Iran, Pakistan united in supporting the resistance of Palestinian people: Speakers

Iran, Pakistan united in supporting the resistance of Palestinian people: Speakers

They expressed these views at a webinar titled “Quds Axis of Muslim Unity” jointly organized by Cultural Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Islamabad and Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan.

This program was held with the aim of commemorating and keeping alive the issue of Quds, examining the Zionist regime’s conspiracies against the Palestinian people and explaining the views of late Imam Khomeini and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali  Khamenei on the issue of Palestine.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan, cultural counselor, prominent figures affiliated with various political and religious parties of Pakistan spoke on the occasion.

While supporting the oppressed people of Palestine and condemning the crimes of Zionist regime in the occupied territories they emphasized the continuation of path of martyrs of the resistance.

**Al-Quds Day a symbol of solidarity and support for the oppressed people of Palestine

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini, expressing his views said Al-Quds Day observed on Last Friday of Ramadan is an event initiated by Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in support of the oppressed people of Palestine and open opposition to aggression against the Zionist crimes.

He added the purpose of this imitative was to keep alive the important and vital issue of Palestine and to turn the hearts of the Muslims of the world and their integrated attention to Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla of Muslims and the third Islamic holy place after Mecca and Medina.

**Islamic unity is an inevitable necessity

Ehsan Khazaei, Cultural Counselor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan says Al-Quds is very important to all Muslims for being first Qibla of Islam.

He said today innocent Palestinians are looking towards us for support against the Zionist regime. He said because of the foresightedness of Imam Khomeini and policies of the Supreme Leader, the issue of Palestine has become the most important issue of the Muslim world.

He said some Arab states have recognized Zionist regime which is betrayal to the innocent Palestinians. 

Ehsan Khazaei went on to say martyr Qasem Solemani throughout his life fought for the cause of Palestine and his struggle has also encouraged Muslims around the world to fulfill their obligations towards the people of Palestine.

**Quds, the center of Muslim unity

General Secretary of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) Nasir Abbas Jafri said Muslims should be united to fight against the enemies of Islam.

He added the founder of the Islamic Revolution, due to the need for unity of Muslims against the enemies, announced the Week of Unity and the International Day of Al-Quds to bring Muslims closer as much as possible.

He said that Quds Day is the day of resistance against oppression.

General Secretary of MWM said martyr commander Qasem Soleimani, and the followers of Imam Khomeini’s ideals have given their lives to defend the resistance.

**The issue of Quds is the issue of survival of Islam and humanity

Allamah Amin Shaheedi in his views said Palestine is not an issue of Arabs and non-Arabs, but the issue of entire Muslim Ummah.

He added the issue of Palestine and Quds is the issue of unity of the Islamic Ummah, and this issue unites the Muslims of the world against global tyranny and arrogance.

“Israel seeks division and discord among the Muslims of the world so the Muslims of the world must put aside their minor differences and unite against the tyranny of time,” he said.

Allamah Amin Shaheedi said if Palestine is lost, other Islamic countries will be lost, and if Palestine remains, other Islamic countries will also remain.

Dr. Abdul Basit Mujahid, professor at Allamah Iqbal Open University in Islamabad said Imam Khomeini established the Islamic Revolution in the world and provided the center of unity and awakening and asked the Muslims to stand up and united the Muslims of the world against imperialism.

He added if Islamic countries such as Iran, Turkey and Pakistan unite, they can provide the ground for the liberation of Quds.

Allama Arif Waheedi said the long-standing issue of Palestine has become a challenge for the Muslims world. He praised Imam Khomeini for reviving the Palestine cause through Al-Quds day. He said today a conspiracy of greater Israel is going on.

He regretted that many Arab Muslim states have become partners of the Zionist regime by establishing ties with the illegitimate state. Muslims have to be united. Normalizing ties with Zionist regime is a big crime.

Deputy Secretary General of Islamic Solidarity Council Saqib Akber said today Zionist regime is struggling to maintain its imposed position. “Brave Palestinians have shaken the basis of Zionist regime,” he said.

He added it is unfortunate that some Muslim Arab states have recognized Zionist regime and betrayed the cause of Palestine. He said Zionist regime has failed in expansionist designs.

Head of Jamia Naeemia Mufti Gulzar Naeemi said Palestine is the major issue of the entire Muslim world. We have to be united for the liberation of Al-Quds. We have to move intelligently to undermine anti-Islam conspiracies.

More than 50 people over all joined the webinar. Among them were heads of other think tanks, foreign diplomats, faculty members of different universities and PHD students and lawyers.


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