Iraq is communism’s last stand

The secular leftist media in this country is having it their way again. Guess they were emboldened by their success at pumping the story that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, successfully creating a US cause for war, while simultaneously acting like they opposed the war. Now that the US is in Iraq, the media is having it both ways again. They act like they are against the war and supporting the troops, adorning their publications and news casts with heart wrenching stories about American soldiers. They complain about the Arab media and especially Al-Jazeera. They say they don’t like it that Al-Jazeera airs the Bin laden tapes. Well, if that is all that Al-Jazeera does wrong on Iraq, they are far better than much of the US media, who while not saying much about Bin Laden, or his counterpart Zarqoui, loves to show Iraqi Shiite civilians being killed and blown to bits by the media manufactured "insurgency." That is their other way of showing thei! r support for the troops, by carrying out a free PR campaign for the insurgents who can’t kill enough people brutally enough to get their way. Each time the media airs the "insurgency’s" most recent carnage, and the people of the world yawn, we get a follow up spat of more horrific violence. This is usually followed by a pumped up media campaign airing the insurgent’s demand, while also attempting to convince the world that the Iraqis must not, should not, and can not vote.

The leftist media’s other favorite past time, when they run out of murder footage, is pushing the idea that the US should not support the proposed January election because the Sunni wont participate. They argue that the election won’t be legitimate unless the Sunni participate, or unless special accommodations are made to ensure their role in any Iraqi government. Too bad they never demanded the same for the Shiite when Saddam was in power. There might have been fewer mass graves. The US media likes to ignore the fact that the Shiite are a legitimate majority, and that is what makes a democratic election legitimate, that the legitimate majority participated. Then to really scare the hell out of everyone, they use King Abdullah II of Jordan, the only Arab leader whose country’s name shows up repeatedly in the neo-conservatives Clean Break, Israeli policy paper, that called for regime change and war in Iraq as far back as Israel’s Netanyahu years. The paper sa! ys that the US and Israel should "cooperate with Jordan to weaken, contain, and roll back Syria." It also says that Israel should work closely with Jordan, " to contain, destabilize, or roll back some of its most dangerous threats…" These statements of course are meaningless unless you read the entire plot. Later, in another section of the document, you read, " The predominately Shiite population in South Lebanon has been tied for centuries to the Shiite leadership in Najaf rather than Iran. If the Hashemites were to control Iraq, they could use their influence over Iraq to help Israel wean the South Lebanese Shiite away from Hizbullah, Iran and Syria." So much for Jordan’s Abdullah II’s claim that the Shiite are taking marching orders from Iran, and that Ayatollah Sistani is working to establish a "theocracy" in Iraq. According to Israel, Jordan is to rule Iraq, and to control the Shiite of Iraq, while Israel takes control of the Shiite in S. Lebanon by driving both Hizbullah and ! Syria from South Lebanon, leaving the Shiite vulnerable to Jordanian and Israeli control.

Zarqouwi, who is supposedly a sidekick of Bin Laden, is also supposedly a Jordanian. As strange as it might sound, Zarqouwi may have been created a Jordanian, since the Israelis believe that the Shiite reverence for the Ahl Ul Bayt would cause them to be cooperative, or at least somewhat in awe, of Jordan and the Jordanians, who call themselves the "Hashemite" kingdom. They obviously don’t remember that the prophet’s biggest enemy, Abu Jahl, was also a member of the prophet’s family, and God destroyed him in a very humiliating fashion for annoying the prophet Muhammad (SA) and his followers. In fact there is an entire chapter of the Quran that talks about Abu Jahl, calling him the "father of flame," and ironically that is how he died, in a ball of flame.

Last week there were reports that Al-Qadea might be linked to leftist groups in Latin America, in particular some of the Communist groups. China and Russia’s timing is perfect. They have announced that they will hold joint military maneuvers, and of course we were all shocked when an Al-Qadea bombing in Spain, brought to power a leftist government there. By the time this picture completely develops, no one will be surprised to see that what might actually be happening in Iraq is what happened in Afghanistan so many years ago. The only difference is that the Communists have a greater opportunity in Iraq than in Afghanistan since they are now the popular "insurgency" and the capitalists and organized religion have been cast as the evil status quo. The reign of terror presently taking place is Iraq is also reminiscent of an historic European insurgency that resulted in an overthrow of the French monarchy and also the Church in France. This dream scenario fits t! he romanticized communist rhetoric perfectly, and reads like one might imagine the fulfillment of one of Lenin’s dreams. A class war that pits the communist workers, and activists and rebels as a powerful "insurgency" that is fighting the capitalist superpower, and bringing it to its knees as it also fends off the wicked religious hierarchy, communism’s other archenemy.

The leftist media in the West seems to promote and also to provide the PR for the communists’ war in Iraq. After all, a communist victory in Iraq and South Lebanon is an easy way to complete the separation of religion, particularly Islam from what was once the Muslim territories. The communist have a chance in Iraq to kill two birds with one stone, by also downsizing the influence of the great threat to communist world power, and the most religious nation in the world, the United States of America. The leftist Arab governments who are mostly atheist would no doubt welcome such a victory for communism, since for years, they have courted and supported communism, as they denigrated and counterfeited Islam, which pretty much explains the roles of Abdullah II, and Hosni Mubarak. The nationalist movement would come full circle, should they again find their voice and dictatorial power over the people in that region re-established and strengthened by a communist vic! tory in Iraq. Finally they would escape the US call for reforms, protected by Russia and China’s renewed power in the region. The leftist media in the US takes very little blame for the anti-Americanism that is the soft underbelly of the beast, which in this scenario is the US, while the growing "insurgency" is the populists sharp knife that is supposed to put the beast out of its misery. Yet, US media complicity is an unavoidable and very obvious reality, whether or not it is intentional.

The success of this strategy is guaranteed unless two things happen. 1). The US must take its head out of the sand, and realize that we are in a war against a popular communist rebellion that is international in scope and that has no geographic or national borders, and is not Islam. 2). The Shiite must decide to fight for their lives, and end their confusion over who the real enemy is. Destiny has joined the US and the Shiite in an historical battle that will shape the future of the world in a most dramatic way, and both have their very survival at stake. This is communism’s last stand, and it should end as Custers ended.