Human trafficking is a serious threat to humanity

Human trafficking is a serious threat to humanity

Makkah (UNA-OIC) – The Muslim World League (MWL) has warned of the serious threats of human trafficking to humanity, in light of the spread of this dangerous phenomenon and its regional and international repercussions.

This came in a statement from the MWL on the occasion of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons,  observed on July 30 every year in order to raise awareness about the condition of victims of human trafficking and to promote and protect their rights.

“The League, with its regional and international status as a global non-governmental Islamic organization, enjoys membership in a number of international organizations, representing more than 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide,” MWL Secretary General Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa said in the statement, adding that on the occasion of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the pan-Islamic organization is closely and very carefully following the dimensions of the escalation of human trafficking issue.

Al-Issa affirmed that the Makkah-based MWL attaches great attention to cooperation with the international community to combat this heinous crime and end it once and for all. He explained that the League’s attention is reflected in its active participation in many relevant international conferences and forums, as well as its ratifying and signing of several partnership agreements of a human dimension with various governments, international bodies and humanitarian organizations.

The Secretary General outlined that the human trafficking phenomenon constitutes a serious threat to humanity, and an issue of pressing concern for human societies after becoming organized crime in today’s world.

“This crime in all its forms is an unfair exploitation and a flagrant violation of human dignity, rights and fundamental freedoms, in an era when human civilization has reached the pinnacle of knowledge and material prosperity,” he said.

Al-Issa stressed that the most urgent needs of humans in every era are ensuring their dignity and leading a decent life, based on values including the protection of their legitimate rights and freedoms, and achievement of peace and harmony among people as one human family.

“Unfortunately, however, with the tremendous advances in science and rapid technological development, modern man still suffers from economic pressures that amounted to the commodification and consumption of human beings without regard to any values and morals. Let the world today be surprised by the emergence of slavery and servitude in their new form – the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings, which is in fact an unjust exploitation of humans and their compelling circumstances, and a flagrant violation of their legitimate rights, as well as being turned into cheap goods by brutal gangs that subject their victims to oppression and push them into servitude, and the unknown world,” he elaborated.

The MWL chief stated that the phenomenon of human trafficking has become a cross-border organized crime and a new form of contemporary slavery as it constitutes a blatant violation of human dignity. Consequently, the United Nations considers trafficking in persons as the most serious crime threatening the contemporary world after the drug and arms trade. He noted that July 30 of each year was designated by the UN as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, in order to fight human trafficking, raise awareness of its risks and to warn against falling into the traps of traffickers.


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