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Islam vs. Zionism: A Prelude to World Peace

"The failures of governments to be just, and the failure of international institutions to work independently for the equal rights and security of all people, are the primary causes for the military confrontation between Islam and Zionism."

Iran, the Arab intifada and the end of the ‘Middle East’

"What we are witnessing, then, is the second coming of independence, which promises a non-colonial order. It signals the end of the "Middle East", which would translate into the end of dependency on the "West". This is salutary for Europe and the United States, as well, if we finally accept and appreciate that non-western societies are writing their own history. They don't need us to dictate words to them and to pester them with our patronizing wisdom. This is what the Iraq war and the uprisings should have taught us."

The Failed Intelligence Reorganization Needs Reorganizing

"The re-reorganization should start by drastically slimming down Negroponte’s new office, which has become a bureaucratic morass in a very short time. To counter nimble terrorists and better its general performance—which has recently been abysmal—the bloated U.S. intelligence community needs to go on a diet."

Southeast Asia: U.S. completing Asian NATO to confront China

"The war in Afghanistan is in its eleventh year and it has provided NATO the opportunity to integrate the militaries of over fifteen Asian-Pacific countries (including the Middle East and the South Caucasus in that category) through supplying troops and other military personnel to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force: Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Georgia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Tonga, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. All but Bahrain and Japan are what the bloc refers to as Troop Contributing Nations, of which Kazakhstan is to be the 49th, with its parliament at least temporarily blocking the formalization of that status....Before his death late last year U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke was recruiting Bangladesh to become the 50th official supplier of troops for NATO’s Afghan war."

Pester on Baghdad



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Humanities Response to the Tsunami

"This unseemly bragging tainted the nobility of charity. It reduced the effort to buying goodwill to supplant the arrogance in Iraq. Inevitable comparisons followed - 15 million for F-15 fighters, 40 million for Bush inauguration and about 650 million per day spent on war in Iraq. It did not help. Indeed, American people are generous, but the Bush administration is not."

‘Desirable Duds’: The new bombers of Lebanon :: How Israel cluster...

"International sanctions against the use of cluster munitions in civilian areas should be strengthened. But that would be unlikely to stop nations like Israel and the US from using cluster bombs as de facto landmines. We must also ban high dud rate cluster munitions altogether, through an internationally agreed timetable to phase in low dud rate standards and destroy high dud rate cluster bomb inventories. It is the logical, humane, and urgently needed sequel to the Mine Ban Treaty—which the US and Israel have so far refused to join."

Three years after Cairo: Partisan Obstruction continues to block Change

"So here we are, three years after the President's remarkable speech in Cairo. The Arab World is undergoing significant and sometimes destabilizing change, and the promised change in U.S. policy is not yet on the horizon. We are now in the midst of an election year, and so we can expect that the partisan attacks will continue and efforts for real change, if it is to come at all, will most likely have to wait until after November."

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