Imagine the life of Muslims from the life of their MP

Scotland Yard recorded twice the conversation between tooting MP Sadiq Khan and Babar Ahmad. The bugging device was hidden inside a hollowed-out table in the jail’s main visiting hall.

Khalid Mahmood, MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, said "I don’t think for a minute Sadiq Khan would do anything not in the interests of this country. He is a member of this country, of parliament and is a whip and what has happened is highly questionable."

What we need to consider is that this might be the first time that such information got public. It definitely won’t be the first time that conversation of Muslim MPs is bugged. A person reaching to the position of MP takes a lot of credibility, trust, commitment, devotion and sacrifice for a country and the community as large. Suspecting Muslim MPs means no Muslim is spared of the curse of suspicion.

It is baseless to argue that this suspicion is the result of Muslims’ involvement in terrorism. There is a history of organized worked towards the goal of creating a civilizational problem. Every Muslim living in the Western societies didn’t become a suspect, a walking bomb, all of a sudden after 9/11.

After monitoring the situation consistently for more than four years, it is not hard to conclude that the situation today is hopeless and disappointing. And this is so because 21st Century Muslims are now being treated worse than Jews under the Nazi rule in the 20th century. The British MP’s case is just one quick example of suspecting Muslims across the board.

Some might consider the hopelessness of the situation for Muslims as an exaggeration. In fact, such thinking itself is naivety and one of the root causes of the unfolding tragedy before our eyes. The main reason for our taking 21st Century fascism for granted is the misperception about Muslims. The actions and inactions of Muslims themselves have further led to the globalization of hatred against them, development of an anti-Islam mindset, racism and above all an international holocaust that was mostly local in the early 20th century Germany. The world is silently witnessing a replay of the Nazi crimes on a global scale, occurring during a relatively larger time frame under ” legal” justifications and professional cover-ups.

The result is that nearly 6-8 million Muslims have been butchered in the decades since the Jewish holocaust – The frequency of genocides has increased over the last two decades – but there is not even a whimper, let alone a standing-up to the modern day fascism and erecting of Muslim holocaust memorials or establishing of museums. May be these are actions that come with realization of guilt after the fact. On the other hand, in the case of Muslims, they are still passing through the age of holocaust. The misperceptions about Muslims are getting even stronger by the day and more and more people are crossing the line into accepting Muslim concentration camps and other inhuman treatments. And Muslim are, by and large, either silent by choice out of fear or by design and ignorance.

Racial profiling at airports and immigration processes; the blasphemous cartoons of their prophet; the U.S. forces flushing the Qur’an down in toilets, blowing up mosques in false flag operations and showering civilians with White Phosphorus; the labelling of Muslims as Islamists and promotion of heretics such as Manji and Rushdie as " moderate" Muslims, these are all manifestation of how Muslims are viewed in the 21st century.

Muslims have to go through the physical and intellectual horrors to learn civility and become normal, civilized human beings. The first step in this civilizing mission to prove to non-Muslims that Muslims are not equal human beings. They are barbarians and evil. We are just entering into the mainstreaming phase of this kind of fascism in which the New York Times joins the ranks of rabid Islamophobes in saying: "The cartoons are just an isolated incident." The rest of the analysts are presenting protests in the Muslim world as some kind of grand conspiracy to conquer the West. They are challenging the rationale behind the protests with the argument that why don’t Muslim protest when people are beheaded in Iraq. These Islamophobes ignore that Muslims did not protest and their governments did not lodge complaints even when it was absolutely confirmed that Iraq was occupied through lies and deceit. They are still not saying a word, even if Western analysts are pointing out that 608 million Muslims have been murdered since 1991.

Muslims didn’t protest when Fallujah was raised to the ground and thousands of innocent civilians were butchered. Muslims did not protest when they come to know that Iraqis were treated in the most inhuman and barbaric way possible. In this mayhem, beheadings and bombings become part of the genocidal actions and reactions for which the primary responsibility rests on the shoulders of the United States.

