In the first anniversary of September the eleventh



September 11 is the anniversary of the detonation of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, which killed thousands of innocent people belonging to different nationalities of the world.

This criminal detonation was the worst terrorist act ever experienced by the world, executed by groups or organizations in which its destructive outcome of killing innocent people have reached the same level of results as terror committed by nations, and still being practiced under the name of war against terror or evil, as perceived by president Bush. There is no doubt at all that this criminal act is totally condemned, and definitely the group behind it needs to be confronted. And the conformity with putting an end for these terrorist acts targeting civilians became globally inevitable, no matter were the motives behind it.

These acts are nothing but void and un-political deeds leading to disastrous results, not only for those who commit it but for all the people of the world, specially the oppressed who are continuously being exposed to the terror of nations seeking control. It gives these terrorist nations excuses and documents for waging legal wars of terror against these oppressed people, seeking control of their resources annexing their economy and marketing. Outstanding evidence is the war committed by the USA against Afghanistan, and the intentions for planning a war against Iraq under the motto “war on terror”, and what is currently committed by Israel (supported and encouraged by USA) against the Palestinians under occupation since 35 years, under the same motto.

The terrorist act against World Trade Center in New York had initiated a rein for the right-wing American fundamentalists inside the USA, expressed with vast waxes of racial pursue, and violation of human rights and consolidation of police enforcements and FBI on American society.

On the external front: the right-wing American fundamentalists have succeeded in inflicting world terror; either by joining the USA in its “War on terror” against the people of the world or becomes a target.

(He who is not with us is against us, according to the right-wing American Fundamentalist), George Dibio Bush).

Some democratic deep-rooted nations defending freedom and human rights were forced to halt its protests about the unforgivable crimes committed by the American Administration in Afghanistan. And also inside the U.S A. as well, groups avoided the protest because of extortion by the U.S. to them.

In the shadow of escalating war drums in Washington, the talk about the September the 11th terrorist attach in New York became a joint venture with the terror practiced by the United States of America and it sole alliance (Israel). We cannot theoretically talk about its results, but rather talk about the result of this terrorist operation in a practical way:

It was possible for the world’s alliance fighting against terror, to capture the organizers of this terrorist operation and to present them to international justice for obtaining a fair punishment. But this stupid operation gave excuses to the American admistration to blast off its hand to looting people’s natural resources by military tyranny. (Yesterday; a major official of the American Defense Ministry has slipped news that minister Ramsfield gave orders for preparing a military plan for attacking and invasion of Iraq in the second day of New York terror operation, this means that this case with regard to Ramsfield and the administrative fundamentalist is not concerned in punishing those committed to this terror operation, but executing plans for steeling the nation’s natural resources under the posted motto of “war on terror”).

After the arguments among the war lords in Washington, the decision has been made by the American administration to start the occupation of Afghanistan, not only for the purpose of punishing the operation organizers but because Afghanistan is rich in natural gas, minerals, and petroleum. And above all the American Administration has foreseen the chance for possession of the massive petroleum depot in the Caspian Sea while it was far from it. And this is has been actually achieved by chance and not by American police observation and security departments, (which absolutely free to act in arresting, persecuting and departing Americans of Arabic or Islamic ethnic groups). Also arresting Dr. Goldstein before weeks in Florida, his wife reported him to her mother because he used to blackmail her by death, her mother reported him to the police, the police lately discovered massive arms and explosive depot, including remote controlled devices for exploding charges at a distance, and highly flammable liquids, etc., also police held at his house; maps and blueprints showing sites in which (he and his group) were planning to blow-up, also detailed instructions about routs reaching those sites, and places of setting the explosive charges. Goldstein’s targets (who is a gynecologist) were to explode 29 schools, institutions, and Islamic mosques in Florida. The police has arrested him, file was closed, there were no orders for the F-16s fighter jet planes to destroy Florida or the avenue in which Goldstein was residing as it was done in Afghanistan while searching for Ibin-Laden.

