If the Federal Government was handled Like a Business…

Since the Republican and Democratic Parties are so similar in philosophy and function, and since the Democrats are so weak and unable to field winning tickets in major political scenarios, why doesn’t the Republican Party just take over the Democratic Party?

All these people are either lawyers or businessmen, and they always seem to favor corporations and the wealthy. So why don’t they act like businessmen and engage in political mergers and acquisitions?

Think about how more efficient they could be in reaping returns for their investors. Both parties are unable to reign in corporate greed and corruption, and depend heavily on corporate largess to win political races.

So, why don’t the two major parties formally merge and strive for greater efficiency, fewer overhead, reduction of mid-management personnel, and amalgamation of headquarters for increased efficiency?

Then, we would see a SuperParty, perhaps known (at least popularly) as the Rats of America.

Independent parties could emerge, like little bitsy airlines, battling the giants. We could see the development of parties for the working poor, for the environment, for the immigrants, etc. America could experience some democracy for a change.

Come to think of it — perhaps that is why there are no party mergers and acquisitions. Democracy is the enemy of the power-mongers. Creation and maintenance of a pseudo-democracy with two parties that think like one and serve the same corporate masters turns out to be a brilliant strategy to divide and conquer the masses and exert control of the national scene in perpetuity.

The Rats are here, they are there and they are everywhere — because both parties are more alike than different and the little mice are left out of the power equations.