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Washington must confront its Dysfunction, if it is to Lead

"For there to be peace between Israelis and Palestinians, America must change. This will not come easily. There will be more of the proverbial "gnashing of teeth" and complaints that the "Palestinians are pursuing a dangerous course" or "forcing us to do this or that". In reality, however, all that we are being forced to do is come to grips with our own failure and face up to what is increasingly becoming the reason behind our self-imposed isolation."

Galilee Bishop Speaks for Justice, Friendship and Peace

"Jews and Palestinians never risk to live alone or die alone. We are condemned to walk side by side or to hang by each other. We were never enemies with the Jews until 1948. I am all for the Jews to have freedom of expression, home and homeland. I am ready to struggle with the Jews because they are human beings. But when my people cannot live, how can I agree when my people are homeless, the scattered, the dispersed, how can I agree? There should be another solution so that there is justice, peace and security."

Sunni and Shia Unity

The Middle East: Not Enough Wars Yet

"When all the Arabs and the Israelis agree on one thing, people should pay attention. We should stop this Iranian takeover," said Israel's Prime...

Warrior Poet

Secular Holy Wars

"Secularists can express politically correct bigotry toward religion, but their own doctrine is as superstition based as the subjects of their scorn."


Media asleep regarding Energy and the Presidential Election

"An honest media and an informed public are the basic foundations of a real democracy. They are missing in action and the public is deceived, manipulated and will eventually be hung to dry because critical knowledge is withheld regarding the energy fate of the U.S. and of mankind."

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Hope Springs Eternal

"The Palestinians are no closer to reconciliation now than they were six months ago. On the contrary, the longer our leaders remain divided, the more bitter the division becomes...I think perhaps the one thing to be learned is that there is always some glimmer of hope no matter how bleak."

Latest reviews

From Mania to Depression

"When a football team is able to choose the referee, it is no surprise if it is declared the winner."

The Drama and the Farce

"An American President who wants to undertake such a role must formulate a clear and detailed peace plan, with a strict timetable, and be prepared to invest all his resources and all his political capital in its realization. Among other things, he must be ready to confront, face to face, the powerful pro-Israel lobby."

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