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10 Ideas that could transform the United States

"When fascism came, it was not at the point of a gun, it was not brought by government troops, it was not even imposed by the Corporate CEO or the Hedge Fund manager. Fascism quietly came in the guise of a misinformed teacher, a celebrity celebrating assassination, and a bespectacled librarian banning books."

What must be Done in Lebanon

"A solution must be found by the Lebanese themselves, without the threat of internal or external force."

"Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History" :: Book...

"Like The Holocaust, “anti-Semitism” is an ideological weapon to deflect justified criticism of Israel and, concomitantly, powerful Jewish interests according to the author. In its current usage, “anti-Semitism” alongside the “war against terrorism”, serves as a cloak for a massive assault on international law and human rights."

Untangling myth from fiction: Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb’s Reign of Power

"It is difficult to untangle this historical mess without scrutinizing the accusations against Aurangzeb rationally. Fortunately, in recent years quite a few Hindu historians have come out in the open disputing those allegations."

Suing the War Party

"Perhaps no other American War has seen such avaricious war profiteering by a sitting Vice President and other senior government officials. The no-bid contracts awarded to Halliburton by Douglas Feith scream for public scrutiny. Feith also steered Iraqi construction business to his former law partner and the Chalabi clan."

The Lost Palestinian Exhibit

"Were the items stolen because of the potential monies that could be made off the embroidered dresses? Was the exhibit intentionally destroyed by an ignorant screener once he or she noticed that the exhibit was about Palestine? Or was the exhibit simply lost as luggage can be lost? The theories and speculation will undoubtedly continue."

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The Outsourcing Tragedy

"How strange and sad it is that we have allowed the right-wing dogmas of market absolutism, libertarianism, “the invisible hand” and “trickle down” to cause us to forget the founding principles of our republic, and to forget the lessons learned from a difficult history since that founding."

Israel & Iraq

Let My People Go

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Iraq, a thorn removed from Israel’s side

"Israel’s long time wish for the destruction of Iraq, the most advanced Arab nation that ardently defended and supported the Palestinian resistance and exhorted other Arab regimes not to normalize relations with the apartheid state of Israel at the expense of Palestinian rights, came true without losing a single Israeli soldier or spending a dime."

Obama: Who will your Appointees serve — Israel or America?

"Will you have the courage to be America’s president, a president of all Americans, Jews and Gentiles, a president for America’s interests, not Israel’s, a president who will heed the warnings of Washington, Jefferson, and Madison not to have a “passionate attachment” to any foreign nation, to avoid “foreign entanglements” that sabotage our interests, to end the influence of “factions”, i.e. special interests that dominate our national policies?"

Words Matter

"If a member of a parliament outside the United States were to have made equally despicable and bigoted comments, Americans would be right to require that action be taken against that individual. King must be held accountable by his colleagues for his remarks, which send a dangerous message to the world. He should be formally censured by the Congress, so as to make it clear that remarks such as these are unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

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