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Israel’s red line: real democracy :: Shin Bet arrests leader of boycott movement ::

"Amnesty International has threatened to declare Mr. Makhoul a “prisoner of conscience”, saying his arrest “smacks of pure harassment, designed to hinder his human rights work”....Observers from the Palestinian minority too have ridiculed the allegations, based on secret evidence, that the pair made “contact with a foreign agent”. They point out that under the draconian emergency regulations being used in this case the Shin Bet needs only the flimsiest circumstantial evidence to lay such a charge."

Abe Foxman Shilling for the Sharon Gang, Again

"Abe Foxman swears Israel has a “healthy democracy” because oppositional figures are heard all of the time. Sure, they are! Unless, of course, they are protesting its notorious Apartheid Wall, than they can be shot by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) with live ammunition, like Israeli activist Gil Naamati was last Friday (“Baltimore Sun,” 12/29/03)."

A slow start

"Obama's slow start, his refraining from rushing to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on old formulas and his preference for a regional approach give Netanyahu a window of opportunity to work with the new team in Washington, despite the latter's refusal to adopt the idea of a Palestinian state and his reliance on a right-wing coalition. But he will have to deliver on improving the situation of the Palestinians and avoid unnecessary provocations in the settlements or East Jerusalem."

The First Fifty Days

Palestine and the media

"...there is a growing awareness, an impatience among younger Palestinians who use Israeli media management as a model that Palestinians should copy. Time and again I heard Palestinians in all positions defend what Israel does in media management, saying every nation should put thought into presenting their own case in the best possible way."

The Palestinian Question

"The international community is tired of the stalemate and an endless negotiation process that never produces an outcome. It must demand the Western governments stop their support of the illegal expansionist agenda of the Israeli leaders by denying the rogue state all material and other forms of support. Only then Israel would be forced to compromise and a peaceful solution would emerge. On its part, if the Israeli public is serious about peace, it must dump leaders like Netanyahu who have nothing but the same old uncompromising messages. The time is running out for Israel."

What exactly is so "radical" about Moqtada Sadr?

"Indeed, the media overlooks the fact - as it does with many organizations that happen to have a military wing, such as the Palestinian Hamas or Lebanese Hezbollah - that Sadr runs a network of schools and charities built by his father. What is he possibly thinking, providing impoverished Iraqis with education and social welfare as their country descends ever-faster and deeper into turmoil?!"

Epicure’s Bastards: Proponents of Religious Anarchy in Islam

"If these pseudo-progressives belonged to any other religious community, they would have been instantly rejected as jokers and clowns. But a compliant media has raised them to the level of mainstream."

Obama’s First Full Month Significant And Telling

"...one has to question motives related to geopolitical control of an area of the world rich in fossil fuels and in which pipelines need to be laid if oil consortiums are to continue gaining the high profit margins desired. One has to wonder, too, about underlying aims of Middle Eastern assaults in that the Pentagon is the single biggest user of oil in the world such that it is ultimately dependent on oil obtained by such incursions."

No Mercy

"Is there hope for American citizens like those in New Orleans whose lives have been, continue to be, destroyed by cruel indifference? Yes, of course, but it will take citizens like you and me to stand up for what we know is right, to repair our shredded Constitution, and breathe new life into our comatose Bill of Rights."

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