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An Arab American Gets "Dubai’d"

"In the real world of politics, however, the game is never over and opportunities always exist to set a new course. After the Merhi affair, however, the situation does become more complicated."

The Perils of being a Peace Broker

"This power vacuum again exemplifies that the Arab Spring has effectively sidelined the issues of minority groups within the Arab states namely the Kurds and the Saharawis of the Western Sahara. However it also raises questions as to whether Erdogan can fulfil the responsibility given to him by justice and honour. After all Ataturk’s quote was not meant to be read as two alternatives – “Peace at home” or Peace in the world”; but rather as a holistic instrument by which to rule – peace at home amounts to peace in the world. This is the lesson Erdogan should learn from the Ottoman experience in order to capitalise on the noble status Turkey now holds in the global community."

Peace Did Not Fail!

A Question of Conscience: How Many More? British Study Concludes That 100,000 Civilian Deaths...

"...if the USA's population suffered the proportional equivalent of 130,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, there would be 1,608,750 American civilian deaths. What if the entire population of a city the size of San Diego had been slaughtered over nineteen months after some hostile nation invaded US soil?"

Religion and cynicism

"The idea of a holy site uniting rather than dividing Jews and Muslims (and Christians) is an intriguing one. Perhaps this is something that religious Jews and Muslims--those who seek to facilitate peace rather than disrupt it for their own cynical ends--could devote their energies to."

Assassinating Egyptian Dreams

"...the public airwaves, owned and operated by the SCAF, were deployed in a calculated campaign to erode the revolutionary spirit. The talk shows and news programs delivered a not so subtle message that the only fruit of the revolution was economic stagnation and a breakdown in law and order. As part of the effort to undermine the public’s embrace of the uprising, the government media stopped airing the popular video clip music that hailed the sacrifices of the hundreds of young men and women who gave their lives for the revolution."

Nuclear Weapons and Interceptor Missiles: Twin Pillars of US-NATO Military Strategy in Europe

"NATO is the conduit used for bringing U.S. nuclear weapons into Europe, where they remain two decades after the end of the Cold War. Europe will not be free of nuclear arms until NATO is disbanded."

Dead Sea – (Poem)

"If you look close enough,
If you look deep enough
Into the waters of the Sea
Natives say you can see"

Prisoners Abuse Scandal: Shame for USA and UK

"The abuse at Al Ghraib has made the US look like just another tinpot power in history. Its most serious challenge now is the transfer of power. The US should be judged in this crisis not by what happened, but by what it is doing to make amends and minimise the scope for recurrence. Americans will not be able to live with this image of themselves for very long, for it outrages their most cherished beliefs."

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Mister Death Squad Goes to Washington

"It’s not yet clear why Bush invited Mister Death Squad to Washington. But let’s not ‘misunderestimate’ the President. This is the same POTUS who thundered from his bully pulpit that “we cannot turn a blind eye to repression because that repression is not in our back yard.” What he failed to mention was that – as the need arises - we would continue to invite vicious torturers and assassins to our front yard for tea in the Rose Garden."

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Sharon Gets Hostile Reception in D.C.

"Leave it to Israel’s Ariel Sharon to bring everyone together! His appearance in Washington, DC, on May 23, 2005, brought out hundreds of vocal demonstrators. The occasion was the annual conference of AIPAC, which is a part of the alien-based Zionist Cartel juggernaut. Ex-U.S. Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-SC) said, “The Iraq War was for Israel.” Are Sharon and the Zionist Cartel scheming a repeat performance for us with Iran and Syria?"

War is Racism by Other Means

"It is much easier for a U.S. soldier to kill a hadji than a human being, just as it was easier for Nazi troops to kill Untermenschen than real people. William Halsey, who commanded the United States' naval forces in the South Pacific during World War II, thought of his mission as "Kill Japs, kill Japs, kill more Japs," and had vowed that when the war was over, the Japanese language would be spoken only in hell....If war evolved as a way for the men who killed giant beasts to keep busy killing other men as those animals died out, as Ehrenreich theorizes, its partnership with racism and all other distinctions between groups of people is a long one."

A Stupid War

"If there is anything that can be assumed with certainty about the next war, if there be one, it is that it will not be a repeat of the last. Rockets will play a much bigger role, and will travel much longer distances. The weapons will be more sophisticated. The battlefield will be different."

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