Human Rights Watch Should Censor Israel’s Continued Human Rights Abuses


I was appalled to read your detailed report on Israel and the Palestinian occupied territories where the 1st paragraph is cosmetically and deliberately titled “Human Rights Developments? “

What “developments” are you talking about when any sensible person following the daily TV images and news covering Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation can clearly see Palestinian homes and building destroyed, Israeli soldiers (proven to be trigger happy) arrogantly harassing and brutalizing Palestinian civilians or Israeli tanks, helicopters, heavy mortar and sophisticated weaponry in action opposed most of the time by Palestinian stone throwers many of whom children or teenagers!

These, gentlemen, are not developments but “human rights abuses” of the worst and most cruel kind because Israel has been inflicting them on their Palestinian victims for the last 30 years without clear condemnation either by HRW or by the only country who has the power to stop this tyranny and massacre : the United States of America.

It is sad to realize that even an organization with a morally promising name like yours and so many illustrious personalities on its Board of Directors (many of whom Jews) but surprisingly not a single Arab or Muslim, is also in the grip of the pro-Israel lobby which will go to any length to distort reality, Hollywood style , in favor of Israel’s manipulated version of events .

Sharon’s “military solution” (or willingness to inflict human rights abuses at will) to confront the legitimate Palestinian uprising against an illegal and brutal military occupation which is suffocating social and economic life in the West Bank and Gaza has pushed Palestinians and Arabs to increasing anger, despair and resentment against the injustice inflicted on them by their tormentors with the support of the US or so called “honest broker” .

HRW adds insult to injury when it cosmetically writes about “human rights developments” in the occupied territories whilst hundreds of people have died and thousands have been injured, mostly Palestinian civilians.

It is distressing to witness such blatant injustice inflicted on the Palestinians by people who , oppressed themselves not long ago have turned into self righteous and cruel oppressors.

A prestigious Israeli newspaper like Haaretz has more integrity and courage than HRW in describing the plight and human rights abuses suffered by the Palestinians particularly under Sharon’s brand of Zionism which is slowly eroding Jewish ethics and as result the support of its staunchest friends.

The tragic and despicable attacks of September 11 with so many innocent victims are a cruel lesson to us in the West of what people can do if pushed to utter despair and resentment against blatant injustice and glaring double standards: Iraq/Kuwait, Israel/Palestinians, Milosevic/Sharon etc…

Let us pray that there will soon be an honest and courageous reassessment of US policy in the Middle East which will lead at long last to the implementation of Security Council resolutions and the Oslo agreement requiring Israel to withdraw from the territories it occupied in 1967 and for the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

As a result of such a “development” , there would be fewer reasons for human rights abuses or terrorism to exist and our world would be a better and safer place to live in, and most of all the 7000 victims who perished in New York and Washington will not have died in vain!

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