In 24h, Brazil reports another 555 deaths from COVID-19

Brazil tops 60 thousand deaths from COVID-19

In the report released Sunday (Jul. 26), the Brazilian Health Ministry reveals that 555 people died from COVID-19 in 24 hours; This brings the total of lives claimed by the novel coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic to 87,004. Furthermore, 24,578 new cases have been confirmed, raising the total to 2,419,091. This count includes the 1,634,274 people (67.6%) who have had the disease and recovered.


The states with the highest related death toll are São Paulo (21,606), Rio de Janeiro (12,835), Ceará (7,493), Pernambuco (6,352), and Pará (5,716). Those with the lowest number of fatal cases are Mato Grosso do Sul (305), Tocantins (346), Roraima (473), Acre (486), and Amapá (554).

The states with the highest case tally are: São Paulo (483,982), Ceará (162,085), Rio de Janeiro (156,325), Pará (148,463), and Bahia (148.179). The ones with the fewest infected people thus far are Acre (18,745), Mato Grosso do Sul (21,514), Tocantins (21,767), Roraima (29,829), and Amapá (35,220).

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