International Mediation is A Must for Peace in South Asia

Tony Blair reminded stubborn Indians during his recent peace-mission visit to Sub-continent, “the only way to resolve Kashmir is to seek agreement by dialogue.”

He was severely criticized by the Indian officials when he stated that Pakistan’s position on Kashmir was ‘very strong’.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell , about to start his visit to Pakistan and India, has said he would ask the leaders of the two countries to renew direct dialogue over Kashmir, saying such talks were vital to reduce tensions and troop withdrawal along the border.

President Musharraf has already appealed to the world community, specially the US, to play an active role in resolving the Kashmir dispute for the sake of peace and harmony in the region.

The US must play a key role in resolving the key Kashmir dispute by serving as a mediator.

India will continue to brand Pakistanis ‘hard-liners’, ‘militants’, ‘fundamentalists’ or ‘extremists’, but past 54 experience proves that the Kashmir crisis demands international mediation.

Mr. Powell, you have demonstrated a statesman like approach by asking both nations, “I think I can help talk to both sides about getting a dialogue started. Once it is started, you let us know what role you would like us to play, if any, or if you think it is better for us to play none, so be it.”

Any negative Indian reaction is bound to disappoint those who hope for peace in South Asia.