Humanity vs. Insanity

Whenever there is a crisis in the system’s stability ruling power often reacts in a disarray approaching panic but the numerous crises of the present moment bring with them an even more serious situation. It warrants aroused action from a unified and informed population but so far we are only aroused. We need to become less divided and more informed before matters already far from our control become completely beyond the illusion of democracy many think we already have.

The drums of war beat loudly and not just for the ongoing brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan . Changing the label on those mass murders from one idiotic brand name to another seems the only difference between the deranged policies of the last regime and their demented continuation by the new one. But the unrelenting drive to war against the revolutionary Islamic government in Iran has taken a more frenzied tone . The irrational charges against that nation and its president and the cynical use of movements for civil liberties within it are becoming far more deadly.

Mind managers are maneuvering the American people into an insane fear of attack from a nuclear weapons powered Iran despite no such evidence in the material world. The only reliable information questions the motives and mental health of those creating this diabolical disinformation . Many have already forgotten the supposed menace represented by Iraq, which existed only in the twisted minds of the war party in Washington and its dominating caucus representing Israel.

We have not finished our devastation of Iraq as we further it in Afghanistan and extend it into Pakistan, but that does not yet satisfy a paranoid military-religious-psycho cult that finds itself surrounded by enemies, mostly where it creates them. The cult’s development of ever more fiendish weapons with which to destroy and torture its adversaries is accompanied by its hysterical screaming about adversaries allegedly poised to terrorize and invade it : in other words, do to us exactly what we are doing to them.

A frustrated public understands that government is squandering its tax dollars on wanton waste and the bribing of rich minorities, but it’s so confused that describing its behavior as people on the sinking Titanic rearranging the deck chairs would be an understatement. It’s as though some passengers plead the new captain be given more time to find the hole where the water is entering with the rest near hysteria over the exorbitant room rates while the owners of the crippled ship buy more drone missiles and poison gas to ward off pending attack from terrorist penguins . But it isn’t funny.

Many Americans and a substantial number of Iranians have been led to believe an election decisively won by Ahmadinejad was actually stolen , this based on the evidence of wishful thinking, blatant lies and possible treason. A genuine movement for civil liberties in that nation has been deformed by the USA and Israel into an alleged counter revolution and sometimes instigated to act as a traitorous force within the country. When the American government and media howl about injustice in Iran after they censured any criticism of Israel’s mass brutality in Gaza they make vultures vomit and jackals gag. The normal noxious garbage flow from corporate government and its media stenographers has become so hazardous that we need to clear the political air before we are smothered by this mass attack of toxic mental pollution.

Recurring stories about Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons mostly come from an Israeli network of undercover operatives and an intelligence apparatus that reaches deeply into our government. Why does Israel want to hurt Iran and especially Ahmadinejad? Alone among world leaders he has been outspoken in calling for justice in Palestine, highlighting the suffering of its people and the maddening hypocrisy in making Palestinians pay for a European crime. Meanwhile the USA, still smarting over losing its puppet ruler in the 1979 revolution , continues vindictively attempting to destroy the Islamic regime. It is the threat of imperial collapse more than control of oil that moves America into such easily manipulated desire for destroying Iran’s revolution, but Israel’s hatred is more malevolent and dangerous.

Left to its own bumbling barbarism it might be unlikely that the US would openly attack, but given their possession of nuclear weapons and a tortured cultural narrative of Jews as eternal victims , there is no telling what the Israelis might attempt.

The present danger finds a globally dominant imperial force with power capable of wiping out millions the world over fast losing its control. But the empire and its minions are either in complete denial of material reality or motivated by immaterial beliefs that only their rule and mythology is worthwhile and all others must succumb or be destroyed. If we were confronted by a maniac wielding an ax we’d have a frightening problem, but when that maniac is an empire in possession of nuclear weapons and incredible fire power, all humanity has a terrifying problem.

Democracy, like charity, begins at home but ultimately extends much further than a locality or a nation. It is time for the endangered species – the overwhelming majority of earth’s population – to gain control of the situation before it is too late. The important work of the immediate future involves whether that happens through a truly democratic United Nations controlled by the real global majority, or that majority acting through smaller groups of allied countries and NGOs acting in common interest for global salvation. One thing seems all but certain: If we don’t soon remove the barriers that separate us as members of a human race, inhuman forces which profit from their creation may bring them crashing down on all our heads.