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Israel’s Doomsday E-1 Settlement

High shadow of Tunisia

"...the problem is that the civil society’s institutions are not in a better situation. Far from it. First, some of these organisations (trade unions or human rights associations, etc…) are handicapped by their allegiance to the ruling party that uses them as a nice shop-window while continuing a policy of containment and repression. Others adopt the discourse of civil society as a strategy to combat rivals, especially if they belong to the hardline opposition."

Qana Massacre again: Foreign and Domestic enemies of our constitution

"Isn't it time to challenge the domestic enemies of the US constitution? Isn’t t time to realize the danger posed not just to the US but to the whole world (as Europeans and Latin Americans are now realizing)? Isn't it time to challenge the myth (found among the left and the right) that Israel serves US interests? Isn’t it time to stop delivering billions of our tax money to Israel (largest recipient of US foreign aid)?"

9/11 – A day of reassessment for US

"How much US foreign policy-makers had been expected more to see prior to the 9/11 attacks before they could realise to review and reassess their policies to avoid any big bang like what happened on September 11, 2001? The other countries in the world learnt from such incidents, threats, and incidents yet US hasn't, Why?"

Let’s Face It: The Warfare State Is Part of Us

"The triumph of the warfare state degrades and suppresses us all. Even before the weapons perform as guaranteed."

A Nice Little War

We are Not always ‘Equal’

"The point here is that while the Palestinians should be held accountable for their actions just like any other people in this world, they should not be held to the same standards as their occupier, simply for the very reason of their occupied status. When addressing Israel's relationship with the Palestinians, the first thing that should be mentioned is its 42-year old occupation of this people and its land."

One Step Closer to Palestine

"All Palestinians, regardless of where they live, dream and hope for freedom and an independent state in their rightful homeland. We are all in consensus that peace and Israel’s occupation cannot coexist and peace will never come without justice for the Palestinians."

If Syria’s Army hadn’t left Lebanon, Would Israel be bombing Beirut?

"The Lebanese people cannot win in their current set of circumstances. They can only suffer. They cannot stop Israel, Hezbollah, or Syria."



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Terror & Democracy

"The Iraqi population has little tolerance for this level of terror and mass murder while under occupation. That is why they are engaged in legitimate resistance. Would Americans react any differently if they were forced to live under similar conditions?"

Iraq war problems point finger at US media, as well as...

"Today’s media operates much more like an information gathering and state propaganda mechanism, than it does as journalism."

Iraq Wins: USA Loses

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