Idle Ramblings From the Cabin in the Mountains

About the war and occupation of Iraq….when will it end? Johnny Mathis got it right when he sang about the "Twelfth of Never".

Have you ever noticed how the rich guys always win in court. I wonder if it could be because they can buy the most expensive "expert witnesses" otherwise known as "Liars for Hire".

I just heard about a politician who brags about "sticking it to the citizens". I think he will be re-elected. He is a well-connected, incumbent Democrat in Vermont.

How can it be that the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons, now is the arbiter of which other countries can have them? Seems like it should be the other way around.

I wonder if anyone is still looking for the guy who put the anthrax in the mail.

I wonder why so few seem to care about the 18,000 who die in the USA every year because of lack of health care. That is like having a 9/11 every 60 days, only worse because we are doing it to ourselves. Maybe we should build a monument every 60 days to honor our fallen brethren who died because they were just too poor…or did they die because we were just too uncaring.

Homeless men have been being beaten up in the streets across the country. Some have been killed by teen age boys just for the fun of it. Makes you wonder what kind of toys those kids had when they were younger.

I wonder how many people have ever thought about prions.

I wonder if you can get "cabin fever" if you live in a condo.

I wonder what will be here, when everything that is here now, is gone.

I wonder why the schools still teach that Columbus discovered America. How can you discover a place if it already has people living there? Those people probably discovered it because they were there first, right? That would be like my riding my bike to Schenectady tonight and tomorrow I announce that I just discovered a new town. Then I name it after a friend of mine and kill many of the people who live there. I force the rest of them to live on a reservation.

I wonder why Atheists are so sure that their beliefs are the only ones that are correct. That is an ideological position that they share with organized religions… the absolute belief in their own infallibility. They always get hostile when that similarity is pointed out to them. I never heard a convincing argument from the believers or the non-believers but I am open to any new ideas.

If you disagree with anything here, it’s OK. Tomorrow maybe I will go to church, join the Democratic or Republican Party, eat a hamburger, and enlist in the Army….then again, maybe I will just sit back, listen to a little Erroll Garner, and wait for the real cabin fever season to kick in.