s education and health.

I believe distribution of the typical gender role should change now. Femininity should not always be wrapped in vulnerability and masculinity in strength.