ICESCO making efforts to ensure right of millions of girls in Islamic world to equal opportunities

ICESCO making efforts to ensure right of millions of girls in Islamic world to equal opportunities

Rabat (UNA-OIC) – The Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) said it had developed policies and programs to promote equal opportunities for girls in member states and to empower them to contribute to comprehensive development and positive change.

The Organization said in a statement on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, observed yearly on October 11, that the step is part of ICESCO’s new vision, which aims, through such action, to achieve major strategic objectives to better the lives of millions of girls who have been victims of armed conflicts and antiquated traditions that are not aligning with the spirit of Islam and the times.

The celebration of this international day aims to shed light on the major violations facing child girls worldwide.

Given its development and enlightening roles, ICESCO joins the noble humanitarian efforts in its capacities and potentials to ensure the right of all girls to decent living and equal opportunities without any gender discrimination. The goal is to help them occupy leading positions in all vital fields.

Thus, the Organization called on all Member States, public institutions, and civil society bodies to join their efforts to reinforce international commitments to human rights and the rights of women and children. It also urged them to focus on adequate strategies and programs, namely: the improvement of girls’ access to inclusive quality and inclusive education and health services; skills development; and awareness-raising among parents and communities of the dangers of early and forced marriage; implement equitable legislation on the legal age of marriage taken into account the physical and mental maturity; and proper education.

ICESCO also called to end the practice of female circumcision, ensuring gender equality, and implementing solidarity and social policies to provide economic support for families.

The protective measures aim to ensure wider and equal participation of girls in the development and management of national development policies. The measures also seek to respect girls’ rights perspective, develop mechanisms likely to control all forms of violence against girls, and take legislative and deterrent measures thereto.

They also aim to ensure girls’ education, health, and social integration.

On this occasion, ICESCO is pleased to list some of its efforts geared towards empowering child girls:

  • Camps of scientific excellence/science, technology, engineering, and mathematics;
  • Lifelong learning program;
  • International contest of short story and drawing;
  • Supporting girls in youth centers during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Technovation Challenge – Morocco

During this multi-dimensional pandemic, ICESCO supported 24 Member States to ensure the right of students to education through technological tools. It also provided urgent humanitarian relief (hygiene products and foodstuffs for children and vulnerable families).

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