If Bush was a bona fide

According to the Bush Administration, there can be no comments on the Plame investigation because there is an active criminal investigation and it is considered "inappropriate" to comment under such circumstances. Isn’t it amazing that when Clinton was impeached, there was no shortage of commentary from these same people, before, during and after that process, which was tantamount to a criminal investigation, not by law enforcement, but by the House of Representatives.

But why is this criminal investigation taking so long? Didn’t Bush himself say long ago that he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and would fire anyone in his administration that had revealed state secrets?

If Bush was a bona fide proponent of truth and honesty within his own administration, this could have all been settled long, long ago. Bush could have called up the prosecutor, and asked who he wanted to interview. Bush could have called the relevant members or his administration right into the Oval Office, along with the prosecutor. This could have included Rove, Cheney, Libby, and anyone else who might be involved. Bush could have lain down the law to his staff — tell us right here and right now exactly what happened. Tell us the truth — I want to know, and I want this prosecutor to know, and you are going to tell us what you know — right here and right now. Then Bush could have allowed the prosecutor to ask questions and ask for documentation. The prosecutor could have been allowed to ask for relevant documentation, and the whole thing could have been solved in a week or two.

Instead, a year or two have passed and the stonewalling by the Bush Administration continues. Bush didn’t demand the truth, he helped stonewall. Bush is not bona fide. He is part of the problem and he continues to use his administration to inhibit the investigation, to stonewall, to mislead, to manipulate the press, and to deceive the public.

And the American public apparently doesn’t give a damn. Little things like truth and honesty are not expected to be part of any American government in this era.