How is history going to judge the role of the West and especially the role of the US in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

The Middle East is going through one of its worst moments in history. One can hardly believe that we live at the beginning of the 21st century. The world seems to have regressed to the pre-colonial era in terms of human values. People will not be able to hide behind claiming ignorance of the facts when they see the atrocities committed in front of their eyes daily by a government claiming moral superiority. History is going to be quite harsh on western rulers, especially the American administration, and distressingly, the media that have been colluding with the Zionists, the Christian Zionists and some powerful members of the US’s old oligarchy to implement the hidden agenda. The interests of these three politically influential groups are converging. The Zionists are after either the genocide of the Palestinians or their expulsion from Eretz Israel, in order to build the third Temple on the ruins of Al-Aqsa mosque and achieving their dream of reviving Biblical Israel. The Christian Zionists having the same aspirations as yesteryears crusaders have been collaborating with the Zionists in their ultimate quest of conquering Jerusalem and building the Temple.

The victims of this primitive plot are the poor original inhabitants, the majority being of Moslem faith. The Christian Zionists having historically an endemic antipathy towards Islam are too eager to oblige. Their main selling point to their congregations is that by helping the jews towards building their Temple the return of Christ will be hasten; and if they work at it hard enough they may be able to see Him in their lifetime. The poor souls do not realize that what they are doing is precisely against the spirit of Christ and are blind to the fact that they are the foot soldiers of the anti-Christ. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Christ shows up on the Arab side and that they would kill him again?

As for the booty awaiting the influential members of the US’s old oligarchy, it lies in grabbing and confiscating the Middle East oil by brute force while subjugating and marginalizing the owners, mainly Moslem populations. (Arabs, Iranians, Azaris, Turkemans….etc). By owning that crucial resource and backing it with the world’s strongest army, the US oligarchy would have accomplished supreme power. They will not have to go into war with any contender, they would only use the oil weapon to dictate their will over the whole world.

As an extra bonus the Zionists, the old and new US oligarchies will outlaw the anti-globalization and environmental movements and unite all upper management and the very rich of the world against world population. Suspending civil rights under the guise of fighting terrorism is a prerequisite to achieve that goal. The military campaign conducted presently against Palestinians is a training ground to acquire the experience of subjugating a large urban population through “surgical” terror using high tech weaponry. This is very similar to the Nazis’ intentions when they used their Luftwaffe against the Partisans during the Spanish civil war.

After achieving that goal there will be a fight between the US’s old oligarchy and the Zionists for supreme hegemony. At the moment the former is giving the latter the rope to hang themselves in the future. The present atrocities conducted by Israel against the Palestinian people will be used against the Jews when the US population revolts after a catastrophe befalls them such as a nuclear attack on American soil. This is why immediately after the events of 911 both media and politicians rushed at promoting the notion that the cause of the event had nothing to do with US foreign policies in the Middle-East in order to avoid a backlash against the Jews and foil their grand plan prematurely. To avoid such a scenario the Jews should now unite and denounce Israel’s expansionist policies and discredit all Zionist organizations which support such policies.

Presently the Zionists are the masters of the US that is why now, the US’s old oligarchy are surpassing the Zionists themselves in defending Israel. The Zionists being implicitly the Masters of the US and thus, the whole world, are not satisfied to remain in the shadow. They would like to be explicitly recognized by the world’s populations as being their masters. They are getting impatient of remaining in the shadow while their puppets, the US presidents and congressmen, enjoy the limelight. They are longing for the day when the world reckons that Israel, not the US, is the supreme power.

A scenario that may happen in the short run is that Arafat will be killed or his natural death will be expedited. The US will provoke the Arabs and Iranians to go into war with Israel or push them to use the threat of an oil embargo. On grounds of National security the US and/or Israel will invade Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq and confiscate the oil. The Arab armies will be defeated and the newly appointed puppet regimes will be forced to assimilate the Palestinian refugees, thus, justifying the annexation of the West Bank and Gaza.

