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Confessions of a Drone

"I began to think that humans have fear, and that lacking fear is what makes drones like me better warriors than humans. But that idea had to be revised when I was told that one of my pilots had been fearless. I was told that, right after he disappeared. I was told that he had ended his own life. He had made himself cease to exist. If he'd had no fear, then it was something else that had been causing him to malfunction in certain circumstances. What was it?"


Cluster Bombs and Condi’s Fatal Birth Pangs

"It’s worth noting that Israel continues to withhold information from the UN that would assist in clearing cluster bombs and minefields. Part of the reason is that Tel Aviv is satisfied that the unexploded munitions continue to kill and maim innocent Lebanese civilians."

Great and immediate challenges

"The complete failure of the American-initiated Annapolis peace process and the significant increase in Israeli measures to consolidate the occupation in the West Bank on the one hand, and the Israeli war on Gaza, which increased public sympathy with Hamas, on the other, have further shifted the balance of power against Fateh in the West Bank and left the Palestinian Authority politically very vulnerable."


From the Grave, a Senator Exposes Bloody Hands on Capitol Hill

"A big media lie is that members of Congress are doing all they can when they try and fail to pass measures that would impose a schedule for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. The Constitution gives Congress the power to pay for war -- and to stop a war by refusing to appropriate money for it. Every vote to pay for more war is soaked with blood."

‘Genocide’ is a political term

“What is happening in the [Occupied] Territories is a process of slow and steady genocide. People die from being shot and killed, many die from their wounds…There is a serious shortage of food, so there is malnutrition of children. The Palestinian society is dying—daily—and there is hardly any awareness of this in Israeli society.”

Tanya Reinhart

A Shiite awakening

"It turns out that Saudi Arabia, the homeland par excellence of Sunni militancy, actively supported the United States' war to overthrow Saddam, as Bob Woodward's newly published Plan of Attack reveals. The Saudi view of Saddam was not so different from that of the American president."

The problem of American propaganda in the Muslim world

"A large part of the problem is that Washington still clings to the delusion that whatever is good for US business and national security is good for the rest of the world. This has been behind American foreign policy for several decades, and has invariably generated one form of militarism or another."

Pepsi or Coke? – Nader is a healthier choice

"The “war president” now wants to be a “peace president”. In the other corner of the ring, Kerry is pumping himself up to be the “war monger president”. He will opt for a war of choice whenever he feels the urge – regardless of whether the designated enemy poses any kind of threat to the United States."

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From Aqaba to Sharm – Fake Peace festivals :: An excerpt...

"...just as in the days of the Aqaba summit, the majority of Israeli society is euphoric with expectations for change and calm. As always before, there is an absolute lack of collective memory. It is the media's responsibility to remind the readers of recent history, the background for the events, how it started and ended in the previous round of the road map."

Uniting Against Radicalism

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Hate Crime Punished

"There are some who argue that obscene, hateful and threatening language should not be punished, since to do so would be a violation of free speech. (This, in fact, was the initial defense raised by the individual in this case, before he ultimately pled guilty to the charges against him.) They are wrong. Such behavior is a crime, and individuals who commit these crimes do so precisely because they seek to violate the free speech of others. And though their targets are individuals, the intended victims are entire communities who the hate criminals seek to intimidate into silence."

Life After Depo-Medrol – Sheer Hopeless Hell

"According to a Harvard study, less than 2% of adverse events are reported to the FDA. which means there must be hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting victim that have been injured by the improper use of Depo."

As I lay dying

"The greatest horror Bush has inflicted on humanity, the suppurating body of Iraq, is unlikely to be attended by Democrats. They want the White House in two years, and they do not want to be left holding Bush's "tarbaby." Instead, they will scrutinize and highlight every twist and turn of Bush's bumbling, murderous efforts as he struggles to leave Iraq. American politics are just that brutal. No wonder there are so many wars."

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