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Jerusalem Israel Palestine Dome of The Rock Golden Dome

The Day of Shame

ON BLOODY MONDAY this week, when the number of Palestinian killed and wounded was rising by the hour, I asked myself: what would I...
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (center)

Malaysia: A Second Chance

Mahathir Mohamad was always a curious character. He was prime minister of Malaysia for 22 years, and although he did not enrich himself, many...
Gaza Crisis

West’s failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre

The contrasting images coming out of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories on Monday could not have been starker – or more disturbing. Faced...




Pakistan is heading towards a full scale war

"...military as an institution has generated enough hatred for itself that anything can trigger a civil war in Pakistan. The struggle has already begun between the people and the mercenary army. But in the full fledged civil war, it would be most of the military personnel fighting on behalf of the people, not as soldiers of the mercenary army but as the people of occupied Pakistan."

Crime levels in South Africa are "tantamount to a national crisis"

"Incarceration does not seem to act as a deterrent for criminals anymore. Many believe it simply isn’t effective. Crime syndicates when incarcerated still operate business as usual even though they are behind bars."


GOP Candidates Discuss Israel-Palestine

"All of this goes beyond the normal platitudes offered up in an election year. It was dangerous, shameful, and crass pandering, making it clear how far today's GOP has moved from the reality-based foreign policy of the Bush-Baker era. And while it's hard to imagine the alternate universe inhabited by these candidates for President, it's frightening to think of where they will take U.S. - Middle East policy should any of them be elected."

Early Reading of Bush Policy