Indo-Pak: Path to resolve Kashmir dispute

At the gregarious banquet hosted by Indian leadership, sitting side-by-side, delightfully enjoying with the most appetizing Mughlai Pakwan (Moghul Cuisine), Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf addressed the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh to seize that amazing moments of friendship and to make it impossible for reversing the ongoing efforts of peace and harmony between the two great nations of India and Pakistan. The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also responded with the same kinds of gestures of companionship.

I repeatedly said in my past articles on Indo-Pak relations that maintaining trust and confidence at all levels must be the on-going activities to furnish peace and harmony between India and Pakistan. There should be measures of un-interrupted dialogue process and holding of events of promoting friendship. This will eventually lead to discuss and resolve the core issue of Kashmir.

Adoring cricket the people of India and Pakistan displayed unforgettable images of harmony and synchronization in their attitude during the last one-day match between India and Pakistan played at the Kotla Stadium Delhi. Waving Pakistani flags with Indian, side-by-side, painting Pakistani flag on one chick and Indian on the other by young boys and girls were the remarkable images for which not only millions of people in subcontinent were waiting for but the entire world community looking for this relationship of love and peace to be maintained. Though President Musharraf’s visit to India was proclaiming as to witness the last one-day cricket match at Kotla Stadium Delhi, nevertheless, in reality, the leaders of both the countries wanted to avail the cricket-event in discussing and promoting better understanding and developing more trust building measures on on-going measures of friendship. The presence of President Musharraf in the Kotla stadium with Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh welcoming and wishing the people present in the stadium were the splendid moments of history. No doubt, the credit goes to the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and to their respective governments who have shown enormous efforts, sincerity and patience to further exhibit the indulgent and stage the gestures of friendly relationship at the level best.

Certainly, still both sides have not yet open their cards to negotiate the deal on Kashmir and are loudly determined on their principle stand of not accepting the LOC or changing the map at the borders, nevertheless, it is good to see that now Kashmiri activist are also showing great deal of realization and accepting that dialogue and diplomacy are the only means of resolving the issue of Kashmir. In a joint statement, President Musharraf and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh showed their determination to address the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and common consents to continue discussions until the final settlement on Kashmir is achieved. Both the governments are now showing great deal of agreements on strengthening their relations through launching the activities of mutual benefits and producing friendly and neighbourly relations. Reopening the consulate offices in Karachi and Mumbai by the respective governments and commencing to open Khokhrapar-Munabao border for the public are the great announcements and positive steps in promoting people-to-people contacts. Intending to declare India as favourite nation by Pakistan will be another big step by Pakistani government which will provide immense confidence and pleasure to India to come forward and offering much more to Pakistan. These steps will certainly provide huge opportunities to the people of India and Pakistan in trade, art, entertainment and in many other business areas.

Going back to the core issue of Kashmir, one reason the leaderships of both the countries are not yet flexible on their stands as they still understand that their going to be backlash from those elements who are fanatics and don’t want to see Indo-Pak friendship. These elements and groups, without wasting time will agitate people to come on the streets and sabotage the entire process of peace and friendship. However, sooner or later there would be a phase where the leaders and the governments of India and Pakistan will have to face and deal on the basis of “give and take”. And on this basis both will have to loose something and gain something. Now to provide and maintain confidence to the leaders and governments of both the countries to go openly for the deal this is the responsibility of the people of India and Pakistan to openly condemn those forces who are anti the Indo-Pak friendship. In this mission, media who has been playing an excellent role in promoting the positive roles of both the governments and their heads can play continuous and major role to realise the people of both the countries that they should think realistically and optimistically and accept needs of the time in their interest.

More role can also be played by intellectuals, artists, social dignatories and non-governmental organisations and groups can also play a vital role in maintaining the peace process smoothly. More ongoing social and cultural events should be arranged where the prominent people from media, art, culture, literature and the representative of non-political organizations should be invited to exchange their views and boldly discuss the options of on the solution of Kashmir with logical reasons. More forums and debates should be organized in India and Pakistan and in other countries by the overseas Indians and Pakistanis where the issues should be addressed in a freely and friendly environment and the options of settlement should be forwarded discussed.