How to get out of Iraq – An Open Letter to President Bush

Here is a plan to save American and Iraqi lives, as well as the lives of other nationals in Iraq. It is also a plan whereby you can minimize America’s material losses while bringing peace to Iraq and the world. You could even change the negative image of the U.S., not only in the Arab and the Muslim world, but in Canada and Europe too.

After much reflection, I have come to the conclusion that you are at heart a good human being and good American who was given, and heeded, the wrong advice. After all, being a born-again Christian, you know that Christ taught, "Blessed are the peacemakers."

Here is a point-by-point executive summary of my plan:

1. Fire your advisors; those people who rushed you into the wrong war. Fire those who lied to you and the American people. Fire those who wanted only to advance their own agendas by convincing you to send young Americans to their deaths in a faraway land. And if you can bring those advisors to justice for misleading America, please do it.

2. Appoint someone trustworthy and knowledgeable to be your closest advisor on Iraq from now on — a tried-and-true loyal American like former president Jimmy Carter, a man with both vision and credibility.

3. Watch out for the pro-Israel lobbyists who will strenuously dislike your change of heart. Remember, you don’t need them anymore, as you are leaving office in 2008.

4. Announce a pull-out plan immediately and start bringing Americans home from Iraq; halve the American troops there every quarter. This will bring the number down to about 1,000 within 2 years. And do not forget to bring home the CIA personnel as well.

5. Work with the UN to establish a peace-keeping force within the same two-year period. Encourage Arab and Muslim countries to participate in UN-sponsored peace-keeping: they are more than qualified to do it.

6. Grant Iraq massive aid to rebuild its public infrastructures — roads, hospitals, schools, and universities. Send trained and dedicated Americans to teach, to heal and to build — instead of killing, destroying and spreading misery. You could call it the Bush Building Plan, BBP for short.

7. Pay a fair market value for Iraqi oil. This makes a good business sense, as well as being morally and ethically right.

8. Finally: offer a sincere apology for all the Iraqi civilians who died during the many years of American-led sanctions against their country, as well as during the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Only the powerful at heart apologize for their wrongs, but the dividends are enormous.

If you need more details and clarification regarding any of the above points, I will be pleased to provide them..