Indonesia hit by 873 natural disasters since start of 2021: BNPB

Indonesia hit by 873 natural disasters since start of 2021: BNPB

Jakarta (UNA-OIC) – Indonesia experienced 873 natural disasters during the period from January 1 to March 21, 2021, according to the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

Natural disasters to have struck the country were largely floods followed by whirlwinds and landslides, the agency noted in a statement on Sunday.

The natural disasters comprised 16 earthquakes, 80 incidents of forest and land fires, 369 incidents of floods, 175 incidents of landslides, 220 incidents of whirlwinds, and 12 incidents of tidal waves as well as abrasions.

The disasters affected and displaced a total of 4,138,853 people, claimed the lives of 277 people, rendered 12 people missing, and injured 12,421 others.

Some 54,430 houses were damaged, including 4,984 houses that incurred serious damage, 5,907 houses that suffered moderate damage, and 43,539 houses that were slightly damaged.

Furthermore, 1,709 public facilities were damaged, including 860 school buildings, 663 worship facilities, 186 health facilities, 290 office buildings, and 106 bridges.

Head of BNPB Doni Monardo had earlier pressed for intensifying disaster literacy in order to boost disaster risk preparedness. “Disaster literacy must be conducted since elementary school, because the earlier one gains information on disaster management, the better it is,” he affirmed.

Monardo expressed belief that imparting literacy from an early age can provide knowledge to the community on the importance of disaster mitigation. “Information will continue to be disseminated at any time to remind the public, as disasters can occur at any time,” he remarked.

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