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Fifteen Years Later

Is Bush serious?

Honor Killing

UM-Shmum, UM-Boom

"The general public throughout the world is hearing about the report and remembering the pictures they saw on their TV screens during the Gaza war. The UN enjoys much respect. In the wake of the “Molten Lead” operation, Israel’s standing in the world has been steadily going down, and this report will send it down even further. This will have practical consequences – political, military, economic and cultural. Only a fool – or an Avigdor Lieberman – can ignore that."


Slight of hand

The Impact of Abdullah’s Initiative



Preemptive War

Fifteen Years Later

Over the next few weeks, I want to take a look back to February and March of 2003, to those fateful days leading up...
Saint Petersburg - Russia

Mueller Indictment of the Russians

On Friday (February 16, 2018) a federal grand jury in Washington DC indicted 13 Russian nationals and a Kremlin-linked internet firm (Internet Research Agency) on charges...
Almond Tree - Flower Of The Almond Tree - Mediterranean

Pity the Almond Tree

PITY THE almond tree, especially when it is in full bloom. The bloom of the almond is, in German, Mandelblüt. That is also the name...




The Case of the White Bird

"Livni's problem is common to all of Israel: the inability and unwillingness to see the point of view of the other side, especially if the other side is Arab. (The other side has, of course, a similar problem.)"

Israelis are dying: it must be an escalation

"...distortion of news priorities has real costs that can be measured in lives -- in the days and weeks to come, hundreds, possibly thousands, of lives in both Israel and Lebanon. As long as Israel is portrayed by our major broadcasters as the one under attack, its deaths alone as significant, then the slide to a regional war -- a war of choice being waged by the Israeli government and army -- is likely to become inevitable."

Can America "Spin" Away Anti-U.S. Hatred in Islamic Countries?

"But any Arab or Moslem—or anyone else with a newspaper, radio or TV—could see the one-sided American policy favoring Israel and the conquest of a sovereign Islamic nation that posed no imminent threat to the invading country."


One religion’s apostate is another religion’s martyr

"The whole episode is nothing more than a tragicomical theatre piece!"

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

The Map of Greater Israel

The Man Who Jumped