The rising chorus of Islamophobes openly calling Muslims to leave the Western countries is another way to see how Muslims are perceived and a sign of the problem ahead. If we look at the list of requirements which Muslims –” the sub-humans – have to fulfill before they are considered worth living among “normal human beings,” one may find out that it is an open challenge to them to leave your religion and associated beliefs or get ready for total isolation. In Germany, the state of Baden-Wurttemberg has added its own list of guidelines for use by officials when interviewing Muslims seeking German citizenship. All applicants face the usual tests of language proficiency, general knowledge and their ability to fend for themselves and their families. They also must accept the democratic principles laid out in Germany’s constitution. But Muslims face up to an additional 30 questions probing their religious beliefs, as well as their views on such topics as Western values, women’s clothing, homosexuality, wife-beating and polygamy.

Among other things, Muslims could be asked whether they accept criticism of their religion, how they feel about the terrorist attacks of 9/11, what their attitudes are toward Jews and whether they would allow their daughters to participate in school activities. The state’s Interior Minister says the test is designed to weed out unsuitable applicants or to be used as a basis for later deportation of those found to have lied.[3]

This type of screening based on individual beliefs and values, rather than actions, is the a fast forward towards 21st century fascism, which will clearly lead to the coming exodus, the end of nation states and Muslim holocaust in the near future. Interestingly, the mainstream media, religious institutions, [4] academia, and political and military leaders are all part of this 21st century Nazi campaign against Muslims which didn’t come about in the last few years. It is the product of systematic and organised work at least since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan and the fall of the former Soviet Union. Unbeknownst to the Islamophobes they are not pushing only Muslims towards total isolation and destruction, they are undermining their own societies as well. They are turning their own people and valuable resources into cannon fodder as well. In sum, they are pushing the humanity towards the ultimate tragedy.

In this unfolding tragedy, the most important point to note is how the Muslims treatment as children of a lesser God and the murder of millions of them has been ignored not only by the so-called mainstream Media which is only to be expected but also by the ‘Alternative Media’.

This suggests that when it comes to the denial of Muslims mistreatment and holocaust, even the ‘Alternative Media’ has become so hypnotized by the lies of the “mainstream media” that its mindset is governed by the parameters set by the “mainstream media” and thus it cannot handle another reality outside that mindset. This is exactly what Cognitive Dissonance is about.

Of course, the ‘Alternative Media’ is unaware of this and it’s up to those of us who are aware to shake them back into awareness. MP Sadiq Khan is just one case that should make us realise about the problems faced by a multitudes of Muslims on daily basis.

In November 2002, I wrote a piece, the curse of suspicion, about the feelings of an individual critic living under the suspicion of a dictatorial regime and its corrupt officials. Imagine the feelings of a people on mass scale living in a society where a majority considers them as suspects. Imagine the suspicion because of a people’s color, creed and faith. Imagine the force of the "mainstream media" behind it. Imagine the force of all agencies of the state behind it. Of course, it leads to Nazi mindset among local populations but please do stop and ponder for a moment over the psychological health of a people living under the curse of suspicion 24 hours a day, seven days and week and 12 months a year.

The more Western societies look on their own Muslims with suspicion, the more internal tensions this creates, and the more alienated their already alienated Muslim youth become. This is exactly what masters of propaganda, lies and deceptions about Muslims dreamed of with their years of dedicated work to create a great gulf between Muslims and the Western world.

Children of the lesser God – Muslims – are in deep problem because they don’t have the means or a coherent strategy to counter to forces which spread fear of Muslims and Islam in a very systematic and organized manner. Most of them have adopted the approach of silence and staying away in isolation, thinking this will keep them away from problems. But that is not going to address the challenge they face. They are all guilty with no chance of being able to prove themselves innocent, simply because they will remain Muslims. And they are considered guilty just because of that. Doesn’t it sound like Nazi Germany expanded to the global scale and Muslims replacing Jews of the 20th century? Hope MP Sadiq Khan and others realizes this now and act to somehow undo the consolidation of Nazi-mindset towards Muslims.


[1]. Muslims are now forced to learn homosexuality because it is part of "civility." Premier of Ontario, for example, encouraged Muslim parents in November 2004 to allow their children to attend public school classes on tolerance for homosexuality because this was part of learning civility. Ottawa Citizen wrote in one of its editorials (November 19, 2004): "The right of parents to teach their children morals doesn’t trump the efforts of schools to teach their students civility." It is not only imposing un-Islamic values on Muslims but also spreading the misconception that Islam as a religion is not civilized and so are not Muslims.

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