Investigating nuts, yahoos and Netenyahu



Lady Bird Johnson did it!  A retired college professor in Cairo, who lived in the United States at the time of the Kennedy assassination, is convinced that an investigation is warranted into whether Lady Bird Johnson was involved in the plot. The Harvey Lee Oswald version of events just doesn’t wash with this old student of American political intrigue. Oliver Stone should pick up on this story for his sequel.

Four plus decades after the cold blooded murder of the prince of Camelot, there are those who believe that Lady Macbeth was the real force behind the rise of LBJ to power. Is it too late for Congress to properly probe the Professor’s thesis?

Moving on to more immediate national catastrophes. It is certainly time to investigate why 911 happened, how it could have been avoided, the policy failures and the warning signs. But first, we need an inquiry into why it has taken eight months for Congress to probe these issues. My problem with all the current hot air coming out of Congress is that it makes the assumption that George Bush had a clear ‘crystal ball’ reading on an event that left the rest of the nation dazed for months after it happened. When the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, it took most of us weeks to process the reality and scale of the event. I remember walking around in a daze for days. But now, some Representatives and Senators want to investigate whether the Bush administration saw it coming and kept the information from the American people. Apparently, the President of the Republic is now expected to be endowed with the powers of prophecy. If it turns out that he is lacking in prophetic powers, I second the call for immediate impeachment.

When are all these nuts and yahoos on the Hill going to investigate their own obvious failings? Should we not first investigate the fact that they are willing to rally behind a degenerate crazed ex-Prime Minister of Israel? Can Tony Blair just pop in and round up ninety-eight Senators to rally around the British agenda?  Does Congress have enough time on its hands to attend to the many urgent initiatives that need to be launched to cement our relationship with Sweden and Costa Rica? Besides, Why don’t we have a special relationship with Wales?

We need to set up an independent commission, led by ex-president Ford and ex-president Carter, with a major appearances by Bob Dole, George Mitchel and representatives of the Green party and the Libertarians.  This commission should have the power to grant immunity to all who testify.  The commission should be granted a full mandate to uncover the domestic political corruption scandals orchestrated by Netenyahu, a former Prime Minister of Israel, a political freak, a liar, a cheat and a right wing extremist whose agenda is considered hawkish even by an old Likudnik war criminal like Sharon.

Congress will never investigate the corruption of its members. It is common public knowledge that the Israeli Lobby has converted the circus on the Hill to a marketplace for trading intellectually deformed weasels. The American people need to know the market price of a Senator. Before the free market fanatics raise howls of protest, let them be assured that I am not suggesting price controls.  But, the average American consumer needs to see transparency in the market for weasels and the price of their votes. If they can be purchased wholesale by Netenyahu, nuts and yahoos should also be available for the domestic market.

We also need an independent commission to investigate whether Israeli public relations efforts have now become institutionalized in the mass media empires of Sulzberger, Graham, Levine and Murdoch.  These private independent unelected centers of political power needs to come clean with the American people. When William Safire admits to working as an agent for Ariel Sharon, and all he gets is applause from the Yiddish supremacist crowd, it should raise serious concerns about our political process.

To those who demand investigations, let us first investigate who it is that is demanding an investigation and why they are asking for this kind of probe at this time. Further, let us investigate the yahoos and nuts, who follow the Netenyahu version of the Bush doctrine. For some unknown reason, they choose to serve their terms in the Knesset by taking seats in the Senate. We only have a hundred Senate seats, is it fair to give ninety-eight of those seats to a party led by a crazed zealot like Benjamin Netenyahu? Call me idealistic, but I say the American people need more representation than Hollings of South Carolina and Bird of Virginia.

And what is  all this talk about biblical ‘prophecy’ being a determinant of American foreign policy in the Middle East? If that is such a great idea, why don’t we just use Christian prophecy to determine our future relations with China, Argentina and New Zealand? Now that the Christian identity movement has formed an alliance with the Yiddish supremacists, is it not time to inform the rest of America about the new ideology that will guide our foreign policies as the new Rome? Are we teaching proper consistent Biblical prophecy techniques at the State Department?  How are we going about the business of determining the loyalties of State Department staff who do not share a core belief system based on Biblical prophecy? The State Department must see the urgency of establishing a crack team of futurists and biblical prophecy experts who can determine, with reasonable prophetic accuracy, if certain Ambassadors are prone to deviate from established prophetic doctrines.  Perhaps an outside team made up of Cal Thomas, Pat Robertson and Alan Keyes can guide the department with their crystal balls to assure an early arrival at Armageddon. For the sake of our nation and our planet, can we ask any less of the state than to fulfill the prophecy of the church.

Inquiring minds want to know about Netenyahu’s nuts and yahoos who prowl the halls of Congress. Investigate them now.

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).