India Betray The Peace Hopes


It is true that up to now at least the Indians have not abandoned their hawkish approach towards Pakistan, despite the historic speech by the President. If banning five religious extremist organizations in a go, and arresting over a thousand and a half alleged religious extremists in a span of four days, is not matching “words with actions,” the phrase that is on India’s lips these days, then what it is.

If urging India to withdraw its offensive military arsenal and troops from the LOC and border, and insisting on the resolution of Kashmir dispute through dialogue, is not a policy of “restraint,” then what it is.

All this amounts to a very belligerent and arrogant attitude on the part of hawkish leaders currently ruling India.

You simply cannot expect one side to be peace loving and restraint-oriented and the other side to be war mongering and belligerent, and yet expect the two to make peace.

India should not betray the peace hopes of South Asian people.