How Nations rise

It is a pity that the makers of history in Indo-Pakistan sub continent either do not read history or forget the contents thereof and indulge into self-aggrandizement. Pakistan has been the greatest victim of this malady. These few lines are being brought on paper on the eve of a Generals state visit to the country of the super power where he has earned a lot of ovation and confidence in the political scene of the United States of America, who are fighting their war against terrorism with General Pervez Musharraf as an active ally.

It was in late 18th century that George Washington became the first President of America and during the 19th and 20th century America did not indulge in making arms and ammunition to enhance their military power. The Americans had realized on day one that prosperity lies in economic and financial power and not in military strength. Acting on this principle they have been able to throw out the British from America bag and baggage alongwith their repressive, discriminatory and colonial laws. While Great Britain was busy expanding its colonial might and extend their military might to an empire where sun never sets and add India to the crown jewel of His Majesty the Queen of England. America was busy developing its economic and financial power. Americans do not believe in military colonialism. Lately the World Jewry taught them to replace military subjugation by economic and financial subjugation. This is aptly described in Shakespeare’s famous drama é ” Merchant of Venice.” In the two world wars 1914-18 and 1939-45 America made tons of money by supplying arms to the warring nations without involving their men and material in the actual combat. America was not a member of the League of Nations but now is the dominant founder of the United Nations Organization, this position they achieved through economic planning, and even today presidential elections in United States are dependent on the economic policies.

President George W. Bush’s father lost his second term because of his economic policies and the terrorist have afforded a life time chance to his son for his second term also. He may win the elections in 2004 on this issue. We in this subcontinent have been trying to win an undeclared war between neighbours over the agreed issues, simply in order to maintain the ruling party in power. This is not the spirit of democracy. It is unfortunate that it is only in Pakistan, where after the declaration of the result of elections the losing party vows to fight in the streets of Pakistan, while in America and other really democratic countries the losing candidates concede defeat and in time of crises, the entire nation, ruling part and the opposition are behind the President, as is evident from September 11th incident, which history will adjudge about the man behind it. When Mohammed Ali Clay visited the world trade center site, some non-Muslims observed, see what people of your faith have done. Mohammed Ali replied, What do you have to say about Hitler, who belonged to your faith. As a matter of fact America has been made a scape goat for the extermination of the Muslims of the world and pity is that the Muslims all over the world are dumb and mute coalition partner except General Pervez Musharraf who has depicted courage and guts to face the situation as it comes. The nation wants to see the out come of his state visit to America on February 12th and the promises made in the press by the American Ambassador in Pakistan Madame Wendy Chamberlain.

Let us call a spade a spade and not believe in the operation being successful while the patient is dead. Hitler’s crusade against the Jews was a boon to America, all the Jews found their safe heaven in America alongwith the best brains available with them, the formula of Atom Bomb which culminated in the complete subjugation of Japan, was handed over to the Americans by Albert Einstein a Jew who had fled from Germany to America ” I wish, I was a carpenter, cried Einstein.” When he handed over the formula to the American, he knew the results that would follow. It fell upon President Truman to order the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 and that decided the fate of Second World War. Since then the Jews have ruled America and they rule even now. A Jew can aspire to be the President of United States as did the running mate of Al-Gore in the presidential elections of 2000.

Let us admit as a matter of fact that America and Israel are two sides of the same coin, while the Muslims beg America for all sorts of help and financial help, do not have the guts to recognize Israel, which is a miniature America in the hearts of the Arabs while Israel is nothing but America, their hearts beat in unison, their minds think alike. Why not our brothers see the light of day and exert our self to raise the economic power of the Muslim world with all the mineral and natural resources they have got and stop abusing the Jews simply because they are Jews for no fault of theirs.

Pakistan at the moment needs unity, stability and surgical reforms to rid the nation of corruption, this is the one great demon, which is striking at the roots of Pakistan. Pakistan does not need a democracy wherein ” Key Azz Maghaze Doo Sad Kher, Fikre Insaani Nami Ayed. ” Pakistan over a period of fifty years has developed politicians of this kind only who are bereft of positive thinking, which emanates from an educated mind. One Education Minister is on record to have said, ” We can not afford to educate our masses.” General Musharraf has taken some laudable steps in this direction; much more is needed to be done. Pakistan can ill afford at the moment batteries of Consultants and Advisors on fabulous emoluments, while 40 % of the people in Pakistan live below poverty level. This undesirable facet of our national expenditure needs the earnest attention of the power that are.

Economic programme is a crying need for any country anywhere in the world. Pakistan sadly lacks in this programme, which has never been put in forth. We make five year plans, which are never planned while other countries take copy of our plans and their countries rise as was done by South Korea, why could not Pakistan do the same, the answer is simple, the rulers were corrupt. Corruption is a cancer fatal to the body of the nation and a surgical operation is necessary as has been done in Iran and China. There is corruption at every level in our country, the rulers may have turned a stone here and there but they have not been able to root out corruption, the readers of newspapers only shed tears of grief and morose when they read in newspaper that their Admirals and Air Marshal’s have earned millions of dollars through kick backs. The law must be amended to make corruption punishable with death. It would be worthwhile if a couple of heads are rolled in the process.

Evaders of taxes and dodgers of duties are caught and punished in every civilized society without the interference of the law courts, let us make the same rule and act upon it. The source of income of the millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires and zillionaires should be tracked for money laundering as well. Financial terrorists are another curse for every nation. Sir, the nation and the country at the moment needs surgery at every stage, democracy or no democracy, for norms, for forms, let the discredited politicians contend whatever is best administered is best.