The harshest criticism of history will be directed towards the media specifically to its influential members such as the anchor men and women and program directors. The north American media is a disgrace to the notion of the independence of journalists. It is true that the Zionists infiltrated the media’s management but still a good number of those influential media people are near the end of their extremely well paid career and could afford to speak out for once in their lifetime and denounce the state terrorism conducted by their own country and Israel. The least they could do is genuinely reporting the dissenting views. These media people lost their inner voice after years of self-suffocating their conscience. As for the politicians the majority are a basket case when it comes to courage and valor; it seems they are congenitally disposed to have a deficiency of conscience or they develop that trait during the course of their career; as a work hazard. History will ask them why didnt you at least pass a law that would have forced all national media to present dissenting views on their front pages and prime times or passed another law that would have subdued the special interest groups political power and deferred it to the interest of the majority. The media has a pivotal role in shaping the public opinion of so called “free and democratic” societies. In a true democratic society the role of the media is not to shape public opinion but to foster and disseminate dissenting views (i.e. fragmenting public opinion) to help the majority make their political choices. In a democratic society every citizen of voting age becomes responsible for the acts of his/her government and, therefore, cannot claim innocence of those acts which cause suffering, mayhem and death to other societies.

What the West did to the Jews -the victims of the holocaust – they are repeating it with the victims of the new holocaust -the Palestinians. The victims of the old holocaust in collusion with the West became the perpetrator of the new holocaust. It seems as if the West’s ethos especially the US’s sides with the strong against the weak; a remnant of the colonial and first American settlers ˇ ethos!! It is especially vibrant in the GOP and other conservative parties. This aversion to weakness is a Darwinian and primitive motive. It is hard to imagine that this ethos is still alive and well in the 21st century. Just look at the ravaged landscape in Africa, Afghanistan and the rest of the undeveloped world. Under the aegis of the US the West put all these countries into debt via puppet governments; knowing very well that the loan they were issuing were being stolen by their appointed henchmen. The real reason that these dictators were funded was to fend off communism. After the fall of communism you would have expected that these loans would have been forgiven; but no, the same ethos is reveling in sucking the life out of these poor and dispossessed souls.

History will hold the president of the USA and congress responsible for weakening the first five constitutional amendments and not abiding by the spirit of the American Constitution. This in itself may be construed as an act bordering on treason by some libertarians. By declaring war on Afghanistan, and Palestine with no evidence of the connection between the defendants and the events of 911, they increased the numbers of people who are enraged against their actions and are prone to become future terrorists. Thus they failed the responsibility of their positions as they increased the threat on their own people. All this for a pack of Zionist settlers and world supremacy. In fact they carry the responsibility of the 3000 victims of 911 attack by A)failing to prevent the attack and B)by creating desperate individuals who are willing to sacrifice their own life and become suicide bombers. They obviously also carry the responsibility of killing over 3000 innocent Afghans. They do not perceive this as an act of terrorism but as collateral damage. It is not because you represent a government that you have the right to inflict suffering and misery to millions of people. Collateral damage is a euphemism for murdering innocent people.

The new mantra of Bush and the neo-conservative about education and the fight against terrorism is a diversion tactic from the real issue which is the mediocrity of management in general. This is endemic through the whole spectrum of organizations from government (failure to prevent the attack, failure to espouse a balanced approach in foreign policies, despite the billion of dollars spent every year) to public organizations (Enron, Nortel, Global Crossing…etc.) Also it is a diversion from the hidden agenda aforementioned namely the invasion of the oil rich nations and the subjugation of world population to transnational.

Hidden agenda or conspiracy means the same thing yet the media spin doctors prepared the ground for a number of years to undermine anyone who subscribes to conspiracy theories in order to have a free hand in executing their conspiracies. Conspiracies are the natural outcome of a group of people who do not wish to publicize their despicable intentions. It seems that whoever is at the helm of these conspiracies is not doing a very good job. The first flack came with the anthrax scare which to any intelligent observer looks like an inside job that went haywire, similar to the failed Watergate job, but with much more serious consequences.

The second flack came after the failed Venezuelan coup. Now there is another diversion floating in the air, which is the pedophilia existing in the catholic church. The people who pushed that story to the forefront of the news, knew about this problem for decades. So why is it that they brought it out now? The answer is that they wanted to tone down the Vatican ˇs criticism of Israeli ˇs treatment of the Palestinians.

It is too bad that the USA, alas, the ex-beacon of modern democracy is presently embarking on a course of lawlessness exemplified by their rejection of the international court and their history of UN veto in support of Israel. The only way to revert this locomotive leading the world to the abyss is to have a grass-roots movement that would throw out the present congress and reinstate a new government with three mandates:

a) to limit the terms of congressmen to two terms only, like the presidents. b) to promulgate a law that instills dissident voices in all national media and c) to limit the influence of special interest groups.

In my opinion, the great work done by activists all over the world would become substantially more potent if a good effort is directed, in the next two years, towards enlisting the Americans who do not vote and persuading a large number who vote to cast their ballots for independent candidates who would champion these three mandates.

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