Mentioning the order which was issued by Ramsfeild the American Defense Minister the next day after the WTC explosion (This case was coordinated with Dick Chaney, the presidents Bush’s deputy) this case specific for setting a plan for attack and occupation of Iraq in spite of the lack of any correlation between Iraq and the events of September the 11th in New York. The meaning is clear, the United States wants to use this dirty act

(attack on WTC) for waging a series of dirty acts for controlling petroleum resources. What is so funny is that a CIA official has declared in an interview: That Mohmmad Atta met president Sadam Husein in Bagdad before the explosion operation. This man (CIA official) is being sarcastic about people’s minds, in a lying and superficial manner wants to persuade people that Iraq has a relation with the events of September the 11th, because all the war drums against Iraq is not absolutely related to the war on terror but is mainly concerned with weapon of mass destruction disarmament, which is a different subject altogether. There was no agreement among the international alliance established after the September the 11th of war on terror, for waging wars on nations attempting development of mass destruction weapons, and those who own them. Accordingly, president Bush have declared to the media at Camp David after meeting with the British prime minister Tony Blair, President Sadam Husein have obliged himself in destroying weapons of mass destruction before 11 years which he did not do, and there were more than 12-UN resolutions which were not implemented by Sadam Husein, and he is dangerous to the whole world, therefore, attacking Iraq and destroying its weapons is a must. The nuclear energy agency have denied what Bush have pretended regarding firm evidence that Iraq is redeveloping nuclear weapons too. The agency has said that it has pictures for building established on the grounds of nuclear research site, but it has no idea for its uses by Iraq.

“Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction, therefore, president Bush wants to invade Iraq and to remove president Sadam Husein”.

“Iraq did not implement 12-UN resolutions of other UN resolutions, therefore, president Bush wants to invade Iraq and attacking its people with rockets”. (As he done in Afghanistan). In reality president Bush and his administration want control over Iraq’s Petroleum, which contributes to 15% of worlds reserve for covering the massive financial deficit in which the U.S. is suffering from, and also for manipulating petroleum prices in order to control the economy of its allies, and also for extorting the other petroleum producers headed by Saudi Arabia.

In an official and secretive agreements, between intermediary agents of both the Middle East and the American Administration, it was clear that that the United States wants at least 85%-share of Iraq’s economy ( As Kuiet), the refusal of Iraq of this proposal, (because Iraq has far sighted obligations with Europeans, Asiatic nations and Russia), cannot deny its own privilege, therefore, Iraq is the master of its resources.

That’s what Washington wants.

Any way, Bush’s war on Iraq is listed as he declared under the item of war against weapons of mass destruction and the refusal of implementing U.N. resolutions, the logical question is: What about countries owning weapons of mass destruction and nuclear heads ready to be lunched and refusing the implementation of tens of U.N resolutions and the security council? Israel refuses implementing U.N. resolutions and occupying, by the power of American weapons, since 35 years the Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza, Golan heights, and Shibaa farms of Lebanon. And it is the country which owns weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical, according to expert’s report, Israel owns more than 100 nuclear heads and it is the only country refused and still refusing the signing of nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and the only country refusing the submission of its nuclear facilities to Nuclear Energy Commission inspection, (that president Bush falsely testified against).

President Bush, and the consecutive American administrations, have continued supplying Israel with the most modern jet planes, rockets, and devastating weapons, in spite of its refusal of U.N. resolutions, and the development of weapons of mass destruction. Not only this. President Bush have also encouraged Sharon and his government on committing the ugliest crimes against the Palestinian people, and gave an official green light for rein of terror by the Israeli military establishment, organized for the destruction of the Palestinian infra-structure, and the destruction of institutions, houses, killing of civilians, and committing of what is against Geneva convention and international resolutions.

Eleven years ago, the United States and its allies have waged a war on Iraq because Iraq occupied Kuiet, and refrained from withdrawal according to U.N. Security Council resolution. Israel currently occupying Palestinian and Arab lands and still refuses to withdraw in spite of 35 years has elapsed on U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding Israel the immediate withdrawal of the lands occupied since 1967, we did not see the United States moving a single soldier for implementing U.N. resolutions, or accepting sending international troops for the protection of Palestinian people from the organized continuous terror practiced by the country of Israel.

We have read articles by Americans and westerners asking a question (They can not find an answer for it) about the reasons of hatred towards the United States and the escalation of such hatred in more than one place in the world??.

We will try to answer those writers to their question.

The main reason for this hatred often felt by the people of the world towards the United States is in fact not hatred to the American people, or to the marvelous principles stated in the United States constitution, or to the democratic system enjoyed by its people, or to the civil rights included in the U.S. constitution, and it laws for Americans and it is certainly not hatred for the live model of coexistence.

It is hatred to the (foreign) policy practiced by the American administration with respect to the same rights enjoyed by Americans, often strove by the people of the world, which is denied by the administrations by force.

Bassam Abu-Sharif is a special advisor to Yasser Arafat.