India’s Tone n’ Tenor

A typical style of hypocrisy "depicting the antagonistic mindset of the Indian warlords" vis-à-vis Pakistan is coming out to the world at a swift pace. It looks that New Delhi is toothed to get it stripped "before the comity of nations" once again with a newest memo of perils to peace in the volatile n’ edgy scenario of the South Asian region.

Of late the "overtures for thaw" to liquefy the risky settings "perceptibly" seem coming close to a halt "by all perceptions" only due to India’s habitual conceit n’ vanity to eschew the ground realities. Such a course has taken a swelling shift ever since the unveiling of a No-trust move against the feeble n’ fragile Vajpayee rule "in the Indian Parliament" almost a fortnight ago.

Though Vajpayee was eventually able to ‘spoil’ the move with his typical bullying n’ hounding chic, he is "all sure" to face a rough n’ tough time in both houses of the Indian legislature, in times ahead as the hulking Congress Party, with JL Nehru’s legacy, Sonia Gandhi as its boss is all set to make eject the radical rule at all costs.

Not only that nations on Atlas have come to know with odium n’ revulsion of a hefty number of terrorist training camps in India?all directed to dexterity of an alarm for its neighbours via New Delhi’s naughty gambits but more explicitly to destabilise Pakistan through seditious acts.

Though Vajpayee beamed a "message of synchronization with affinity" from the charismatic soils of Srinagar, his demeanour on return to Delhi from forcibly held area by almost a million armed might of the mesmerizing Himalayan State of Jammu n’ Kashmir was entirely?altered. He did articulate his "zest for peace" yet ironically he continues unabated with the fanatic collection of arms n’ arsenal of mass destruction?a craze n’ lust which has no end. He is least uptight about awful dilemma of his billion-plus populous "the majority of which is dying of starvation.

Not to talk of other vicinities a latest report by Indian news agency" Indo-Asian News Service unveils a dreadful story that dozens of people "mostly children" died of famine in the state of Orissa just in one month. It carried a statement of Bahujan Samaj Party [BSP] president Akhya Mallik wherein he says that the number of deaths "due to hunger has gone beyond 100 in this area alone" over the last few months.

Certainly same is the plight of Indian elsewhere. Despite such an obnoxious state of affairs at home "the callous Indian regime" on the one hand speaks of "friendship with Pakistan" yet on the other, not only shirks "in futile" a dialogue on the root cause of the irritants between the two nuke-states the Kashmir dispute but also sticks with its hostile posture.

It’s apparent in a crystal-clear way from the statements made by Pakistani and Indian leadership on Pak-India relations on the eve of their independence days, which portray the contrast in tenor and tone of the remarks made therein. Whereas Pakistani leadership issued a transparent avowal without any pre-conditions, the statement by AB Vajpayee was "paradoxically" marked by deceit n’ duplicity.

Vajpayee first talked of "need to have political will to resolve the differences between Pakistan and India" but himself cancelled out his "mode of oratory" by fabricating unsubstantiated allegations of ‘cross-border-movement’. At the same time, Pakistan has picked up credible information about the movement of Indian troops in the Drass-Kargil sector and other related activities. Isn’t it a pose of double standard by India?

An extending "hand of friendship" on the one hand and hurling fallacious n’ unreal charge of "cross-border-movement" on the other is of-course a hideous proclivity n’ propensity, which can in no way be tolerated by an upright n’ civilized sovereign nation.

Pakistan. ‘Pakistan is ready to respond to any challenge,’ were the words aired to the globe by a foreign office spokesman of-course in a zestful n’ pragmatic way.

With all these realities?it is still an apposite time for India to cease at-once its violent n’ sadistic approach?and bend before the global will by coming to the table of talks with Pakistan if at all New Delhi "wishes" for a durable serene n’ tranquil ambiance in South Asia. It must give-up hostile tone n’ tenor by accepting the actuality that such ploys shall not work in any fashion and that there can by no links, no trade, no friendship, no harmony and above all no peace in this part of the world?sans the solution of Kashmir Issue, reflecting the bona fide aspirations of the great, gallant n’ grand Kashmiris.