History shows Jews and Christians killed more Muslims than Muslims killed Jews and Christians

I must begin by saying I am among those who firmly believe that any planned killing by a nation state or political group is motivated not by religion, but by power politics.

Given this qualification, historical facts tell us that Jews and Christians have, tragically, killed many more Muslims than the other way around. Now this assertion may seem to go against the current tide of public opinion, but a little basic research will prove the point.

Let us start with some facts related to the Jewish people, in particular those who espouse Zionism. Zionism is a political ideology based on carving out a Jews-only nation state in Palestine using any means necessary, including many forms of violence. During the 1800s, Zionism was supported by about 10% of Jews; today, however, this ideology is upheld by some 90% of Jews worldwide.

Despite the strong objection of Arab natives, boatloads of European Jewish immigrants arrived to settle in historic Palestinian lands. Completely disregarding the existing indigenous populations, these Jewish newcomers were supplied with military-style arms and equipment to displace the natives by force. By 1948, they had established their exclusive nation state — but only after killing some 15,000 native Palestinians, mostly Muslims.

In 1956 Israel, along with Britain and France, attacked Egypt. More than 3,000 Egyptians — again, mostly Muslims — were killed. Then in 1967 (the infamous Six-Day War) another 20,000 Arabs — Egyptians, Syrians and Palestinians, mostly Muslims — were killed by Israel.

In 1973 Israel killed more than 18,000 Arabs in Egypt and Syria and since then, the bloodbath has continued, decade after decade. During the past 20 years more than 5,000 Muslims have died violently in Israel proper, in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank, in Gaza and in Lebanon (remember Qana?). As this is being written, Israel has been shelling northern Gaza every day.

All this killing adds up to one horrific thing — a long-term planned ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians (Christian and Muslim) in order to maintain the created Jewish nation state of Israel. In the process, more than 60,000 Muslims have lost their lives, as compared to less than 10,000 Jews.

Before the Zionists arbitrarily chose Palestine, Jews living in Arab and the Muslim countries enjoyed not only fair humane treatment, but in fact acquired considerable wealth and prestige; many of them even held high government positions. When Jews were persecuted during the Spanish Inquisition sponsored by the Christian Church, they found new homes in Turkey and North Africa, where Muslims accepted them. And during the Russian pogroms, the Muslims of Central Asian countries again took in and protected the persecuted Jewish refugees.

But when the Jews built their own nation state, they did not return the good deeds done on their behalf by Muslims through the ages. Instead, they subjected Palestinians to cruel and inhumane treatment, as well as oppressing the native populations of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and now Iraq and Iran, through direct or indirect aggression. So much for paying back a favour.

Now, Muslims feel they are paying the heavy price of Western guilt over Europe’s past mistreatment of Jews. Not even one UN statement against Israeli aggression has been allowed to pass!

For more than half a century, Palestinians have endured, and still endure, one of the most brutal racist occupation forces in modern history. Recent events following the free democratic election of a Hamas government in the West Bank have shown just how ruthless and intolerant this racist Israeli occupation is. The Knesset has held back the transfer of legitimate Palestinian taxes, refusing to give the new government its own money, and thereby starving the native population.

The Apartheid security wall, built to "protect" Jewish settlements, has been forcibly constructed on expropriated West Bank Palestinian lands, making life hell-on-earth for local natives who are cut off from their farms, market gardens, olive orchards, schools, jobs, etc. Instead of ending the occupation, Israel is using its military might (supported by the West) to even further suppress the Palestinians. All this has been inflicted with total disregard for the values of justice and peace, as taught by all mainstream religions — including Judaism.

As for Christians killing Muslims, that started back in the Middle Ages with the Crusades, followed by the Spanish Inquisition, and the colonial era in which European imperial powers occupied Muslim lands from Indonesia to Morocco, including India and the Middle East. More recently, Iraq and Afghanistan have been occupied by American-led coalitions that still promote so-called Christian values. Millions more Arabs and Muslims have been killed.

If Jews, Christians and Muslims were adherents of any other religion the results would have been the same, for all three Abrahamic peoples "of the Book" have been detoured from their faith by the worst excesses of political power-grabbing and war-mongering. Thus, the tragic political results and the mass killings would have been much the same. And this explains why today many Jews try to smear Islam and bash Muslims, not only Palestinians. Such acts have nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with a group of people who were, and are, determined to establish a nation state by any means necessary, regardless of the cost to those who get in their way.

Could these same three religions help to solve the ongoing conflict? Absolutely, yes — but the key is to work harder than ever to bring about peace through justice. And the responsibility for creating a climate of positive options belongs to the most powerful side in any conflict –” the aggressor.