If not now then never – Wake-up Pakistanis


One side the economical situation of the country is drifting towards total detonation day by day and on the other side political pundits ruling Pakistan are making every efforts to be remain in power. These self-claimed guarantors of democratic Pakistan who are controlling Presidential and Prime ministerial offices have already crossed all the ethical and moral boundaries a person can think and now they are ready to sabotage the dignity and honour of the Supreme Justice System of Pakistan. The biggest dilemma in Pakistan is that the federal and state capitals and their respective parliaments have been controlled by bunch of professionally corrupt elites, political leaders, choudheries, and tribal leaders who have common interest to remain occupying ruling seats at any cost. Most of them have dual nationalities and huge assets and bank balances outside the country, their families are already enjoying lavish lives in Europe and United States. Therefore, it is obvious to understand that they don’t have any sympathy with the falling conditions of the people and the state of Pakistan.

Leaders of the major political parties of Pakistan, PPP, PML (N), PML (Q), MQM, ANP claim that they want to unite the people of four provinces of Pakistan. They vow to flourish democratic system in Pakistan and they respect for parliaments but the ground realities are opposite to what they say, what they do and what they claim. If we exclude recently popular PTI which doesn’t have any representative in the parliament, every other party who has representatives in the parliaments has their own territorial supporters on the basis of language and territory. The remaining religious cum political parties who have been promising to their followers to bring Islamic rule in Pakistan for the last 50 years have actually flourished sectarian divisions in the country on the name of Islam. Pakistani political history shows that whenever these religious plus political gurus were offered a share in the government they have willingly welcome and accept the same corrupts politicians and army dictators.

The Pakistani currency is devalued to its lowest level, the prices of daily use items including food have gone beyond the reach of common person. People have no power, gas and patrol. The major businesses are being shifted from Pakistan. The major organisations and institutions including Pakistan International Airline, Pakistan Steel, Pakistan Railway, Oil & Gas Corporation and others are collapsed or being collapsed.

The corrupt so-called champions of democratic system in Pakistan running the country are now trying to create clash between the civilian and arm services in order to get away with their wrong doings they have committed in their last four years and to portrait themselves as victims.

Now the most alarming situation is that these corrupt politicians including the stakeholders occupying the highest civilian positions of the country are ready to confront with the Courts of Justice. They are ignoring the verdicts made by Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Supreme Court has already warned the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan of disqualification for defying implementation of the NRO verdict but they are showing no respect to the Supreme Court’s decision.

The President, Prime Minister and their party’s team are not so stupid that they don’t understand the consequences of confronting with the Supreme Court’s verdicts rather they have planned for this anarchical situation to happen so that they can be treated as victims in the eyes of the people of Pakistan and by the outside world. For them their secure exit is far important than Country’s stability.

In the latest development, announcing the verdict on NRO implementation case–š the Supreme Court bench decided six options to be executed if the government has failed to implement the Apex Court’s verdict on NRO. These six options are (1) to initiate the contempt of Court proceedings against the Chief Executive and the Secretary Law for not implementing the NRO verdict (2) to declare the Chief Executive ineligible from the membership of the Parliament (3) the Court may form a Commission to get the verdict implemented (4) The people themselves decide on the issue and the Court exhibit patience. (5) Contempt proceedings against Chairman NAB may be initiated, and (6) the action may be taken against President for violating the Constitution. Yet, the responses and behaviour of the President, Prime Minister and their companions demonstrate that they would resist against Supreme Court’s verdicts.

The leader of the rising political party of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Justice Party), Mr. Imran Khan announced that if the current rulers of Pakistan refused to follow the Supreme Court’s verdicts and trying to execute other measure which may over-rule the Court’ decision then he would ask the people of Pakistan to come out and stand behind the Courts of Justice. It is very visible now that if these rulers succeed in their plans then that will be an unrecoverable loss for Pakistan as it happened in the past in 1971 when Pakistan was broken into half. These crook politicians have already ignited divisions on the cause of more provinces. There is no harm in restructuring country’s provinces and districts if these are really required for the good governance and administration. It happens in every developing and developed country. There was a time in India before Partition when Sindh was spread up to Bombay (now Mumbai). Punjab was not today’s Punjab, Bengal was not today’s Bengal and so on.

There may be a genuine requirement of creating new provinces in Pakistan but how come these new provinces are only required in certain areas and provinces of Pakistan. The leaders vocalising for new provinces want new provinces in only in South Punjab and Pukhtoon Khuwa proclaiming for the rights of the people of these areas but what about the same rights for the other areas of the Pakistan particular for the people of 2nd richest populated province of Sindh. The point I want to make here is that new provinces may be genuinely required and can be good option for better administration in Pakistan but is it the right time for talking about new provinces when the country is going through so many other critical problems. Hence, it is logical to understand that the slogan of new provinces currently is only being used for political scoring and as part of an election manifest in order to secure more votes from emotionalised, divided and underprivileged people.

Therefore, in this most critical situation of Pakistan this is the last chance of people and an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to demonstrate unity stand behind the verdicts of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan as one voice force the current rulers to respect and follow the Court’s verdicts. This is the last chance to save and clean Pakistan from the corrupt leaders. This is the last chance for the people of Pakistan to bring the change in Pakistan. This is the time, people of Pakistan should stand up and bring those honest leaders and their parties who are truly represent Pakistan and whom past is very much cleaned.