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Monday, December 11, 2017

Who lost Iraq?

Saddam’s capture – Good news for Iraqis, Bad news for Bush and Blair

"The masses who are against the occupation of their country will still be against it. Those suffering under the current mismanagement will still suffer – in fact, his capture may focus their minds even more on their daily plight. And those peripheral elements who fought for him may well continue to do so with renewed vigour, out of revenge."

Enron: a cautionary TNC tale

Yasir Arafat – A Symbol of Freedom

"On going US-led forces operation in Iraq, the systematic destruction of Iraq, the helpless and weaken conditions of Arab Leaders, all this made Yasir Araft disheartened and mentally and physically distressed. Yet he never compromised with the Israeli authorities."

Guantanamo Bay concentration camps – What’s the fuss?

"A nation can only justify holding foreign subjects under the existing legal framework of the international laws and conventions, which includes bilateral treaties. The notion of “illegal combatant” is unprecedented and has no international consensus."

Ramadan – Wealth and Poverty

An Appeal to Dormant Conscience

"Knowledge is not just a vehicle to a better life, it is an instrument that helps us understand the world around us; to help us shape minds; transform societies, and to bring about positive change. And the most fundamental knowledge to individuals as well as nations is self-knowledge."

Feingold’s Principled Challenge

"With the war in Iraq continuing to unravel and the President's job approval continuing to decline, it appeared likely that a more direct challenge might follow."



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Hillary Clinton embarks on Neo-colonial Tour of Africa

"Clinton may have arrived in Dakar, Senegal without a pith helmet, swagger stick and palanquin, but she nonetheless came as a modern-day avatar of Cecil Rhodes bent on reestablishing Western dominance in Africa. This time with a decided military dimension."

Making Arab media really independent

Israel fashions a bomber of its own

peration hunderclap1945s raq

Latest reviews

The Cancer Cells

"The Palestinians, of course, suffer more than anyone else."

You Don’t Mess With the Racism

"In the end, everything ends up happy and joyful: Zohan gets the girl, he saves the block from a conniving mall developer, and the “terrorists” stop terrorizing. But the jovial ending left a sour taste in my mouth. As nearly a dozen “nameless” Palestinians were killed by innocent and heroic Israeli soldiers last week and another report of the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza went unnoticed in the US press, people were laughing all over the country at how stupid, feeble, violent and backwards Arabs are. A diehard Sandler fan proclaimed: “He's making it for 13 year old boys. It's Critic Proof.” That’s what scares me most of all."

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